Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Recycled (Beloved!) Coffee Calendar plus One Little Word

Aaaah - I can not TELL you how much I LOVE coffee... seriously - I admit it - it is a problem!? I have this one specific calendar that I get for my (coffee-themed) kitchen every year - and while I love the new one - I hate to take down the old... so I have started a tradition a couple of years ago in making cards using the artwork... that way it hurts less to actually toss it!

Here are some of my cards using last years Calendar:

The artist - by the way - is Dan PiPaolo... check him out!

Here are a few Birthday Cards as well:

Lastly - here are the hybrid versions of my first few pages for my One Little Word project! I really like the way they turned out! Can't wait for February's assignment!

Scrap Happy!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Releasing my One Little Word

Hey there...

So I STILL have not gone supply shopping for this little project - but looking through the Gallery and reading this months' assignment/prompt I just HAD to create something! So - yes - I did it digi-style! I do still plan on going shopping and doing it hybrid - some using Photoshop and some using my own two hands!

The assignment for One Little Word this month was to define your word... she gave a few assignments and templates and we took it from there...

Here is what I have done so far:

On another note - I am still awaiting the arrival of my Family Album... any day now! Once I go supply shopping - I will need to get busy on making some birthday cards... and possibly (?) some fun little Valentine's too!? We'll see how much fun and budget) I have at the store!

Scrap Happy!

Thursday, January 05, 2012

All Caught Up and One Little Word

I am shocked myself - but somehow I had a few days in a row and I was able to complete our Family Album for 2011... I know?! It's crazy - even for me... since going Digital for our main scrapbook each year, and trying to scrap all my photo's each month (or so) I have been able to stay somewhat on top of things... so after Christmas - with all my fun photo's - I sat down and created Layout after Layout until - well... wallah! I ordered my Digital book on January 3rd!? (I know, right?!)

Thanks to a dear sister... I am joining in at Big Picture and taking Ali Edwards "One Little Word" project. My first pre-class Assignment - pick my word for 2012... or let it pick me! I am so excited to see what all it turns out to mean... but the word that found me was "Releasing"... Each Month we will have a prompt/assignment and by the end of the year - we will have a completed album based around our life in 2012 and the word that we chose! It's not too late to join in... you can sign up the class here: One Little Word

Here are some of my Christmas Layouts... as well as my Cover for One Little Word:

Happy New Year to my fellow Scrappers! I pray your start to 2012 has been a positive one!

I am planning on doing a little digi but mostly old school with this album... which excites me! I truly have missed doing more hands on scrapping lately!

So - that's it for now... I have just received my first assignment for January... off to shop (I know - so sad, isn't it?) and take a self portrait... with doing Digi for so long - I MUST remember to buy adhesive!!!

Scrap Happy!