Tuesday, January 31, 2006

ScrapChick Store

Hey there... this is the greatest line of products made for Scrappers! It is so cute! I have a T-shirt - but I want a Tote to carry all my Scrap stuff in ... and a clock for my Scrap room, and, and, and!!! Click on the on the image above to check out all the cool stuff you can get this art on! I want one of everything!!! Become a ScrapChick, too!!!

Check it out and let me know what you think!?


CafePress site

Hey there... I am just trying to figure out the CafePress Affiliate program... bare with me...


I'm not sure I am understanding how this all works... but this is the direct link to my CafePress store - that features original Photography and Photo Art available on prints, cards, calendars, T-shirts, Totes, etc.!


Blessed Memories Scrapbooks by Karrilee

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Christmas Layouts...

Hey there... Well - I decided while I was sitting here today - I would post my latest Christmas Layouts as well! I have one more double lo to do and I will be all caught up again! (But - then there is Valentine's Day, isn't there?!) I'm sure I will have projects going for that special occasion! I will list some creative suggestions for Valentine's Day gifts within the next few days...

Here are our precious Christmas Memories - all scrapped and embellished already!
What do you think?!
Happy Scrapping!
Blessed Memories Scrapbooks by Karrilee

I Resolve... Dreams and Goals for the New Year!

Hey there... I am back again! I am still trying to find my way through the fog of Blog World... I only know how to do what I know how to do... I am not very computer savvy and so learning new tricks takes time... but what I DO know how to do is use words... I LOVE words - and I have a lot of them... I am an avid Journaler (is that a word?!) and so Blogging seems like the obvious next step.

I recently finished my own personal Family Album for 2005... yes - it's true - I am annoyingly, consistently 'caught up'!? I apologize... I know it is a rare and confusing sickness to all my fellow scrappers out there! Anyway - for my final page of our album - I made an "I Resolve" layout... I actually Scraplifted it from an advertisement in January's issue of CK (Creating Keepsakes) and made it my own! The only problem is I have now put down in writing (and scrapping) what my goals and resolutions ARE for the coming year - for all to see!? (...well - ok - I know that YOU ALL can't really read all those words...but anyone who browses through my Album will know what is on my heart and in my head to accomplish!) Maybe the added pressure will help me to stick with it and truly pursue my dreams this year! With that said... I suppose I could share what my goals are... Some of my resolutions include promoting and growing this Scrapper for Hire business of mine; to get back to a regular exercise routine; to laugh more with my daughter, to tell my husband that I appreciate him more often; to write (and publish) a book; and to actually use my telephone more often - and e-mail less... I am terrible at calling people now that I have e-mail and IM and... well - and Blogs!? So - those are some of my goals this year... What about you!? What are things that are on your heart to accomplish or to do differently this year!?

Here's to no holding back! A little late - but still heartfelt...Have a Happy New Year!
Blessings & Happy Scrapping!
Blessed Memories Scrapbooks by Karrilee

Friday, January 27, 2006

Scrapbookers Blog...When will I find the time?

Hello there!

Well... I have heard that this Blogging is a must now! I just recently started a blog elsewhere to stay connected with family and then I came upon something that said it was vital to growing a small business and gathering more connections and possible clients?! I am sure this is true - but I am wondering if I am able to keep up with all of the necessary promotions and blogging, and posting, etc - when will I find the time to actually SCRAP!? I can't know?!

But - here I am... getting my feet wet and trying to learn new tricks!

I love the entire process of Scrapping - from the design aspect - working with various colors and textures is so fun, then add embellishments and such... mix in some creative writing, quotes, or precious memories captured for all to enjoy - it is so much more inviting and enjoyable than going through a box of old photos! I have been scrapping personally for over 10 years, and professionally for under 2 years. A lot of my clients have been family members and friends, but I am growing my business and would love to expand from local clients only, to include all those out in the World Wide Web who love the art of scrapbooking but just don't have the time, patience, or skills to create one on their own!

So - here I am... 'blogging' rather than scrapping... if you want to see my work - visit my website at www.Karrilee.com

Until next time!
Have a Scrappy Day!