Thursday, May 29, 2008

Alright... I guess I can update?!!??

I know... it's been awhile - lots has happened... Cook was crowned King - after that finale night, I thought Little David had it in the bag, but I did find myself voting for David Cook as apparently millions of others did too!
Last Friday night, Kaye and I went to see Josh Turner and Carrie Underwood in concert. We were sitting up high - but close to the stage and it was a sold out show so it was very close quarters - but it was a GREAT show!!! Josh Turner - while he is a bit too country for me, was very good - I enjoyed some of his songs, and he seemed very down to earth and kind... and I will have to admit when he sang that one song about turning the lights down low... well, he looked pretty sexy somehow?! LOL! At least that is what the majority of the crowd must have thought?! The screaming at a star was a new concert experience for Kaye?! I mean, I am sure some people think Toby Mac or Jeremy Camp are cute - there is not really that type of frantic crying going on!? Carrie Underwood was incredible! She sounded just as good if not better in person than on her Cds and she put on a great show! Kaye loved how she rose up from under the stage and she LOVED all the Costume changes too! It was a blast!

We also got to spend a few days with the Beeler's over the weekend and that was great... the girls got to go out for lunch and do a bit of shopping ...and visiting, and the boys got to golf and, um - golf again?! LOL! Kaye had yet another sleep over for her birthday with Holly and Chloe... they had a great time!

Somehow, ?!, I managed to NOT take pictures again with my own camera?! I don't know what sort of freaky voodoo trance that Chuck puts over me - but somehow it seems I am ALWAYS having to wait for her and that stinkin' EasyShare!? sigh... whatever?! When we go there in a few weeks - I am SO bringing my camera EV ER RY WHERE!!?!??! (so help me?!)
On Monday, she decided that she wanted her "Skip Day" to be on Tuesday. Last year, she liked school so much, she opted to skip Skip Day all together so, even though it was short notice, I was excited that she was not done with our little tradition! Once a year, I allow her a Skip Day and we do something fun - just the two of us! In the past we have gone out to breakfast or lunch... gone to a matinee or rented movies... gone shopping... played video games all day... whatever she wants! Of course - this time - after a somewhat expensive weekend and with no notice, going shopping out of town was not an option this year!? She didn't care... we just got to sleep in, wake up slow together and chat... we went and got chinese takeout and rented a movie... it was very low key and very relaxing (and made a nice 3 day weekend into a NIiiiice FOUR day wknd!) Which made Wednesday that much harder?!
I haven't really done much in scrapping over the past couple of weeks... I did finish those Swap pages... and I have done a couple of Digi's for Challenges...

I have those concert photo's ordered to scrap 'in real life' and then, of course - I will be WAITING for Chuck and those damn pictures?! LOL!? I also have all of Kaye's birthday pictures to organize and scrap... so hopefully next week I will get to do some personal scrapping! I also need to make some new items for the online store... maybe some more journals and frames... I won a prize from Bella's and have fun things to play with there... and I also got a nice prize pack from iamascrapaholic with tons of fun stuff too... not to mention my little shopping spree over the weekend!? I am planning on working on a donated scrapbook in the next day or two and will post pictures of that soon!

Anyway, we are doing good... I can't believe that Summer is almost upon us! Next year, my little one is officially in Junior High?! How in the world did that even happen?! It's crazy... luckily, she does great in school and she is absolutely loves it! Kaye is helping out one of her friends in campaigning for the school election... her favorite poster she made (that the principal took down already) was: "Voting for Maddie (last name) is like putting on Underwear... it's just that obvious! Vote for Maddie!" LOL!? She is a riot?! The stuff she comes up with?! Dave is keeping busy at work, and with guitar stuff... he recorded a CD - not for sale (yet) but so we can add some samples of his stylings on his website... hopefully we will get those sound bytes loaded soon! He is scheduled to play on the First Friday again... and with summer coming - hopefully he will be able to add a few more gigs around town! As for me, I am keeping on with my new lifestyle - I have lost 32 pounds so far and am finally (praise God!) out of that dreaded same size clothes that I was stuck in for 13 years?! In fact, I am in need of buying a few more tops that actually fit, and possibly another (still smaller size?) pair of jeans or shorts. I am amazed at how doable this is and how once I was truly ready and willing - the work is not so overwhelming!
With summer approaching - I am a bit apprehensive about my routine and the challenge I may face with the interruption of scheduling... but I know I can do it!

So - what have you been working on?! Anything scrap related?! Any new techniques or products you have played with lately!? Oh - as a little bonus - I have a RAK for a comment from a SparkPeople member here... I will just give ya a couple of days to leave a comment and will draw a name and let you know if you won! Many of you claim to stalk me... well - let's just see about that?! LOL!? C'mon - don't be shy! Here's what you will win:
Creative Imaginations Anthology Chipboard letters! So fun!

Scrap Happy!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

And then there were Two...

Ah yes - this is it! The Finale of American Idol - down to the last two singers... It's not all the impressive that I called this finale way back before Hollywood... but I do tend to have a knack for it - I have called the final two about 5 out of 6 seasons I think now! I am on the fence as to who I really want to win... I like them both... and they will both do great! I tend to prefer David Cook as far as style and sound... although David A can sing... I tend to think, as it has been said OVER and OVER here and everywhere else, David A would fair better if he won and had Simon controlling him, and Cook would fair better if he came in second... and yet - I really think he deserves to win! Overall - with consistency, AND performance, he wins!

So - enough of that... I finally did hear that the "Mom" loved her gift... so I can share a few pages now! This was a super fun Chipboard book - my first time playing around with Bind It All... um - yeah - I LOVE it now and want to Bind It All ALL the time!?! LOL!?
Last week was spent NOT Scrapbooking?! It's true! I did take a little mini 6x6 Swap page I am working on to my Thursday night Crop - and I pretty much finished them - but I need to add some beloved Stickles to add a bit of Sparkle and then they are done... I will post that next month since I am doing it for a Swap and most of them stalk my blog (or so they say!?) and I don't want them to see it here before in person! No - last week was spent gloriously almost guilt-free in BOOKS!!! Aaah yes - I forgot how much I loved to read... and how much I took for granted that I could just stop and read whenever I wanted?! I am not one to read a few pages and then go about the rest of my day! Perhaps I should learn to discipline myself to do that... but I just love the great escape and think I would much rather put it off until I can dive right in, rather than having to get just a bit here and there!? I read through The Negotiator, and Between Sundays, and Illuminated. I am not in the middle of Someday. I have another one or two in my stack and a couple waiting to be picked up at the library!

Let's see... Kaye's birthday - well - the poor thing - over her birthday weekend, not only did we need to postpone her party due to it being Mother's Day wknd and her friends couldn't come, but she came home Friday with no voice... she was not feeling so great all weekend long?! We did manage to have a family party here on Friday (May 9th) at our house after a dinner out for celebrate my Dad's birthday. That was nice and she scored on cash (which she is raising to help pay for half of her summer camp cost!) and some new shoes, perfume, jewelry, and she scored THE Purse (which is almost as big as she is!?!) Also - here is a shot of the "Oreo" cake that she requested I make... I had two slices before finally taking it to someone ELSES' house to get eaten up! Yummy!

Saturday (her actual birthday) we ended up meeting my high school bff for lunch at Apple-bee's - one of Kaye's favorite places! It was a lot of fun and the boys (er, men!) got along great... our girls, while there is a good 8 years difference, hit it off too... poor Kaye - she was so tired and not feeling good that she didn't even have an appetite... we ran a couple of errands and then came home to rest... she DID open gifts first thing on Saturday morning from us and she LOVED her clothes, and video game, and music... not to mention her Duck! Um - yeah - there is a story there! You would think my girl was blond! The week before we were driving around and talking about something - and somehow we got on the subject of ducks and she went on to say that they say 'squeak, no tweet'... um, yeah?! So - I bought her a duck named SqueakTweet and she LOVES him! Anyway - here is a pix of Kaye and Lauren outside of Apple-bee's... the next generation - hopefully they will make better - um - choices?! Kaye napped in the afternoon, while I read, and Dave apparently roamed around trying to figure out what to buy me?! Since Kaye was not feeling up to it - she asked him to go on his own... uh - never a good idea really!? I honestly adore my man - he is amazing and I have very few complaints - but really!? He is not so good at the gift buying! Sure - he has had his moments... like when he bought me a car for our 10th Anniversary... or when he came through with a great book or a CD I have wanted... the stereo, and bath towels were even nice surprises... Now - let me also say, I completely get that I am not, in fact, his mother! No - for HIS mother - we always go in on a nice hanging basket with his sisters and they buy it and we just reimburse them $5 or so... and for MY Mom, we usually pick out some flowers to plant in her pots on her patio... fairly simple. Our little one has outgrown those precious homemade gifts, and not old enough to really have her own money (that she is willing to spend anyway?) So - Dave ventured out and roamed around and ended up buying me a CD (that I already own!?) and a Starbuck's Gift card... I hate to complain - because, well - I DID love that CD enough to already buy it once, and hey - who doesn't love Starbuck's?! I was just a bit disappointed that he couldn't put a bit more thought into it... I'll get over it... It doesn't help that every year Mother's Day is right around Kaye's birthday and my Dad's birthday and so we are usually already tapped out in our budget! Kaye did write out a super sweet card and that, of course, was my favorite thing anyway!?
So - we went out of town on Friday - heading to Richland and the 100 degree heat!? The boys had a great time golfing - didn't quite place - but they were close! Us girls hit the Mall for just a little bit - Kaye scored her beloved Red Skinny Leg jeans, and her long awaited Sunglasses! Now that she has contacts, she finally gets to sport some Shades! We took a brief walk in the crazy muggy heat and then mostly stayed inside in the air conditioned loveliness! LOL!?
We came home on Saturday and Kaye had Holly overnight for her birthday... just the two of them! But - they still had a blast! I offered to pay them $5 each if they answered the door to the pizza guy using a bad Brooklyn accent! (Have ya'll seen that commercial on TV?) I thought FOR SURE they would chicken out... that was a pretty expensive cheap Domino's pizza?! LOL! But - it was worth it!
It cracked me up... they basically studied the commercial and said the same things as the guys on the commercial - and then Holly asked if he got that all the time!? LOL! Um - yeah - he said no - they were the first?!
On Sunday, the girls worked at the YakAttack - a local huge Soccer Tournament... they got LOTS of sun and had a blast! This week, well - now I am not feeling so hot... so I am once again reading and trying to rest! I shampooed my carpets - always SCARY gross what all comes up when you do that!? I have all the windows open to help the carpets dry all the way before I 'reassemble' everything... I need it all back in place before AI tonight!

So - that's my update - nothing super exciting... but there ya have it!
Scrap On!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Real Quick-Like...

OK... So apparently Chuck didn't like my last 'update'... so real quick like, before I head out - I will give ya a little something else...

Not that I have much to share... I have spent much of the week reading... Aaah sweet escape! I read two books and am halfway through a third... (that one you gave me Darcie - it's really good!) Let's see... AI - yep- I called it way back in the beginning... as I do nearly every year! Now who will win!? It seems as though it will be David A - although I know myself, I will buy David Cooks' CD without hesitation, and doubt I will buy the other... but if it is all the 14 year old girls - OH MY GOODNESS?! - David A is going to need serious security!? Did you all see the clip where he went back home and there was that moment where there was some serious FEAR in his eyes... it's like Beattlemania... who knew!?

What else... hmmm - oh - here are some shots from our Mini garden!

Oooh - and I won at Bunko... here is my SaWEET prize:

Only - to really appreciate the win, you must see my new top - that I was wearing at Bunko:

Nice, eh!? Sort of like my own camo!? Couldn't of planned it if I tried?!
Here's a Digi I did using my super cool new shirt as background paper:

I will post some shots of my last job soon... I haven't talked with the client yet and though I am certain he gave it to her - I would feel horrible if she saw it on my blog before she saw it in person?! So - that will have to wait!

We are off to stay with some friends tomorrow... can't remember what I have shared - but we go every year - usually just Dave and I go, but this year I invited Kaye along and she - after much deliberation - chose me and my friends, over her last school dance and her friends! Yeah - she pretty much ROCKS! So - while the boys are golfing in a tournament, us girls will be relaxing and visiting, and maybe doing a little shopping?!

Next weekend we have the Carrie Underwood concert... which, once again, explains the - uh - 'music' on the top of my playlist... seriously - scroll down to Sara - she is AWESOME!!! (...and next weekend 'someone' may be coming to visit!?) and the next weekend, Dave has his Rush concert... after that - I think we will all be concerted out for awhile?! LOL!?

Oh - hey... check this out - I got this GREAT deal... another SaWeet prize of sorts...
I got it for only $4.60! LOL! Check it out:

Nice!!! ("Oh wait, are you a fan of delicious flavor?)
The first person who can tell me what this is from (WITHOUT Googling it! LOL!) wins a RAK!
I could talk about Kaye's b'day and all that goes with that... or Mother's Day (don't get me started) but I am off now to Crop tonight... and then we are hit the road tomorrow! Have a great weekend!

Scrap Happy!

Monday, May 12, 2008

New Music Additions

Yep - I know... but now before ya'll question the new songs - let me say, for Kaye's birthday we bought tickets to go see Carrie Underwood and so we wanted to be 'ready' for Carrie and for her opening act Josh Turner. The only two songs I had even heard of his were Long Black Train, and Firecracker... um - yeah - you will notice those are not on my list?! LOL?! (Neither is Jesus, Takes the Wheel!) OK - so if you can sit through (or scroll through) those additions - you will surely be rewarded... my new favorite girl - Sara Bareilles! LOVE lOvE love her!!!

(I'll write more soon!)

Thursday, May 08, 2008

I will miss those black pants...

... not that I am complaining of course!

It started happening a couple of months ago... slowly but surely! At first, it was nothing to get excited about... nothing anyone could really notice much! But, slowly - my favorite jeans began to get too baggy. I had to wash and dry them in between each wearing. My tops began to fit... well, better really. It was not super noticeable. Next up were my most favorite beaded and embroidered jean capri's. (Now I know you are picturing some BeDazzle commercial catastrophe - but let me assure you, these are super cool!) They cannot be dried in the dryer - so the shrinkage was not happening as much as I needed. Sad... I love these and was looking forward to Spring and wearing these! Then, last Sunday, I got ready and had planned on wearing my beloved Black Slacks, a favorite summer top, with a pink fitted blazer. I put the top on and the straps kept falling off my shoulders... the blazer is no longer fitted, but looks like I borrowed it for dress up... and then the pants...!? I LOVED these pants... honestly - the classic black slacks... very flattering and comfortable. Anyway - I wore them one Sunday last month. They were loose - but not baggy at all... so when I went to put them on last week, I expected them to stay put. While I could not (yet) hold them up in front of me and show that I could fit into one leg now... they would not stay up! They were way too loose to wear, and being trousers, they have no belt loops so they are not an option anymore! I will miss those Black Slacks... but I'm over it already! I will gladly replace them!

I have lost 28 pounds so far, and yet I refused to go shopping for new clothes until today. I was just hesitant because I refused to buy yet another pair of jeans in the same size. I have been in that size since my daughter was born - and she will be a teenager within the week?! Yeah - so I was done buying that size jeans! I need to find a smaller bra as well - but I came home today with two springy tops and one size smaller jean capris! WoOt! AND I need to wear the belt with them! So - this time, I am not forming a long term love affair with these fun Spring clothes, nor am I going out to buy a whole new wardrobe for Spring... because I have plans of replacing these new clothes soon as well! Now... on to more important things... Crafts and AI...

What can I say - other than THANK GOD that Jason is finally gone?! Oh My Goodness?! What was even up with that?! Sure - he seemed nice enough in the beginning - and he did pull out a few great performances - but he was needing to go for WEEKS on end... so I was a happy girl! I guess maybe I should think about voting some time soon now, huh?! I know... I usually don't vote until it is the finale... sad - but true!? I am rarely THAT invested in who wins... but I love the show! I am pretty sure that the Final Two will be the two David's... as it should be... As a Grown up - I will probably buy David Cooks CD and listen to it way more than I would possibly David A's... but David A's voice is amazing... David Cook is so much more versatile - and yet he definitely has his own style - and I think, personally, it would be better for him to come in second and be able to stay true to his own vision, than to win and have to do whatever they tell him to!? Now, David A - he is young and he needs someone to tell him what to do right now (maybe besides his own Dad?!)... but I wouldn't be disappointed either way - as long as the last two standing are the David's!

Now - crafty news... well - I can't post any photo's yet but I worked on a last minute order of a Mini album for a customer last week - which is why I have been silent here! The boy will get some MAJOR bonus points - but he literally came at me with a pile of photo's and that is all... oh - and he didn't want a 'store bought' album - but something more homemade... which simply means I got to play with chipboard and some Bind It All! I will post photo's next week - once I know for sure the Mommy has seen it first! Seriously - what a great gift! (if I DO say so myself?!)

The other job I have been working on this week (and last) is a large set of handmade Bridal Shower invitations... with matching Thank You's from the Bride. The colors for her Wedding are Yellow, Green, and White and her flowers are Calla Lillies... OK - I LOVE Calla Lillies - but let me just say - not the easiest flower to find when it comes to all things scrapbooking?! Seriously?! I couldn't find one thing?! Not a patterned paper, not a sticker, or embellishment... nothing?! Of course - I didn't really have time to search the internet or anything... the shower is soon and so I had to come up with something...

So - this is how the final Invitations and Thank You's turned out:

The client loved them so much - she enlarged her guest list and ordered 10 more of each! Whew?! So - I am now done with those...

I also made a few other cards to send out to friends and for birthdays/Mother's Day:

(Have I said how much I am LOVING the Fiskars Finger Blade, and the Art Glass?! Oh My!)
Now... my daughter will be THIRTEEN on Saturday!? What the -?! Seriously - that is so scary!? She is a joy (most of the time still) and I simply adore who she is becoming! She had planned a Sleep Over for this Friday - but being Mother's Day weekend - it turned out that only ONE girl could come... so we pushed it back a week and we will celebrate with family this weekend - and next weekend she will have her friends over. So - once again, we will have the days and weeks of Festivals of Kaye's birthday!? sigh... seriously - I couldn't PLAN it if I tried... but it seems that her birthday always goes on for weeks?! Does this happen to anyone else?! So - our big gift for her on this momentus birthday is Contacts... no more glasses for our girl! She has been wanting contacts for over a year and we decided that for her birthday - we would give it a try and see how she does! We also bought tickets to the Carrie Underwood show... and of course, because she is 13 and MY daughter, she scored some super cute clothes... some great tunes... a video game... I can't even remember what else... I had this idea to get her 13 things... but after the contacts and concert and clothes - well - we were already over our budget!? My Dad's birthday is Friday - so we are doing a combined birthday deal Friday night for him and Kaye... we are having lunch on Saturday with my old (not 'old' of course!) high school friend and her family so that should be fun! Sunday is Mother's Day... I am sure we will go see Dave's Mom after church... all the kids go in on a nice hanging basket every year... and for my Mom we usually buy her several flowers to plant in pots for her patio... I will need to go out and buy those on Saturday!?

I am all caught up with scrapping still - but with Kaye's birthday month - I am sure I will have plenty of photo's to work with soon enough?! Tonight is Bunko... tomorrow I will be forced (?) to bake a cake... and thus - the beginning of weeks officially begins! Oh - and I am gonna be an Aunt again!!! Woot! another baby (that is not mine) to hold and cuddle and love on! Yay!

Happy Mother's Day to all you Moms! I hope this weekend you truly feel appreciated and loved... and know that all that you do that goes seemingly unnoticed, is noticed by Someone who is well pleased with you! It is not all for naught... I promise you!

Scrap On People!