Friday, January 30, 2009

Valentine's Day Cards... Done!!!

Hey there...
I have a super quick update here... just took some pictures of the Valentine's Day Card order I completed last night... and wanted to upload them before delivering them to my client! I got to play a bit with my 'new' toy - the Cricut I bought before Christmas time!? I hadn't really played with it much- but I am loving it! I am hoping to buy the software that enables you to use your fonts on your computer - rather than spending all that $$$ for cartridges per font!? But - until then - I have three carts to play with and I am sure I can borrow and share, as well!
So - this is what I have been doing the past few days:

And now I am finally - yes, FINALLY!? - kitting up those Flipbooks for the Workshops I am leading tomorrow! So - that explains why I have so few words to share...

Oh - but I DO need to share this... instead of our normal routine of walking outside and then playing the Wii yesterday, my sister and I went bowling... Oh yeah... it's true - and without Dave... so - you just KNOW what happened, right?!

So - we even (ever so slightly) improved our scores, too!
However, because we played yesterday - I am playing catch up today!
Scrap Happy!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I've Been Tagged...

It's true... I have been tagged by Frenchie (aka Denice... aka )

You KNOW I have some Valentine's cards done for my client - however I haven't photographed any yet - so this will just be short and sweet!

I am busy with the card order, and making Kits for Saturdays workshop!
I was tagged, and this tag only had a few rules:
1. Go to where I store my pictures and find my 6th folder and post the 6th picture in that folder 2. Explain it.
3. Tag 6 CyberFriends to play along!

Then Tag some other cyberfriends to play along!
So - here is the 6th photo from my 6th file:
Goofball!? This is my precious Kayelyn at age 9... we were in Walla Walla and I was doing a 'photo shoot' at Pioneer Park (taking my own 'school portraits' again!) She could only pose for me so long before goofing off or trying to crack me up! She'll LOVE that this is out here now in cyberspace! LOL!
So - Tag... play if you want, pass if life is busy - I know how it can be!
and lastly - a new friend from Spark -
Scrap Happy!

Friday, January 23, 2009

All Caught Up and Ready to Work(shop)!

Hello again...
Whew?! I am once again all caught up! I was a busy, busy girl last week and managed to finish up our personal Family Album for last year. I was focused to get caught up before starting a new Wedding project for a client - although our meeting was postponed due to sickness (on her part - not mine) I still managed to complete my own pages so I would not fall too far behind! I am CERTAIN that much of the reason I was able to get caught up and on top of things is thanks to the lovely Day Planner that Chuck sent my way!

Here are just a few things that helped to make me a Happy Happy Girl this week:
Yep - there she is... she's a beauty, isn't she?! All nice and pink and happy! Along with my Day Planner, is a few happy CDs I have been enjoying this week, and some fun HIP eye make-up, the new line of facial products that I rec'v as a gift that I LOVE, my journal that I try to write in on a regular basis, and a new wallet that my sister got for me that matches my (current) favorite purse! Yes - all of these things made me happy - but that paper there on the bottom put me over the edge! It is an essay that my daughter had to write in narrative form (after reading The Outsiders) for a class... and while she got a B rather than the A that she was hoping for - it is the content that made me cry! What Mom wouldn't want an essay written like this - especially at 13? Oh my... I am blessed! While I want to type out the whole thing - it would seem, well - a tad bit gloaty maybe?! LOL!? So - I will refrain... let's just suffice it to say she talks about our friendship and how I balance that with the Mom card and I am her best friend, she said, "My mother is incredible. When she puts her mind on something, she achieves it." This is a huge statement for me as I have really been working on achieving some goals and improving my follow through! Lastly, she ended with: "I only wish that I could be a hero to someone like my mother is to me." (Insert sobbing here!) Nice, right?

Between that, and this nice full week:

...I have been busy and yet - organized and on top of things!
Amazing what a little day planner can do! LOL!

So - here are all my 'final' pages for our Family Album including the Title page, our Christmas pages, and a couple of Friendship pages... I also worked on a SWAP Friendship page but won't post that now as the recipients don't have them yet! (But they ARE on the way, Michele!) Anyway - here are my last pages completed:

This week - well, I just got a large Valentine's card order so I am working on that today and this weekend... next week I will pick up all the papers and pre cut all of them and place them into Kits for my Workshop on the 31st! I can't wait! So far I think I have about 16 people signed up! Not bad... hopefully we can get a few more and have a full classroom!

My daughter has an amazing time at camp... is still feeling the lack of sleep of it all though but has managed to not get sick (which I cannot say for many of the kids who went unfortunately?!)
OH - I didn't have my camera - (since I gave it to Kaye for Winter Camp) so while she took pictures on the bus and of people sleeping, I would have been taking some fun Disco Night Bowling pictures! Oh yeah - that is right, people! I (yes ME?!) went bowling!? No big deal... except I have never gone bowling before. Well - that is not entirely true... I attempted to go bowling several years ago with friends and I was so incredibly self-aware and lacking any confidence or ability to understand that everyone was NOT judging me as harshly as I was judging myself, that I simply quit after trying about 3 frames. I sat out the rest of the night... horrified at my own behavior and locked in a prison of my own making. Fast forward several years, and add in the fact that my sister (a fellow Sparker) got a Wii for Christmas in which we have been playing bowling, we decided that it may be fun to go 'real' bowling with our hubbys! Knowing it would not be like the Wii, and knowing that we would not be that good (but not knowing HOW not good we really were?!) - we still decided it would be fun and something new and we wanted to give it a go! So - my hubby and I met up with my sister, her hubby, and their daughter and we attempted to bowl a couple of games! I think my total score (for BOTH games) was around 80 or so... yes - I said for BOTH games?! LOL?! I stink! However, I have learned that it is NORMAL to not be good at something the first time you try it... I have learned that the more you do it - the more you practice, the better you get - but just getting better should not be the goal... even though I hit the gutter more than I hit the pins - I had a blast! Not ONCE did I wonder if anyone around me was noticing how bad I was (or how overweight I was... or if I looked dumb... etc!) Not ONCE?! This is an amazing statement! I have been with my hubby for 18 years... not once have I ever embarrassed him in public! I was always too shy and too afraid of drawing attention to myself to even consider doing anything that could - well - embarrass him! However, apparently those days are over!? LOL?! With the 80s music (starting with Prince!) blaring and the disco lights twirling, I was having a great time... So when "Thriller" came on - I just couldn't help myself... I did stay SEATED, but when the time was right - I started in on the dance routine! Nothing big - just that arms going up from side to side part... however, before I got back to the original 'side' my husband, beat-red, pushed my hands down and shook his head back and forth, seemingly saying no!, what?! I couldn't believe it?! I was not planning on standing up and going all out... but for the first time in our life together - he couldn't be sure! Incredible! I think this is INCREDIBLE!!! And such a testimony to SparkPeople and the amazing year of transformation. Never in a million years - even pre-weight issues, would I have ever dreamt of being so free of what others think of me... it literally took me a few seconds to understand what was happening and why he was holding my hands down! He was not being mean - he just didn't want me to stand up and start the Thriller routine full force! The funny thing is... I would not have done that... (at least I am pretty sure?!)... but the fact that he wasn't sure if I would or wouldn't brought me a lot of joy! I mean, I LOT of joy! (and really- it sort of made me want to stand up and finish the dance?! But I refrained!) We did however agree to go bowling again sometime soon... and I am sure my honey is praying for no 80s music just to be safe?! However, not only do I have that Thriller video on VHS somewhere... I also have my own MP3 Player... so he has NO IDEA... Now, if I want to make him nervous, all I need to do is sort of throw my head to the side by my shoulder a couple of times... Oh yeah!
Scrap Happy everyone!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Thanks to Chuck - my world is no longer spinning out of control!

(...or is that Order?!)

Yes - it is true - God decided to show mercy on me and put a little GEM of a Day Planner in Darcie's path and she oh so lovingly sent it to me and I got it TODAY... I would include a lovely photo - but I let my kid take my camera to Camp... so photo's will have to wait - but you WILL get to see.. oh yeah - you will!

Thank you SO MUCH Chuck... I LOVE it... I love every little section and the set up and how BLANK it was - Yes, WAS - when it arrived just a few moments ago! After filling in all I have on the calendar next week and let out a sigh of relief... now, somehow - for whatever reason, it actually seems like I can do it all! It's like MAGIC!!! (and I love that it is called Time.Mine! Perfect... makes me think of Finding Nemo a little! ...wait for it, wait for it.... it'll click for you...?!)

Anyway - I also LOVED the card and the gorgeous pix of your girls... my how they are getting big and even though they started out pretty much carbon copies of each other - they are each growing into their own!

Speaking of Camp - yeah - Kaye is off at Winter Camp and is having a BLAST! How do I know?! Well - she is adorable and she texts me updates every couple of hours. Not because I said she had to - but because she wants to?! Gotta love that! Pray as she is right now as we speak taking an Ice Skating lesson so she can go ice skating there... uh huh... ice skating... it's not that she is not capable - it's just that she is - let's say - coordinationally challenged at times?! Once she gets it - she'll go full force... which is not really any less scary for Mom!? Anyway - if I didn't loan her my camera - I would also be able to post all the LOs I did last week that brought me once again up to date and current! I am all done with my 2008 Family Album and now need to purchase a new album for this year... and a mini for a Spark/Friendship Album I am working on. Any suggestions or favorite albums out there - give me a shout out and let me know as I have not made up my mind yet! I am still a fan of the post bound albums... but I could be convinced otherwise (maybe?!). I like my pages to flow without that break that you get with the ring binders and such...

Anyway - I have about ten people signed up for my workshop so I need to kit those soon... that is at the end of the month! I also have a new client that I have yet to meet with as she is battling yuckiness so hopefully within a week I will be able to order supplies for her Wedding Album! Fun! I also just got an order for 30 Valentine's Day cards... so I am so happy that I actually scrapbooked this week and got caught up! I have this little 'deal' if you will with God... as long as I can stay current with my own projects, then I want to continue on with my business. So it just so happens that whenever I find myself a bit behind and yet wanting more work - I know I need to get caught up and the clients will come! So - yay! I am needing to raise some money this year for our trip in June... so the more work I can do between now and then would help!

So - I am off to fill in more of my lovely Day Planner... (Mine! Mine!)
Scrap Happy!!!

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Overscheduled ALREADY???!?!!

I know, I know... none of you are shocked?! I have had "Update Blog" on my list of things to do for days and days now - but it just never makes it to 'next on the list'!? How can this be?! Already!? Already overbooked and out of time... and it's only January 6th?! (Right?! This is right, yes?!) LOL?! I blame it on the sudden return of routine and responsibilities, along with the fact that I have no Day Planner?! How does one survive with no Day Planner... no Blackberry or anything... just scraps with lists of things to do... nothing color coded or in a time frame... how is one supposed to function like this, really!?

I suppose I should just bite the bullet and go out and buy myself a Day Planner - then maybe I would grab control back of my daily schedule and actually feel like I accomplished SOMETHING!? Because - in reality - with all my running around and errands - it still feels like I am not actually DOING anything?! LOL!? But - the good thing is, when I go over my day with Dave - he assures me that I am, in fact, amazing and oober-productive! Yeah - well - I think he's just sweet talkin' me in the end?! But some days... well - some days - I need that!

So - I STILL have not made a Valentine's Flipbook - it will be a Door prize and the sample for sign-up's for my workshop at the end of the month! I need to call and see if my papers are in yet and then I will have to get busy with that! I also realized in thinking about this project that I have not made ONE thing Valentine-y for my Etsy store. I keep plugging away at this store - but am constantly discouraged because not much actually sells there. I wonder if this is something that I can take off my plate, and wouldn't you know it as soon as I begin to think this way, I get an order or have a sale?! Just enough to keep me hoping?! So - I SHOULD be doing Valentine's things to list... but, again, I am not?!

I had the local newspaper call me yesterday and want to talk regarding an article one of the writers is doing about businesses or a local business website... I am not sure. I was busy (Shocker?!) and I have not yet made the return call! That is on the top of my list for tomorrow! It would be great to have my business featured in the paper - good free advertising!!!

I managed to get through the holidays with only a One Pound gain... not the direction I want to go - but it wasn't as bad or as hard as I had anticipated it to be... but my entire workout schedule got switched around - and that is part of what is taking up much of my days. I WAS in the habit of doing it RIGHT away after dropping our kid off at school -and so far, I have dinked around here and there first - so by the time I get to workout - it is later and it pushes everything else back too! I need to get back on track... that will help immensely! (Well - that and a Day Planner! LOL!)

I have been looking for hotel deals and cheap flights for our trip in June... nothing yet and it's been a bit discouraging... I know God will open up the doors and bring in provision - so I just need to be patient on that front! I also know I need to be realistic in how long we will get to stay and what all we can squeeze in while we are there... I have wanted to go to DC for all of my adult life... so if there are any MUST SEE places that you know of - or anything we can skip that we wouldn't consider skipping - please do let me know!

We've also had some drama with one of our daughters' friends... not your typical girl teenage drama - but real life - real scary - this should never happen kind of drama that breaks your heart and causes you to want to keep a kid that is not yours! This may end up happening - it's all so new - we're really not sure how it will work out - but we trust that it WILL work out for this girls' best interest! Even today - as we spent hours in prayer - God began to move and shift things in place to bring her to a place of safety! Thank you, Papa!

Speaking of "Papa" - my Shack Team on SparkPeople just began a Chapter by Chapter study of The Shack - and that too is taking a bit of time and focus! Not that I am complaining... I love love love this book - and I know that many find healing and renewed focused or restored vision... many find Papa and accept His Love in a new or deeper way... I am always excited to talk about and study the things of God with others - but there is something special about this book that I can not wait to talk about with people! If you still have not read it - please - please - please - get your hands on it and read it and then talk to me!!!

and speaking of SparkPeople - I am focused to continue on with this amazing site... not only have I found success in weight loss there - but I have made some of my best friends' on this site as well... I am coming up on my one year anniversary (1/25) and so far, I have lost 60 pounds, and I have lost Inches everywhere... off my Waist: -10"; my Hips: -10"; my Neck: -2+"; my Arms: -3" each; and my Thighs: -8" each! I have gone from a size 20W in pants and 22/24W in tops to 14/16 overall! Who says this can't be done?! ...and all of this progress (excluding those frustrating plateaus, of course!) has been fairly simple when combining the right timing, the right determination, and the right tools thanks to SparkPeople! I really still have no 'number' in mind as a final/ultimate goal! I can't know how much more I want to lose... I can estimate at maybe 40#s more and then I will re-evaluate from there.

While I DO want to lose more weight - the things I am setting as goals this year have less to do with losing pounds, and more to do with gaining new experiences - trying new things... I am hoping to actually take some tennis lessons, increase my cardio to jog/run a faster mile - and a longer distance, maybe go bowling or try another new activity, explore more outdoors in hiking and seeing the beauty that is all around me, and just living - 'being' - with more confidence and less self-obsessiveness! I had a number of people ask me over the past couple of months what the biggest difference has been for me in losing the weight. The obvious answer is being able to buy clothes in a smaller size- at a regular store and in a regular department. But really - for me - the biggest change has been the fact that I really do spend less time assuming that everyone is watching/judging me. I have more confidence and less pride (in the vein of low self-esteem!) I really did spend a lot of my time talking myself out of trying something new, or stepping out of my comfort zone, because I was so uncomfortable in my own skin! Praise God - that is no longer the case! I am growing at the same time I am shrinking! What's not to love about that?!

So - I need to print out my Christmas photos - which means I can not say I am all caught up! I will tackle that within the next week or two... I have my monthly crop coming up and need to have SOMETHING to do there, right?! I also have a new client and will get to work with some Wedding Photo's soon! I can't wait! Babies and Weddings - those are my favorite jobs... oh - and Italy! That's up there too!

I am hoping to learn how to use my Cricut a bit more as I tackle these projects and work on Valentine's stuff...

Scrap Happy!
(LOOK!? NO photo's?! You'll survive! LOL!)