Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Heart Day...

OK - so I am a day late... but that is because I couldn't really post my photo's until Valentine's Day - and well, I really didn't find time to sit at the computer yesterday!?

First off - I got to buy gifts in a SWAP exchange with my Sisterhood of the Traveling Crops team on Spark! We did this last year - and it was so fun! Of course - the added bonus to doing it this year is that most of us were able to meet in person and spend some time together over the summer last year - so drawing names and buying specifically for a 'Sisser' - so fun! The funny part is Denice got my name... and I got hers! So - I didn't take pix of what I got to send to her - but as I was shopping I definitely had her in mind and then, I bought some paper and embellies to do a LO of my own in and realized I HAD to make a card for De using it too! I couldn't show it beforehand - but now that she has it in her little hands - I can show it here:

So - here is the LOOT that she lovingly sent to ME:

Oh yeah... that is a Bucket of FUN, baby!!! (Filled with not only Bucket of Fun contents - but TONS of other goodies too! Goodies like acrylic stamps - SO CUTE! Some fun coasters, Glimmer Mist, Scents for card making, etched mirrors, some fun Valentine's Day embellies, and some awesome Cricut shapes too!)

So - between De's box, and Kay's unexpected gift of a GORGEOUS frame and some liquid pearls - I was taken care of on Valentine's Day! As a bonus, my Honey got me the perfect card, with the perfect note written in it, a single Yellow Rose, and the new Lady Antebellum CD!

I also had fun making a few cards for all of my "Sissers" again this year... who says we have to grow out of sending Valentine's? Not me... I love it! Here are some of the fun ones I made this year:

Here are a few other fun cards I have made... playing with my Cricut and new Sweethearts cartridge - I LOVE it!

Well, my Monday meeting is starting so I must wrap this up...
Hope you all were celebrated over Valentine's Day and know that you were made very well aware of how loved you are!
Scrap On!

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Workshop Done... but not worth it?

Finally - I can breathe a bit... well, after Saturday that is!

Last weekend was my Trio of Love Workshop out at Selah High School for their all day Crop fund raiser. I led a workshop last year, doing a Valentine's Flipbook and it was a huge success! I had a blast, the ladies all loved it, and it was profitable in more ways than one!

So, when I was asked to do it again, I jumped at the chance! I found that I really do enjoy teaching in all forms and we all know how fun Scrapbookers are anyway! The idea came to me quickly to do a Squash album. When I was playing around I also found a mini treat basket and had enough scraps left over to make a matching Valentine's Day card! Wallah - project done! A three piece 'set' for Valentine's Day - A Trio of Love! The sign up (which was a bit down from last year) and then the fun shopping was next! After that - was the hours and hours or prep! It SHOULDN'T have taken so much of my time - but I know how difficult it seems to be for some to score and to figure out how to fold and assemble the Squash albums... so I did literally almost ALL of the work for them. Yeah - sucked up my time and ate away at my profit really! Then - I get there... I had 12 sign up - 10 show up - and only 8 pay!? So - all in all... I have 5 Kits left over (for sale - $10 ea!) and at this point made a whopping $17 profit - divided up into apx 6.5 hours of shopping/prep/class time and that averages out to $2.62 per hour! Nice?! (Um - not really... that was sarcastic!) Insert tired, weary sigh here! It IS a fund raiser... and I really DO enjoy the teaching part and the creating part too... just not so sure I will do it again next year? (Someone remind me of this post around December, OK?!)

I did manage to make a few birthday cards the other day while prepping for the class... used up some shapes from a Cricut Swap I did last year... pretty cute!

I have more cards to work on on Friday... My goal this year is to make all the cards (Bday/Anniv) on the first Friday of each month... in theory this will help me to be better at actually sending them out ON TIME this year?! We'll see!?

I continue my training for a 4 mile race that is on Saturday. I walked it all last year and came in at 67:08. I did the course yesterday to practice and I came in at 49:13. Hopefully on race day I can beat that time! I'd love to take off 20 minutes from last years time? I am running now - but do walk a little still - haven't quite worked up to 4 miles straight yet! I am a SLOW runner... but I have my goal in mind and my sight is set on completing it at least under 50 minutes - in 45 would be great!? We shall see!

Once the race is over... I hope to continue to run and train... there is a 5 mile race in June up at Clear Lake that I want to do... apparently some killer hills on that one too. I am pretty sure there will be a 5K or two in between - so that should help keep me motivated!

Anyway - I am off to create some Valentine's cards and sip on MORE coffee...
Scrap Happy - and let me know what you are working on!!!