Monday, September 05, 2011

New Kit... Great Vacation... and Back to Reality!

Soooo - we are wrapping up Labor Day Wknd and that means an official end to summer vacation, and back to a regular routine! It also means early mornings, bossy schedules, and actual
(semi-enforced) bed times?! That has ALWAYS been my weak point... my girlie is and has always been a night owl! She hates sleep... it is the enemy... there is ALWAYS something better to do! Except - that is - at around 6:30 am on a school day!?
THEN she wants to sleep!? Go figure!?

I got to play a little bit with a new Build A Kit from The Sc

rappy Kat over at Stuff to Scrap. A SUPER fun kit - with lots of goodies/elements for FAIR and Circus pictures! However, our fair isn't for a few more weeks... so I choose to showcase OTHER ways you can use this kit! Here are my two Layouts that I did this evening
(while watching some AMAZING tennis via the US Open!)
Check out this fun new BAK!

We thoroughly enjoyed a full week at the beach this year... went with our best friends again and that is always fun and relaxing. It was hard to come back to face reality this year... just lots of stuff going on! Most of it good - but all of it hectic! The BONUS in coming home was the week long project of redecorating my Living Room! I will post pix soon... it's almost livable again!

Hopefully with the return of routine - I will be more on top of this blogging thing again! Hope to post again soon and just simply chat about life...

Scrap Happy!