Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Just For the Sake of Scrapbooking...

It has been quite some time since I have posted here... and really even longer since I have posted for the sheer joy of scrapbooking!

Business is nearly non-existent right now... and while I would love the income, life has gotten so busy that I really can't complain. Of course - I would MAKE time for clients... but after stepping down from the creative design team I was on and trying to keep up with a new task (attending school) - it had been a long time since I had sat down and scrapbooked just for the sake of scrapbooking!

However- over the past weekend - I 'dug out' some photo's from our summer vacation and started to do a little Digi scrapping. Once I got started - I was on a roll! That felt SO nice... and in the end was so productive! I got SEVERAL Layouts done... I am still behind (snicker if you must!) but I am getting back on top of it all...scrapping my September/October pictures this week!

I did get a Custom card order a few weeks ago from Etsy and I usually have a Christmas time client that I am expecting to call... I would love to be busy crafting again - whether it be Scrapping or cards or invites... but I have decided to enjoy whatever 'free' (ha!) time I find and get back to my love of crafting! I will get 'caught up' on my digi scrapping... I will make some Christmas gifts and Christmas cards... some Thanksgiving Placecards... maybe even try my hand at painting... I have been doing some portrait sessions as well - I love that! I am also hoping to get back into my 'other' desired occupation - writing! I finished my first children's book but am still looking for an illustrator. I am starting to wonder if that illustrator is supposed to be me? That will probably require more schooling/classes and to be honest - I would rather just do the word parts! At any rate - I am finding joy in the thoughts of creating again... it's a welcomed return!

Scrap Happy!

Oh - you didn't think I was NOT going to post my Layouts, did you? There is even a few more than this - but this should help you all feel 'caught up' on all our happenings as well!