Thursday, August 31, 2006

Part TWO... yeah - that's right... I said it!

OK... as a Tribute of Sorts to my friend Natalie... I would like to present to you PART TWO...

Well - maybe it is more like Post Two... but still... it counts, yes?!

So - here is my Fall/Autumn Layout from last year... I love the Photo's and the journaling rings true for me every September!!!
Well - Blogger ONCE AGAIN will not let me upload my pictures - maybe later... that seems to be the case... I usually can do it when I go in to Edit?! Anyone else have this problem!? LOL!? I'm not asking YOU Darcie... so just shut it! If I can, I will add those later... but for now - I will just have my journaling here...

Aahhhhh… Autumn!!!
(An Aggett Welcome to Fall!)

On October 4, 2005 I finally wrote to Creating Keepsakes Scrapbook Magazine
when the Editor in Chief, Tracy White asked subscribers to write in and tell her
if they find they have more or less time to scrap in the fall and what they think
of the Autumn season …this is what I wrote:

Hello there from a long time fellow Scrapper - & a long time CK Subscriber! I have actually never submitted work or sent off any e-mails to CK... but, your writing on Fall stirred something in me! I too adore this season... I am blessed to live in a gorgeous area of the universe where I can thoroughly enjoy all four seasons…& Autumn is my favorite!

I love Fall because it just screams Warmth... the colors even seem to glow in warmer tones & richer textures! Fall brings for me more of a routine - all that Summer 'free' time is gone & we are all back to school, regular work weeks, & weekly meetings. I host several prayer or Bible study meetings in my home & I love to pull out all those Fall decorations & light those scented candles that stir up a sense of Home, Warmth, & Love... While Fall stirs my senses up with Turning Leaves, Crisp Morning Walks, & Pumpkin Spices, my heart is stirred to slow down in the midst of returning to busy schedules & stop to appreciate all that life has brought me so far! So often, we go from Halloween straight to Christmas - but my favorite Holiday is tucked in between! By October I am searching my heart & making a list... checking it twice... It's not my Christmas Wish list... although - if I thought you folks there at CK would indulge me... No, it's not a Christmas list - it's my list of things I am grateful for. Each year at Thanksgiving time, our family has a tradition that we enjoy. We have what we call a Blessing Box. (Idea taken from the book "The Blessing Box" by Debbie Boone) I pull it out along with all of our Fall decor. We love to go through the years & read things we were thankful for in the well as begin to focus in on what we are grateful for today. If my little one has had a bad day, we break open that Blessing Box & read through enough papers to remind her (& me) that there is plenty to be happy about when we just remember how blessed we really are! I have scrapped several of these boxes, & included a poem that I wrote, & given them out as gifts... I think the Paint cans would work great for that - or the SEI Lunchbox Albums... hmmm... my Scrapbook table is calling my name!

I am a Scrapper for Hire & have just finished a Baby Boy 1st Year Paper Bag Album, a 12x12 Wedding Album, & am currently working on a Mini Beach Album & a new Wedding Album... not to mention my own family album! I find that I have more time to Scrap in the Fall. My daughter is in school, the husband is working a full work week again, & I can enjoy those precious quiet afternoon hours planning, cropping & scrapping with my current copy of CK, Becky Higgins new Sketches book, & a Pumpkin Spice Latte... Ahhhh… Fall! What's not to love!?
~Karrilee Aggett~

My Weekly Fall Schedule:
Mondays = Morning Walk & Prayer & Book Study
Tuesdays = Morning Walk & Cleaning (& Scrapping!)
Wednesdays = Morning Walk & Errands (& Scrapping!)
Thursdays = Morning Walk & Prayer & Book Study
Fridays = MIT Mtg., & Errands (& Scrapping!)
Saturdays = Family Time!!! (& Scrapping!)
Sundays = Church & Family Time!!!

Flip Flops, Shorts, & Cool Tops are traded for
Clogs, Jeans, & Cozy Sweaters…
Iced Tea & Frappucinnos are traded for
Hot Chai Tea & Pumpkin Spice Lattes…


Anyway - I thought it was great... but I never did hear anything back from CK or from Tracy?! I suppose I should try to submit again some day... this mornings ramblings about Fall made me think of this layout/journaling though...

So - until next time - which will SURELY not be until at least tomorrow People?! (Man, are you all demanding?!)

Scrap Happy!

Oh... well - this one is just for you Darc':

Our Last Summer
by the Lostprophets

The Friday sun bears down again
As we drive without friends
And on these longest days we spend
All the time trying to pretend
That our stories could be true
Our chance to be cool
The setting sunset says the day is through
If only we knew...
And we all sit around here in our home town
Listen to the waves as they all crash down
And watch the fire as it slowly burns away
Glowing embers fly across the sky

Here by my side, in my summer, our last summer
The world passes by in my summer, our last summer
The light makes shadows fall, surrounded by each other
Alive to watch it all, the view from our last summer
The view from our last summer...

We trace the sun across the sky
And we laugh till we cry
Always so hard to say goodbye (good bye)
And we all sit round here in our home town
It's so good like this, these are times we'll miss
The memories, I hope they'll never fade
Glowing embers lie across the sky

Here by my side, in my summer, our last summer
The world passes by in my summer, our last summer
The light makes shadows fall, surrounded by each other
Alive to watch it all, the view through our last summer
The view from our last summer...

I would stop time to stay with you
I would stop time so we don't move
I would stop time I would stop time
I would stop time to keep you

Here by my side, in my summer, our last summer
The world passes by in my summer, our last summer
The light makes shadows fall, surrounded by each other
Alive to watch it all, the view from our last summer

Sorry - someone NEEDED some lyrics today... I could just FEEL it! ~K~

Fall is in the Air... What makes a Good Day?

So... what makes a Good Day for you!?

It is Fall... Back to School Days... Back to Routines and Back to Schedules...

No more Lazy Mornings... Pajama Days... or Endless Coffee Dates with friends... Well - at least not as often as over the Summer months!

This morning... I was awake at 6a.m. and actually out of bed and dressed by 6:20a.m. ...and it was actually chilly!? I pulled on my sweat capri's and a long sleeve T... then realized I needed my cozy Sweatshirt too... slipped on my Flip Flops and took my Middle Schooler to school (after about 5 outfits and 2 near fights... I should never have let that one watch What Not To Wear?! She is 11... and she was having a traumatic dilemma because her jeans have a super cool gold silk screened Guitar and Angel Wings on them... and "Rock 'n Roll" on them... and she was not so sure that her top 'matched' her jeans - because her Top had words too... OK - fine - good insight... probably not the best match... but it looks fine... it was not a huge clash or mismatched patterned deal... and Besides, this is DAY THREE ladies... Day 3?! and already she is acting like she has nothing to wear?!?!?!)

I came back home and reluctantly gave up my Flip Flops for my Sketchers... grabbed my Mom - and we headed to the Park to go for a walk! It is a gorgeous day here (in the unknown 'Pacific Northwest') - blue skies and sunshine... warm autumn breeze - leaves just beginning to think of changing colors... we walked and visited and enjoyed actually being up and out so early in the day! We stopped off for a coffee... (I know - sort of makes the whole exercise/walk idea null and void!) I planned on something low-fat and all that... but I saw that they are already promoting their Pumpkin Spice LatteT... Oh MY!? My favorite Fall drink... and then comes Egg Nog Latte's in the Winter! MMmmmmm... Yummy! So - I indulged in a Grande Pumpkin Spice Latte and did a little grocery shopping on the way home! Oh yes - the Pineapple... what is better than FRESH Pineapple?!? Grow me some of THAT Natalie - and I WILL come over there (where ever THERE is) and scrap those boxes of pictures for you! LOL! And no... I do NOT have pictures yet?!

Now... after I put a load of clothes in the laundry and maybe dust something... I plan on catching up on my Bible study (Captivating by Stasi Eldridge) and then maybe a bit of Porch Swing time with a new book by Natalie Goldberg on writing... I thought maybe since I am at a block... I would READ about writing for a little bit?! Of course - my Jack Johnson CD is never far away and it is a great day to listen to some Happy Music while I swing out back and enjoy some quiet!

Aaaah - Fall! I simply LOVE it!!! Cooler mornings... warm days... scarves, sweaters, boots, Reminds me of a layout I did last year about Fall... I will maybe post that here if I can find an image of it... I will make it a different post... sort of like another Update... or a Part Two or something?! That way I get 'credit' for two posts in one day!!! LOL!

Anyway - Fall... Routine returns and summer slips away... But it's all good today! It's all good!

So - what about you all!? What little things in life are making you happy lately!? What makes a Good Day for you!?


Wednesday, August 30, 2006

First Day of School Part 2...

First Day of School... Part Two...
(Isn't she just so cute?!) OK... well - I cheated... the middle picture here is from the First Day... and the other one is from this morning... um - I tried to take a pix of my daughter walking into school - but out of nowhere some kid came in and blocked my shot?! I don't know WHO that kid is or WHERE he came from - but in the picture, my kid is BEHIND him - walking into school this morning!? Anyway... she was pretty stylin' today - a casual hip look... camo cargo pants, black T with a bronze slouchy belt and a short shrug over that... flip flops... confidence in her step, and a little taller walk!
Her first day was GREAT! She didn't get lost at all (the biggest worry!) and she wasn't late for any classes either! She loves her teachers and is really happy with her schedule! She forgot that she had a cold lunch - so she bought hot lunch - although there was no money in her account yet.... luckily they were kind and let her go through the line anyway?! So - one check was written out last night for lunch money... another check was written out for her P.E. Top... I know we'll have School pictures and ASB cards to pay for soon as well... I think I will buy her a second pair of tennis shoes to keep in her PE locker so she won't have to worry about always bringing her shoes... plus I think it would just be better!? Although - you have never gone shoe shopping with my kid?! It's not as easy as you would think?! She also STILL needs to have some gym shorts?! What normal 11 year old girl has no gym shorts?! She is a Tennis Player - so she has skooters or tennis skirts - but no actual shorts... and no one - I mean NO ONE - has any in stock or on clearance in this town?! I will have to go to a few second hand stores and hope to find at least one pair?! Yeesh?! Anyway - I know we have gotten off pretty cheap so far... but I feel the 'money suck' just hasn't officially begun yet?! LOL!?
So - her day at school - pretty much ALL FUN... no work.. no homework... so - of course - it was a great day!? Then, I picked her up and took her out to DQ for an Oreo Blizzard and to chat about her day... she actually had a lot of words to share... I get her right away after school - before any friends have called or anything - so I get all her stored up stories and thoughts... and by the time my dh gets home - well - she is done with all of that! I feel a tiny bit bad for him - but I am so blessed to be able to be the one she talks to first! I do fill him in - but it's just better coming from her! I also rented the movie she wanted... so after we talked a bit - we sat down to watch "Just My Luck"... ok - so much for the Good Mom award... I didn't even think to look... and we found out that it is rated PG 13?! I should have known better... but I figured she had seen it advertised on Disney and it was a Freaky Friday type of movie, and it had Lindsay Lohan in it... (Oh - I know... I know!??!?!?)... anyway - I held the remote and we watched it anyway... a few bad words and a couple of kissing scenes... nothing horrid - and yet - we do not let her watch PG 13 yet... at least it added to her whole feeling grown up theme for the day?!
So - theoretically - she should have been exhausted because I made her get up on Monday - and then Tuesday was the first day - so she didn't sleep well Monday night... and was up early Tuesday and in school all day as well... so she was actually reading, in bed, by 8:30... bedtime is now set at 9pm. Well - she was asleep a little past 9pm - however she was still sleepy this morning and hadn't decided on her outfit the night before... always a cause for great concern for me... because the girl is not even a Teen yet - and she can try on SEVERAL outfits before she comes out of her room!? Once again - we skipped the curling her hair deal... I think she has decided to just let it be natural - which means wavy... it's gorgeous - but she usually wants me to straighten it or flip it... at least for the first few weeks... seems we have skipped that ritual completely... it may be that school starts so much earlier?! Either way - we skipped it DID manage to get to school on time though... praise God! Today - after school - Shopping! (Well - secondhand shopping - need to get those shorts!?) I think this weekend I will get the tennis shoes... I am sure by then - we will learn of a few more things that she 'needs' as well?!
So - today - well - I am still in sweats... need to clean up and am watching a chick flick today with our roomie... it's my first day with nothing really planned and I am thoroughly enjoying it!!! I am STILL WAITING for Boise pictures... need to order my Mother/Daughter Trip photo's too... but I have started a church Scrapbook group - and we don't meet until September 21!?!? I don't think I can wait that long though... It's been over a week since I have scrapped anything... a card... a gift... a mini... nothing?! So - this afternoon I hope to clean off my scrap table again and order my pictures today or tomorrow... so - well - during my Scrap Group (called "Scrap Happy!"), I may end up just working on my Christmas Cards instead!?
Scrap On!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

This can't be Right?! I'm not old enough to have a MIDDLE SCHOOLER?!?!?!?

Aaah - yes - that is the thought that came to me this morning... at 6:15 a.m.!?

This can't be right?! I am not old enough to have a teenager... OK - I know - she is not a teenager yet... but she seems awfully close and I am simply not ready to admit that I have a child that is almost as tall as me... it can't be?!

Here's the thing - I have always felt older than my years... I have always hung out with older friends and been the 'mature' one even from childhood... so it's not that I am feeling 'old' old... it's just that I like to think of myself as - well - not old?!

...And here's another thing... I am not ashamed to admit it... I actually miss my kid!? She is awesome - super funny and so sweet and just a ton of fun to talk with and goof off around... she is reaching that age where it is sometimes hard for me to remember that we can't REALLY be friends just yet... she still needs parenting and a Mom... but I can tell that when she is a 'growed up' - we will be the best of friends! I just adore being with her... So - well - I haven't had the actual empty house yet... I dropped her off at school and then went right to a meeting... ran a few errands... and just ate lunch - at my computer - and all the while - our roommate has been in the kitchen baking... now - I am not complaining - oh believe me! - but I am just saying - I haven't had that quiet still house yet... I know I will love it... and maybe THEN I will do that Back To School Happy Dance... but it usually takes me a few days to adjust... then I enjoy some quiet time... and within a couple of weeks - I am once again booked solid and have little actual time at home... so much for a STAY at home Mom!?

So - I will update 'Part Two' when my 'little one' returns and I have something to say! LOL! (Shut up, Darcie! This wasn't THAT many words?!)

Scrap On!

Why oh WHY won't Blogger let me upload my pictures?! LOL!? You'll just have to trust me... she looked adorable - and so very Middle School-ish!?

Sunday, August 27, 2006


Happiness Is......A Big (Som'n Som'n) Bargain DEAL!!!!
Yes - People - I got this skirt yesterday - Originally a $48 Skirt...
New With Tags (those are Good Words) for $4.00!!!
I know... Great deal! I LOVE it...
It just makes me happy...
and sort of makes me want to Scrapbook TOO...
I feel a background being inspired here!?
Happiness is also visiting with my sister and my whole family all weekend long...
my sister and her hubby and their daughter all came to town this weekend to visit.
Since I live exactly & literally right next door to my parents,
we sort of tend to migrate from one house to the other... all weekend long!
It's been Great... (Happiness will also be the Nap that I feel comin' on soon!)
I had planned on taking my daughter to the Mall yesterday...
I had a great coupon that I had to use or just 'waste' $15...
and she is still in need of Gym shorts or sweats...
and maybe in "need" of a cute denim skirt...
she also decided that she wants her ears pierced.
Her father decided no... still thinks she is too young...
hard to get him to realize that most girls actually do get them pierced way younger than this... anyway - we discussed it and he decided if she really wanted her ears pierced,
and was willing to pay for half of the cost... then she could do it!
So - I went next door to tell her the good news...
shopping AND getting her ears pierced "before school starts" like she wanted!?
Only - the thing is - after two late nights/slumber party type events with her cousins...
she was a bit tired, and cranky...
and instead of reacting like how I wanted her to,
she said she didn't really want to go shopping
- and she would rather wait and do her ears another day?!
Well - that took me by surprise...
sort of took all the Air out of my Super Mom balloon too...
oh well... I went without her...
can't let a free $15 go to waste...
So - I found this skirt... it is now my favorite thing!
So - mean un-Super Mom is making her wake up tomorrow
for a - as Natalie would say - "Dry Run"...
we're doing it all... the right time and doing the hair and the whole thing...
and since my Gym is close to her school - we will even leave the house
and go workout (which I have HARDLY done all summer
and am looking forward to getting back at it?!
Well - when I say 'looking forward to'...
well - you know - it will be good... I'm sure... in the long run!?)
Anyway - our plan is to be up, ready, and on the road by 7:30a.m.
Her school starts at 7:50 but they will let the kids in their homerooms at 7:30...
Mind you, this is my daughter who could not make it
to school in time last year when it started at 8:50...
so - we NEED a Dry Run!
After we workout - we need to return our Boat Load of books to the Library,
go to Shopko and PRAY they have some sweats or shorts that will "WORK" for Gym...
and we're meeting a friend and her daughter at 10a.m. for Starbuck's.
THAT date right there is what will get me through
the earlier portion of the morning!!!
After our Coffee Date,
I think we will rent a movie and relax...
on the last official day of Summer!?
We also have a Dr. Appt for my hubby at 2:45p.m.
We are praying for a better report than last time!
So - I am hoping that will also mean that my kid
will be at least SORT OF ready for bed on time on Monday
so Tuesday will not be so so hard!!!
Happiness is... Tuesday - 7:50 - 2:35 = EMPTY HOUSE!!!
I think that means some Porch Swing time...
reading... maybe a movie ...
I'd Scrap - but - as you all know
- I am STILL waiting for my (Som'n Som'n) PICTURES!
What is making YOU Happy today?!
Oh - I have officially signed up to have a Scrapbooking Link through our church...
once a month to start - it's a big church - so we shall see how it goes?!
After Scrapping with you all,
it made me realize I may get a lot more DONE on my own,
but it is a LOT more fun scrapping with friends!!!
I'll be praying for all of you and your kids this week...
Scrap Happy!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

This Little Piggy had a Melt-Down, and this Little Piggy went to Middle School, and this Little Piggy cried all the way home...

OK... so... Yes - that was a LONG (some'in some'in) Title... but it is ALL true?! LOL?!

So - last night - I mentioned in passing to my daughter that her Aunt and Uncle just bought a little Piggy... OK - now - let me just say that I KNEW she would not be HAPPY about their plans for it... but I thought she would just be a bit bewildered... maybe even disgusted - and leave it at that?! I know?! What was I THINKING?! The girl has read Charlotte's Web and all that... she even - as she so hysterically reminded me - bought a new adorable Beanie Baby Piggy while on vacation this summer... however, what I did NOT expect was my "little piggy" having a total and complete meltdown!? No joke... I am talking lying on the floor in a fetal position, hysterically crying?! You think I am exaggerating - oh - but I am not!?!?!? Sure... I like Pigs as much as the next guy... I mean - they are cute and I know SOME people have them for pets... I'm not a huge Pork lover... and I can say that I would not really want to 'own' a pig only to slaughter it in the winter... but?! I did not foresee this reaction!? Not in the least!? The poor thing cried inconsolably for nearly an HOUR?! AN HOUR, Ladies?! Her poor Father was beside himself in confusion... Sigh...?! Yes - I know - I figured out later that it was not just all about the Pig... it was also hormonal... and nerves due to school starting soon and Orientation today... still... ?! Oh my?! I won't even TELL her that they plan on butchering it themselves?! Yuck!? She is now on a "Hoot" Crusade to SAVE THE PIGGY!!! (Good luck with that?!)

So - that brings us to "Piggy # 2"... same child... going to Middle School?! So I said here a few days ago that I gave her the choice of having Mom come along to Orientation or not... at the time she said she didn't really care either way... So - I was sort of planning on going... just thought it would help me to know where she is and what she'll be doing... and it would give me a chance to meet her teachers and all that... but - then again - I remembered back to when I was entering what was then called "Junior High" in 7th grade rather than 6th... Anyway - I digress... I was thinking of when I was starting a new school and how nervous I was... but I would have DIED if my MOM wanted to come to school WITH me... I mean - that is just a really good threat for when they are misbehaving... not just because I want to go along... So - I thought I had better SAVE that threat for later use - if necessary! LOL! I had talked with her again last night and said I wasn't sure - if it looked like other Mom's were going to - I would kinda like to go... but if not - I understood and would just drop her off! Well - this morning - while I was getting ready - she casually asked where I was going and what I would be doing when she was at school!? Hmmm!? OK!? I guess she has changed her mind from 'not caring' to not wanting Mom alongside her... I'll give her that... I helped her to CURL her new Layers and she stressed over what to wear... and yes - that IS a bottle of Tums in her hands... Finally - with minutes to spare (tee hee!) ...we are in the car and on our way to Middle School! I told her then that I would not get my feelings hurt if she would rather not have me there... that I would have not liked having my Mom come with me... but then again - my Mom wasn't NEARLY as cool as I am! LOL! (Smart girlie... she DIDN'T laugh at that one!) So - we pull up and I see all kinds of Mom's walking in with their kids - but MY kid said, "You can just drop me off up there..." Sigh?!

(Yep... here comes "Piggy #3") Well - I DID give her the option... and I have to respect her courage and boldness. My little timid, shy girl is growing up and so I dropped her off at an unknown school - where I know none of the staff or where anything is... I can't check up on her or back her up... I won't know exactly who is in her pack or who her new friends are... or what her teachers are like from that first impression BEFORE they know who my kid is... I pulled out of the crazy-(some'in some'in)-Mr. Mom-"Enter from the NORTH/Exit from the South, you moron!"-Parking lot and headed home... surprised to find myself a wee bit forlorn and teary eyed?! Hey!? What happened to that "Woo-HOO!!! BACK TO SCHOOL!!!" Chant?! I guess it just officially brings an end to her Elementary school years... and officially dawns the new days of Teen Drama, Hysterical Outbursts of Emotion, and yes - Independence!?!?! Hmmm.. maybe I SHOULD have had another kid?! (Just kidding... but I do see now why people have more than one?! LOL!)

So - now - I have just returned from picking her up... we have a friend here and they are watching a movie... and Oh MY - you should have SEEN the way they walked those halls like they owned them ALREADY?! ...OK - put to rest my fears... my Little Piggy is going to be JUST FINE!!!

Scrap On!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Back to School Clothes... & the Money Shot!!!

Hey there...

Just a couple of fun pictures from our trip last week... we had so much fun!!!

Tomorrow is Orientation at Middle School... I asked and my dd said she didn't care if I stayed... LOL! I would hate to embarrass her... I told her I would just sort of play it by ear and see what the OTHER Mom's are doing?! She is so much like her Daddy that I believe that she truly wouldn't care one way or the other... no matter if I was the ONLY Mom or not... still... I will pray and follow accordingly!

Anyway - we got our hair cut today... mine is just trimmed with maybe a couple more layers... but the older I get the curlier my hair is?! What is that all about?! I just decided not to fight it anymore - so - most of the time - you can't really TELL I have layers - but at least I am not looking (much) like Roseanna Roseannadanna! My dd also got a trim and layers... which is Huge for her... but Bonnie quickly put her hair in french braids so we can't really TELL how the layers look yet... our Stylist ALWAYS braids Kaye's hair... it's so thick - I think she just has fun playing with it! I was thinking of getting my brows done... maybe next time... I also thought of offering Kaye to get a streak or two put in... but thought her Daddy would have a COW... so - we just got trims and layers... boring?! Oh well... at least the dead ends are gone!!! That's a start!

So - the fun pictures of our trip - yes... the Money Shot of our Jumping on the Bed Scandal... and a few of all her Scores!!! The girl is SET... (of course - I am so bad... I am still wanting to get her some new Clogs... a denim mini skirt... leggings if I can talk her into them... and she'll need some GYM SHORTS for P.E.!?) But - other than THAT stuff... she is SET! LOL! (If you know her Daddy - you know that is where I got that phrase... he ALWAYS thinks that she is "SET"... doesn't matter what fits or doesn't or what is worn out... he is not High Fashion! LOL! Oh - don't worry - I took WAY more than just this... but - unlike SOME people - I figured you all may not be interested in looking through 122 pictures taken in one day?! tee hee?!

OK - I am off to edit photo's for eBay... yes - it is back to school and Back to WORK time!!!
Happy Scrapping!

Monday, August 21, 2006

Mother/Daughter Trip... Dr. Dobson ROCKS!!!

Yes, it's true... Dr. Dobson DOES ROCK!!! (and yes... so do I! LOL! Just ask my kid!)

I went away with my 11 year old daughter on a Mother/Daughter Trip for 4 days...

"Our" Plan was to get out of town... listen to Dr. Dobson's "Preparing for Adolescence" CD's... stay in a hotel and go swimming, hot tubbing, (cable TV)... and - of course - School Clothes Shopping in a bigger city than where we live!!!

MY Plan... to be able to have some serious conversations about what I went through as a teenager... values I was - and WASN'T - raised with... honestly talk with my daughter about how I was raised and what things I want to do differently with her... pray together, not to mention laugh A LOT, have fun, oh yes - and SHOP!!!)

um... HER Plans - I think pretty much - SWIM and SHOP...

In the end - we were all - er - um - both (...whatever!?) - all of our goals were met! We had SO MUCH fun!!!

Before we left town - a couple of days before - I had Kaye listen to a couple of the CDs with me at home... and after each CD I would have her write something down in a private journal... I just wanted her to have something to look back on and jog her memory or answer questions... so as she listened to the CDs she would stop and ask what a word meant and write it down in her journal... and when each one was finished - she would write a little something down... that was my plan for each CD!

We left town on Wednesday morning... headed just about an hour and a half away... it was a good road trip - and for the first time I let her sit in the front seat... as much as we didn't need "Eye Contact" for the CD that I had cued up (CD #4! LOL!)... I did want her to be able to stop the CD if she had any questions or wanted to talk about anything... Anyway - already - she was feeling pretty grown up and cool! You have to know - I just started letting her sit in the front seat IN TOWN a few weeks ago!? We have air bags and I just thought she was too small... but she is almost 100 pounds and I think the requirement is 90 pounds!? I can't remember - but I know that she is as big as many teens and adults... she is getting taller it seems by the minute... We listened to the CD and she handled it well! We of course - have talked with her about sex and all that stuff since she was really young... she has many books on the changes her body is going through and so she has a handle on that... but to have Dr. Dobson talk so clearly and plainly about what happens to the male and female body and how it all works... and then how well he explains how important it is to save this until marriage... it simply reiterated what we have been telling her all the while!!! He also touched on the Big M issue... I thought he did great and I agree with his view of that... when we arrived at the Mall, we had just finished CD #4... I wanted her to write something down as we had been doing - but I knew she would probably need some time to write her thoughts and process... I also knew that much of what the CDs addressed - she hadn't even been necessarily curious about yet - but I wanted her to have the TRUTH before entering Middle School and hearing things that are not right... when I asked if she wanted to write something down before we went in to the Mall... she said, "No - I already knew all of that stuff!" (WHAT?!!?) I said, "Um - ALL of it?!" She said, "Yes - we saw that movie at school!"!? Hello!? I said, "Well - that movie was supposed to just talk about your body changes - it didn't cover the boys body changes, and it didn't cover exactly how Sex works... and I am SURE it didn't talk about Masturbation!?" (Right!...) She was like, "Oh - yeah - I didn't know that stuff... (long pause...) ... but I already knew what I needed to for right now!" (Oh - she is BRILLIANT, this one! LOL!) So - she jotted down a few things real fast and was ready for lunch - and SHOPPING!!!

We went to Columbia Center... (well - ok - FIRST I wanted to find our Hotel which was not too far away from the Mall... I thought I was so prepared because I had printed out all these directions to and from the Mall and the hotel and the restaurants we were going to... well - turns out - MapQuest happened to completely simply just MAKE UP a WHOLE ROAD that doesn't exist?! So - FINALLY - after driving back and forth and finding out own private U-turn spot... we found the hotel and found our way back to the Mall... and THEN we went shopping! Her favorite stores?! Rave, Rave Girls, Old Navy, Macy's, JC Penny's, Sears... and yes - and don't forget CLAIRE'S?! Mommy just wanted to find Barnes and Nobles and get a STARBUCK's!!!? Turns out - forgetting (yes - !??!!? FORGETTING!?) to have coffee for three days can turn into one Helluva Big Ass Headache?!?!?! Which - in turn - makes Mommy cranky in Claire's... and needing a Nappy at the Hotel!!! Kaye was a trooper... and we quickly wrapped it up and found our hotel - without getting lost - and checked in to our room. Praise GOD it has cable and she was happy watching the Suite Life of Zach and Cody while I 'rested' on the bed...

I began to feel a bit better and we noticed that our 'neighbors' were SUPER SUPER Loud! At first we thought it was a TV that was too loud - then we realized it was someone on a cell or phone and others just talking and laughing... we started making jokes about how LOUD our NEIGHBORS are... (talking rather loudly ourselves...) So - when my migraine began to lighten up... I remember reading Elsie Flannigan's Blog and seeing super cute pictures of her and some friends jumping on the bed in their hotel room... so... yep - I did it... well - I let HER do it... I took a TON of pictures of her jumping all over our bed... then she saw that some of our snacks (aka CANDY- began to fall our of the box - she decided a CANDY BEDSPREAD would be fun to jump on... anyway - in all honesty - the bed Jumping Photo Shoot lasted maybe 5-10 minutes tops... then I became a Mom again and made her stop... after all - my headache wasn't COMPLETELY gone... and we did have 'neighbors' below us who were NOT loud...

We changed our clothes and got ready to go out for dinner... to the Olive Garden! YUM!!! She was so excited... that girl - she would have happily just had Bread Sticks.. LOL! So easy to please?! We had a great dinner... our Waiter was named something crazy like Franco-Antonio and he could not have BEEN more Italian! LOL! Accent and all... made the whole experience better! LOL! We ate a yummy dinner - and had great conversation and just too much fun! When we got back to our hotel... literally - WHEN we got back - like - I am talking SECONDS after entering our room... the Hotel Phone rang... Kaye was so excited she grabbed it and it was a gal from the Front Desk calling to say that they had complaints about noise... slamming doors, screaming, laughing, jumping... Kaye looked so scared... LOL! She whispered to me what was said and I told her to tell the gal that we literally JUST got back from dinner... and we have been gone!?!? So she told the gal and the lady just said, "OK - well - if you hear anything just let us know!?" and she hung up! Hmmm?! Strange?! We hadn't been home for even a minute and they are saying that we are being to loud?! Whatever?! Then - about a minute later, "Mark" from the Front Desk called and I answered it... he asked for me by name and I identified myself... he was like, "Well - we are getting complaints that it is too loud up there... some jumping or slamming doors or something!?" I was so mad... I said, "Well - Mark - we literally just walked into our room about one minute ago and we've been gone to dinner for over an hour..." He was like, "Oh - OK - well I don't know if you have kids with you..." I said, it is just my daughter and I and we have not been slamming doors or being loud... we just got here!" So - he is like, "OK - well - we are RIGHT BELOW your room, and we heard some noise and just wanted to let you be aware that we are right below you..." I can't even remember how I ended the conversation -but I remember as I hung up thinking I should have complained about our loud neighbors - maybe it was THEM... but then I realized - (Remember - I had a MIGRAINE when we checked in...) we HAD no neighbors... it was a balcony that overlooked the Lobby and Front Desk area... hmmm... THEN I remembered the BED JUMPING... hmmm?! LOL!? OK - maybe they meant that EARLIER they heard noise?! Too funny?! So - the rest of the night we laughed and giggled about making too much noise... the thing is - I couldn't really care too much if they heard us - because WE heard THEM and thought that they were right next door to us... Later we 'snuck' down to the Pool and Hot Tub and - thanks to it being mid-week - we had it all to ourselves!!! Sweet! We swam and goofed off - quietly! - for a couple of hours...

Thursday we slept in a bit... enjoyed an awesome free breakfast... (made up for the "Noise!") After Breakfast, we spent some time in our room talking about growing up - what I went through as a Teen... things I want to do differently with her... values that I have now that I didn't then... we prayed together and God gave me a Psalm that I felt He said to have her write out and memorize... it is a Psalm that He said she would turn to and cling to in the years ahead... it will help her through difficult times and will encourage her to make Godly choices and decisions! THAT was so cool! She loved that part!!! Finally, we packed up and checked out of our hotel around noon! We went back to the Mall... and did a bit more shopping there... and then listened to another Dobson CD while we headed to Walla Walla to visit my sister and her family! We got to their house and my Niece showed up soon after... she took my daughter with her to show Kaye her new apartment that was just a block away... and then she took her to a thrift store and taught her the value and art of Thrift Store Bargain hunting... we all went out to dinner after that... Applebees has what they call the "Perfect Margarita"... um - oh yeah... they are right! Hadn't ordered a drink at a restaurant for maybe a decade?! LOL!? Every once in awhile I will have a glass of wine or a wine cooler at home... anyway - it was yummy... we visited for hours that night before going to bed!

Friday we had the house to ourselves as my sister and her dh went to work!!! We relaxed and listened to another CD on our own... we goofed off downtown and went to the Restaurant to meet up with my sister... then up to the Bumble Abode - a vacation rental they manage - for a few before meeting up with Karianna - my niece - again and going shopping some more! We went to about two or three more Thrift Stores - and then on to the Mall there... In the evening we ended up hanging out at Karianna's new apartment... they painted her living room a great color of GREEN... like - not quite Kelly Green... close - but cooler! ...and the Kitchen is PINK and GRAY! Too cute!!! We had a great Greek Pizza and just chilled there...

Saturday we were able to hang out with the fam' a bit more before heading home and listening to the last 2 CD's... We were happy to get home... to see Dave again and reconnect as a family... (Plus she got to show off ALL of her NEW CLOTHES... LOL!)

All in all - it was a GREAT trip - one she will remember not only because of the info she got... and the support she knows she has in me now... but also just because of all the fun we had and inside jokes we now share!!! God is good... and I trust that He will seal and keep all that He planted in Kaye over these last few days!!!

Now... I just have to upload and order those Pictures to SCRAPBOOK!!! LOL! (and yes... I am STILL waiting for Darcie to upload!?!?!?) LOL! I had plans of taking a picture of all her clothes and posting it with this update... but - somehow - she is STILL sleeping?!!?! Oh MY?! I should be doing better at getting her ready for School Mornings... tomorrow... I am sure I will wake her up early TOMORROW!?!?! LOL!? So - as far as the picture goes... I may add it later today?! We'll see?!

Scrap On, Ladies!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Photo's?! Maybe...

Hey.... whaddya know?!
OK - NOW I am off...
Scrap On!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

I ROCK... that's right... I said it...

Yep - I have had a GREAT day...

I Rock... even Corinna says so... so - ya know - it must be true!? LOL! Anyway - we had a rough night last night... my little one could not sleep... had a headache and a tummy ache and was just wide (I mean WIDE) awake... I could see her brain working overtime - but she was not wanting to talk about what was worrying her or where her thoughts were going... I am guessing that after an evening of playing at a friends house for his birthday party - she was once again reminded that she will have NO Classes with these friends. Up until last night - she literally knew NO ONE in her "Pack" Anyway - I am thinking that may have been what was causing her distress... Anyway - what that meant for me - the Mom... AND the Light Sleeper... was literally every 30 - 40 minutes - I got up - out of bed... and went down the hall to check on her... to sit with her - to pray - to get her a drink... whatever was needed... by about the eleven-teenth time I was fighting being cranky with her... but I managed to not let it show... I finally fell completely asleep at about 5a.m. However, she never actually did fall asleep - and so by 6 a.m. she was talking in complete sentences to me... wide awake and wanting to know when I was getting up?!!? (... remember - no sleep and no coffee yet - and STILL I didn't think or say any bad words! LOL!)

Anyway - finally she crawled into bed with me at 6:45... while she went on to fall asleep soundly - I realized that once again - my little one has stolen the covers, and the pillows, and is pushing me off my own bed?! So... I arise! I had a meeting at 9a.m. and ended up leaving her home to sleep... my Mom lives right next door and she was planning on checking in on her for me in a bit... I had a good meeting and then called home to let my daughter know I would be swinging by the grocery store unless she needed me... nope - she was fine... feeling rested and all better too (praise the LORD!)... So - I grocery shopped in record time - all the while shopping for my Honey - as I am leaving town tomorrow and won't return until Saturday or so... I bought him all his fav's and came home - put things away... managed to do some laundry, clean the house, do the dishes, fix lunch and listen to one of our Dr. Dobson CD's with KK... then we packed our bags, and I made up my Card Kit Cards... made 5 cards and I must say they are super cute... AND I made a Baby Shower Gift Frame and matching card as well!

Whew?! So - my DH is wondering why - since I am leaving for DAYS tomorrow - I am typing on here tonight?! LOL!? So... uh ... I guess I should get going... Tomorrow I am out of here... we are so looking forward to this trip - for ALL the reasons... the shopping, the swimming, the talking, the laughing, the food... and seeing my family as well...

OK - so - I even took PICTURES of my creations today - AND Uploaded them... but Blogger won't upload my pix again!? What is up with that?! I will try to add them tomorrow maybe - if I remember?! Anyway, I will be back and update when I can... until then... ROCK ON!


Oh - Darcie... what?! Are you making me a Scrapbook of our trip to Boise?! Is that what is taking so long?! Why didn't you just say so... rather than letting me mouth off about all your uploading woes?! LOL!

Monday, August 14, 2006

Somewhat of an Update...

Hey there...

OK - so Darcie has lovingly called me a Blog Stalker... leaving a comment suggesting that I am just 'mouthin' off' on her blog and not updating... Well - here ya go - this one is just for you! LOL! Maybe I haven't updated because I have nothing new to share?! LOL!? This is in theory my 'Scrapbook Blog' and I have not yet scrapped anything new... not since that entire mini album a few days ago... which I posted pictures and all on THURSDAY... and I believe that YOUR last post was on WEDNESDAY!?!?!?!!? Oh MY?! "Someone" needs to update... um - AND UPLOAD HER PICTURES... LOL! Still!?!? My - what are you - on a dial up!?

Anyway - sarcasm aside... I have not scrapped or anything... I haven't even put together my Card Kit - which I need to do before I leave town on Wednesday!? Maybe tomorrow afternoon!? Who can know?! We ALL know I can't scrap anything until Darcie learns how to upload her pictures... and then I have the sneaking suspicion I will have to have an hour or two set aside to browse through all the Vegas shots before we get to the Boise photo's?! LOL!? I haven't even printed my own out yet because you KNOW I would be tempted to just scrap without hers... but yes - I would regret it in the end... and so I wait... still...

Let's see... an 'update' since Thursday... well my daughter has been getting all the over-nighters in that she possibly can before school starts and Sleep Overs are officially OVER... LOL! So - she has a friend over on Wednesday night... and then went to that friends on Thursday night... so that gave me ALL DAY Friday to do NOTHING... I mean - sure - I COULD have put together that Card Kit... or weeded my garden... or (gasp!) organized my Scrap Area - (yes - it's in need of that AGAIN... already...) but I did none of that... I read a book... yep... nearly an entire book... I drank Iced Tea and sat in my favorite chair and read... did a little computer work - but other than that - I did nothing... and it was great! Then in the evening we went out to dinner with my sister and her family. That was nice... sadly - even though she lives literally right down the road from me - I hadn't seen her in weeks... she is super busy - a self-supported Artist who works from home - but what that has come to mean for my super talented super procrastinating sister is that she works 16 hour days... every day... so to get her away from her computer and canvas... and out to dinner... well - let's just say that the laughter is good for the soul! We have a tendency to laugh OFTEN when we get together... so it was a night well spent... I think even Kim would say so!

Saturday we relaxed around the house - just doing a few little things here and there and then we met up with friends at Borders... gotta love Borders - we sat in the Cafe and had coffee and visited, then browsed through magazines and books... the girls listened to CD's... the boys read through some books... that is when I love to look through those Scrapbook Mag's that are not actually magazines I guess because they cost like $20... but they look and feel a lot like a Magazine - so I can never commit to actually PURCHASING them... anyway - my daughter found a backpack AND matching lunch box at Old Navy for under $20 too - so that was a great find! Her friend ended up spending the night with us too... (I told you - LOTS of sleep overs lately!)

Sunday was church... very good... I gotta say - I love our Pastor - he is so real and so open and honest... really fights against distancing himself from others in the whole Pastor/pastors' people mentality! He shared from his heart and it was really moving... good service! We even visited with people afterwards... LOL! We come from a background of lingering after church... but this place - people are in and out and everyone is gone before you know it... so it was nice to actually TALK a bit afterwards! We had a nice relaxing afternoon... my daughter and I listened to the first CD in Dr. Dobson's' Preparing for Adolescence" series... we are taking a trip to listen to these and discuss all this stuff... the CD's are SO so GOOD! I highly recommend them to any parent who has little ones fast approaching puberty and adolescence!!! We are going School Clothes Shopping and making a long road trip out of it... we'll stop in at my sisters' too - so that will be fun!

We leave for that trip on Wednesday... and we'll get back on Saturday... I appreciate all the prayers over our trip... the shopping is a bonus - but ya know - Darcie - pray for great bargains and all that... LOL! - Also for great conversations... that this will really give my daughter the courage and confidence and understanding that she needs before we enter into - (Gasp!!!? - oh the Horror of it all...) Middle School!?

Am I ready for Summer to be over... OH YEAH...
Am I ready to mother a teenager in Middle School... um - I think so?!!? I pray so...

So - all of that to say - I've not much to update on... and I will be gone for about 4 or 5 days... so - ya know - hang tight! LOL! I am sure I will have stories (and pictures of my OWN to upload!) from our trip!!!

Until then, Scrap On!!!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Alright Already... An Update!?

Alright Already... a Real Update... with Pictures and everything?! So... yeah - I finished my Blank Album that I am donating to the Church for a Door Prize... Wow... um - I sorta love it?! I would love to fill it with gorgeous photo's taken in the Fall... um - I am gonna try to win it back!? Sad - I know?! But... it COULD happen?! Once I got going - it didn't take that long... but here's the deal... I still have so much trouble pricing things out... According to my website, this album would cost apx. $160... now - see - to me - that is just crazy talk!? But - really - the supplies are about $50... and then my time... oh yeah - and my 'expertise'... hmmm!? Now - I have other S4O people complaining that my prices are too low?! Weird... if that was true - you would think I would be super busy with clients who find my prices are so great... but that has yet to happen!? I am wondering if I actually rose my prices if I would finally get some steady business?! Seems strange - but you know how some people are... the more expensive - the better the service?!

Anyway... So - yes - (Darcie) this is why I hadn't updated for - what - a day or something?! LOL?! I was busy making this album... I am really praying that this donation will really stir up some interest in my business from our rather large church?! It will help get the word out hopefully?! Oh... I watched a DVD that I received from CK and SS... it is part of a new Instructional DVD Club or something... it featured all the big wigs... I was a bit disappointed in it... just because - come to find out - these people are pretty much just like me... and it got me thinking... hey - I too could reach Scrapbook Super Stardom!? LOL!? Why not?! I am sure the DVD was a Basic Scrapbooking deal... and there were maybe two or three techniques that I didn't know how to do... but that is not because I couldn't figure it out - but because it is just not my style?! Anyway - I sent it back with a Thanks but No Thanks... I get to keep the Card Kit though... so I will play with that soon! (AFTER I finish that Surprise Birthday Project... but probably BEFORE I get to actually see any of Darcie's uploaded pictures?!) tee hee!!!

Scrap On Ladies!!!! Scrap ON!

Oh - hey - I forgot to complain about something... LOL!? I know - honestly... I know it is a shocking thought... but what I was most looking forward to in scrapping with OTHER PEOPLE was browsing through their Albums and getting some new ideas... I was so bummed when I realized that I didn't even think to do that when I was on vacation... of course - that GI-NORMOUS STACK of loose pages didn't seem to 'browse-able'!!! LOL!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Prayers, New Projects, and Gorgeous Papers...

OK... well - honestly - I had a picture to post this morning... but... somehow it is not loading!? Oh well - it is probably best as it is a VERY belated birthday gift... but still - you should see it - it is GORGEOUS (LOL - if I DO say so myself?!) It's not me though - I take no credit... it is the gorgeous new paper from Daisy D! So lovely!!! I finished it last night and just love it! I used the Daisy D papers, some flowers (from Corinna), ribbon, and yes - my very own Brads... AND I even used up some old stickers too...

I also donated a Blank Mini Album for our church... we are having a huge Church Picnic in September and they are giving away Door Prizes... I figured it was a unique item and may be good advertising for my business... so - I started that last night and will be working on that today... yes - I am using a few sheets of the Daisy D paper (which means, Darcie - I may need to send you some money to buy me some MORE?!)...

I haven't yet printed out my Boise Trip pictures... I would hate to scrap them all and then browse through "Someone else's" pictures to find the perfect shot... so I wait - even patiently believe it or not?! Honestly... I have been dealing with other projects... and other Life stuff too...

Speaking of that... thank you all for your prayers... we can feel them! Things are better... and we are just speaking it by faith that Healing is being completed!!!

So... short and sweet I know... and with no photo's no less... !? I posted something else on my other blog this morning though - and that one usually takes more time?!

Anyway - I am off to Scrap... blank albums are more difficult for me... I so love to work with the photo's and plan my layouts around how many I have and which ones I want to 'feature'!? But still - I am having fun with it!

Until next time...
Scrap On!

Monday, August 07, 2006

Update/Prayer Request...

Hey there Everyone...

This is not a normal Post... this is a Prayer Request for my husband, Dave...

We went back to the Bone Specialist today for a new set of X-rays and a check-up to see how Dave's hand/bone is healing on it's own... and the X-rays unfortunately did not show much new growth... the healing is slower than the Dr. had hoped for and he agreed to let it sit on it's own for three more weeks... and after that he said if there was not much new growth, he would probably suggest surgery... needless to say Dave is not happy about this report. Surgery would start the healing process all over again and set him back that much farther from actually being able to play guitar... not to mention do his job at work and just basically function normally with the use of both hands.

We know that we have had prayers sent up on our behalf through out this ordeal... and we do so appreciate it... I must say that Dave's natural disposition is so encouraging and positive... it is difficult to watch him go through these negative, depression battles and yet I know it is 'normal' I suppose... we are just praying for faith and healing to rise up... we are believing that God is well aware of all that is going on and we want to follow His lead and stand on His Word in this trial. We are trusting in God that His plans and purposes for Dave are for good and that He will see us THROUGH this - physically, emotionally, spiritually, and financially!

So many others we know are battling serious illnesses and diseases... trials and tribulations that seem so much bigger than our own - and yet - I can't convey enough how much Music is a part of who Dave is and what drives him onward... other than God and family - it is his biggest passion and greatest desire... it is the area that the enemy is most attacking him right now in his thoughts and worries!!?

We have three weeks... three weeks to see God work a miracle in recreating his bones in his left hand and strengthening him - mind, body, and spirit! We appreciate the prayers of agreement more than you can know! Pray however the Lords leads you...

In Him,
~Karrilee Aggett~

Thursday, August 03, 2006

...And these make me Caught Up... thanks to Boise!

...And these are 4 of the 6 Layouts I did in Boise last weekend... (check out those GREAT Fabric Brads!!?!??! PERFECT!!!) ...and yes... I am now once again "Caught Up!" Well - not officially I suppose - I still need to print out some Journaling in Vellum because apparently there is a No Journaling rule for Crop Night?! LOL! So - I still have to do THAT... and THEN I am Current again!

Of course... I have another Project I am just beginning to work on now... not my own... it is one that will be sort of like a Circle Album as far as needing other people to fill out info and send in pictures... (Yikes?!) I admit that I am a tad bit obsessive and maybe just a little controlling... so depending on others will be a stretch - but if everyone 'plays along' - then I will be a great project!!!?

Anyway - that is all from here... I must go to work on my CafePress store... have nelgected it for way too long!? LOL!

Scrap On!

Recent Layouts...(before Boise!)

Here are a few personal Layouts I have completed in the past couple of weeks... (BEFORE Boise!) This is a 2-page Layout of our trip to Boulder Cave... yes - where my dh broke his hand... and a 2-page Layout (out of 4) of the 4th of July!


Tuesday, August 01, 2006

"I'd like to state for the record..." ..."That the rest is still Unwritten!"

Hey there...

Yes - it is true... I am home safe and sound... and much to my dh's dismay - I am seated at the Computer...already?! He has the day off - so I am sure he was hoping we would do something TOGETHER...(since we didn't see each other much over the weekend somehow) but he doesn't understand that I have been away from this computer for days?! and before that... WEEKS?!

So ...'for the record'... I had a BLAST in Boise! I got to meet some of my friend Darcie's scrapbook pals and they are so fun! I loved hangin' out with you all and laughing and joking around... I even managed to do 6 layouts in the midst of all of that... (and yes - I am caught up again?!) ...also 'for the record'... I only saw Corinna put TWO pictures on a layout... and apparently they were the same two pictures that she always uses?! Apparently she used up all her other pictures on one other layout?! Oh yes - and that Fabric book was Beautiful!

Well - I was 'caught up' - but not for long... I have to upload my pictures from our trip... then I will have a few pages to do at least!? I'll see if I can limit it to 4 layouts... six at the MOST?! My - how my albums get TOO BIG?! It is the downfall of being so good at taking pictures and never getting scrappers block?! LOL! (Just kidding!) I worked on my daughters' school album - now her Elementary years are scrapped and put away! (Sniff, sniff!) and we are ready for Middle School!? OK - well -- not 'ready' - but... !??!

Some random thoughts/memories of the weekend...

Lemon Chicken! YUM!!! (You really should think about making it just for DAN sometime, Darcie!) LOL!

Krispy Kreme... "Chocolate, Strawberry, or White"... I will forever refer to whole milk now as White! (Who knew the employees at Krispy Kreme would be prejudice?!)

ChatterBox Papers... To see - in a real Scrapbook Store - all those papers lined up... sigh... Gorgeous! I HAD to buy at least SOME?!

Spray from the Fountain at 'the beach' at Lucky Peak... kids playing in the water... dh's sleeping in a chair... and scrapbooks at our feet, sitting in the sun, slamming back some Arizona Tea! Aahh - nice!

Speaking of that... Big Ass Iced Teas & Big Ass Zucchini's!? Apparently - in Boise... everything is "Big Ass"?! (Watch it now... LOL!)

Speaking of that... I will just say Ta Ta's and Doorknockers... ('nuff said!) girls... you ARE a bad influence?!

and speaking of THAT... Halter tops at the Smoothie place?! Yikes?! Let's just say What Not To Wear should have had hidden camera's!

Brain Regan... (aka must-have-empty-bladder...) "Who has the AUDACITY..." (to steal Darcie's Brads)

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Darcie's Fabric Brads! (tee hee!)

Oh... and here ya go Darc'... this one is just for you:

"I am unwritten, can't read my mind, I'm undefined
I'm just beginning, the pen's in my hand, ending unplanned
Staring at the blank page before you
Open up the dirty window
Let the sun illuminate the words that you could not find
Reaching for something in the distance
So close you can almost taste it
Release your inhibitions
Feel the rain on your skin
No one else can feel it for you
Only you can let it in
No one else, no one else
Can speak the words on your lips
Drench yourself in words unspoken
Live your life with eyes wide open
Today is where your book begins
The rest is still unwritten"

(Unwritten by NatashaBedingfield)

Thanks again for a GREAT weekend!!!
Happy Scrappin'! (and hurry up and upload those pictures, girl!? I got pages to scrap!?)