Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Painting Party - Round Two

It's true! I hosted another Painting Party last night!

A whole different group of creatives - some who had never painted before - gathered bravely in my living room to pray... to seek the Lord and ask for a picture or verse or something to go on... they picked up a paint brush and begin imparting a prophetic word onto canvas!  So fun!

Here is what He said:

"Flourish" (Ps 92)

"No Greater Love" (Cross Cultural)

"Jesus cleanses through Tears"

"Grace Like Rain"

"Flowing in the Holy Spirit"

"Brekthrough" (John 3:16-17; Luke 4:18)

"Spiritual Sight"

I love seeing the different styles and themes... I can't wait to see who they 'belong' to at the Retreat!

What have you been hearing lately?  What are you creating?
I'd love to hear!

Speak Life. Be Love. Shine On.

Monday, February 25, 2013

See the Wonder of Community

Ah yes... in the midst of painting and washing brushes and cleaning up after Round One of my Painting Parties, it hit me!  Once again - I filled my home with Community and I STILL haven't followed through in making a Guest Book for this year!

You see, it all started with this one amazing woman that I read about on Donald Miller's Storyline blog... you can read her story HERE.  (Seriously... I will wait! It's short and SO worth the read!)

Basically - her one word for last year was Community and instead of going out and trying to find it somewhere else, she decided to invite it in and create it in her own backyard!

Now -  I don't have a food budget that will lend itself to me throwing huge dinner parties!  I don't have a private backyard or a large table to seat 22... (although I considered for a moment having people sign my new dining room table?)...

But what I DO have is a heart that is longing for Community! I have a comfortable home that is warm and welcoming and I love to have people over... to create an atmosphere where Real can happen and Love is present!  So I decided, after reading that post at the end of January, that I wanted to do that too!  I wanted to entertain more on purpose... to invite people in... friends, family, neighbors... strangers when led... My husband is oh so very pastoral and it does his heart good to have a house full so he was game from the get go!

I decided last night... after realizing that I had had yet another gathering and didn't have anyone 'sign in' that I would make a Guest Book and decorate it in a way that I can lay it out in the living room and have visitors sign it whether they are here for a party - or just one on one, over coffee.  I can't WAIT to see what God does with this!

What are your thoughts on Community?   How do you create or participate in community?

While a goal of 500 is a bit lofty to me, my husband and I have determined to find community and be fully present on a consistent basis this year... whether it is in our own home, or elsewhere!

Where do you find Community?

Saturday, February 23, 2013

A Painting Party Just Happened Here!

As I was prepping to teach a workshop or two at an upcoming Women's Retreat, I felt led to host a couple of Painting Parties.  You see - my workshops are on Prophetic Painting and I think it is so vital to have people see and appreciate ALL kinds of styles and abilities!

I am an Artist... however I still tend to shrink back from that title - ESPECIALLY when/if I am comparing myself to others.  I am not trained... I wish I could paint things that way I see them!

It is like tennis for me... I love the game! I get it... I know the form and strategy and I know what I WANT my body to do and how I WANT to hit the ball... however I just don't have the ability in real life to do it.  Could I learn? Yes!  I could take lessons and get better with practice for sure!  I am not against that!

However with Prophetic Painting - it is more about your ability to hear God and your willingness to take a risk... to paint what you see and allow the anointing and message to be a blessing to the one who receives it!

So - I wanted to have an array of pieces to show at the workshops and then (shhh!) maybe give some away as well! So today was Round One... and this is what just happened:

How fun is that?  I will host Round Two in a couple of days!
What are YOU working on this weekend?

I am linking up with Jennifer and a community of artists over at Studio JRU...


Monday, February 18, 2013

Lingering Valentine's... and some new paintings!

Well due to our busy schedules - AND just the fact that I love Love... we managed to make Valentine's Day last a few more days!  We celebrated as a family on Friday night together and it was - as you can see - YUMMY!!!

My Honey bought us all three (myself, our girlie, and our longtime roommate/sister!) Valentine's cards with sweet words in them... as well as a tiny bit of chocolate and gifts! Mine were a bottle of wine to share and this adorable little Birdie with hearts... one says "Spread Love"... ah yes - he knows me well!

I finally pulled out some paints and a couple of blank canvases - just for the sheer joy of painting! I am loving the black silhouette - especially over the bright colors... and who doesn't love Glitter paint? I mean, really?

I am now prepping to host several painting parties in the next week or so... gathering the finished canvases to give out at an upcoming retreat!

What are YOU working on this week/month?

Thursday, February 14, 2013

A little Valentiney Love - PLUS a Challenge!

Ah yes... I told you with my last post that I would muster up SOME kind of crafting mojo and this my friends is what happened! I do love me some paper and glue!

I made a few little mini' "one thousand gift" journals... a few handmade Valentine's... and then there is just a little Valentiney love for fun...



OH yes... the Challenge?  Well - I know you either love this 'holiday' or you hate it - but I would love to ask you to step up and take a challenge with me! Instead of LOOKING for love today - how about we each decide to BE love today! I want to encourage you to Give it away today... a kind word, a hug, an I love you,  ...maybe a reminder of how much someone means to you, or paying for someones latte or lunch... in big or little ways - look for opportunities to be Generous! After all - today is not only Valentine's Day - but it is Generosity Day too! May today be the beginning of how we live each of our days... from here on out!

I'd love for you to comment below and tell me if you do anything special for Valentine's Day - as well as what you did special today to meet this Challenge!

Speak Life, Be Love, Shine On!