Sunday, February 24, 2008

Oh... How I MISS this show...

Instead of a REAL update... for now, you will have to wish for days gone by with me...

Oh - how I MISS this show!!??!?

Craft Corner DEATHMATCH...

"Do you dare to decoupage? Are you aesthetically aggressive? Is pain on your palette? Then maybe, just maybe, you're tough enough to handle Craft Corner Deathmatch, every Wednesday night at 10 on the Style Network.

It's Martha Stewart Living meets Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome when amateur crafters compete against each other, against the clock--and against the imposing Craft Lady of Steel. Armed with nothing more than hot-glue guns and a few basic materials, the contestants must swiftly assemble projects that are judged on beauty, creativity and utility. Host Jason Jones is the devious ringmaster, throwing twists into each challenge and riling up the bloodthirsty studio audience.

For these hardened competitors, honor's at stake. But what's in it for you, besides the gut-wrenching thrill of watching two desperate do-it-yourself divas go mano a mano? Gladiator training, that's what: Each epic episode offers battle-tested quickie craft ideas and tips for taking on an artsy adversary of your own.Wanna get swept up in the fine-arts frenzy? Then check out our episode guides and the Craft Like You Mean It section for recaps, step-by-step project instructions and more.

This ain't your grandma's sewing circle--it's home ec as extreme sport, and someone's about to get the craft kicked out of 'em."

I'm thinking I may need to find the Season DVDs? Do you think they sell this? Talk about GREAT entertainment!!! LOL!

Scrap On, Diva's! Scrap on!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I Was Made to Love...

Yep... it is true! I WAS made to love... and love, I did... we had a GREAT time at the concert on Sunday night! But I am getting ahead of myself...

As I mentioned, we all had a great Valentine's Day last week and really enjoyed our evening together! Not sure if I mentioned that my kid got a rose (again!) from someone who is not her Daddy!? I suppose we have entered that stage... it was not Stalker boy... but someone NEW?! sigh!?

Anyway - Kaye had no school on Friday so we had a lazy day together and that was nice! She ended up going over to a girlfriends' house in the evening for a movie (although they never actually watched it?!) and Dave and I relaxed at home together... Saturday Dave took off for Ellensburg to look at the music store there and then hit a few fishing spots on the way home. He was gone all day... and really needed the time! We had gotten a call from Dana (Kevin's ex) a few nights ago and she was not doing that great. It sort of stirred up some stuff and I think the time alone was good for Dave... While he was gone - Kaye and I had a 'movie' day... I rented a few movies and I had all those yummy stamp sets to put together, so we just hung out together and watched movies... Sidney White was actually our favorite of the three which surprised me (the other two were The Nanny Diaries - not as good as the book! - and the Martian Child - never read the book?) I put together all six sets while watching two... we waited and watched the last one (Martian) with Dave. He was a bit disappointed that we stayed inside all day... Kaye stayed in her jammies. He never did understand the joy and lure of "Jammie Day!" Kaye and I LOVED Jammie Day! But - as she has gotten older and our schedules are a bit busier - Jammie Day happens less and less?! Oh well - we loved it! It is good bonding time - even if it IS matched with laziness?! LOL!?

Sunday we went to church (Kaye had to go at 8am to be on the Greeters Team all day) and after church we grabbed a snack, packed out bags and headed to Richland to spend the night with our good friends Gene and Syl'... oh yeah - and to take in the concert!!!

We had an incredible early dinner with the Gibsons... and they even made me coffee - real caffeinated coffee... and I made it just how I like it and took my first sip when Dave said we had five minutes before we had to leave for the show?!?! What?! Five Minutes?! Yeah... um - all of the sudden I forgot that I am not in fact still in my teens or 20s with an iron gut but approaching 40 with some rare IBS symptoms?! Nice!!! So - I downed the big ol' mug of goodness and was ready in less than 5... we headed to the concert figuring that the doors would be open already - but we were still over an hour early so we should be able to get good seats!? (We had General Admission tickets) Now, remember - I ate dinner and then RIGHT AWAY downed an entire over-sized cup of coffee... and even went to the bathroom before we left... but as we got out of the car, I noticed that unfortunate urgency of having to go AGAIN... (already?!) ...and you guessed it, the doors were NOT unlocked and the line was CRAZY long!? Yeah... that is when I began to pray in tongues!? LOL! Only by the grace of God did I make it that extra 20 minutes in line... we went in and found our seats (yes -the ones we wanted!!!) and then I ventured out to locate the restrooms - which of course ALREADY had a line that was wrapped around the side of the hallway!? Oh my?! Yet again, prayer I can tell you works... I made it... and cursed that yummy cup of coffee and the damage it was obviously doing to my insides... I made my way back and prayed that everything would settle down (Simmer Down Now!)... I had to make one more trip in the middle of the concert but I have learned my lesson! No more downing coffee on top of a full meal and then going somewhere with lines and crowds and such?! The concert itself was great! Matt West came out first and sang about 5 songs... I didn't get any pictures because he was just standing in front of a curtain and he didn't have any lights really - so it was too dark... but he did great! Shared his testimony of how he had vocal chord surgery last year... then Jeremy Camp came out and put on an awesome show! I didn't realize how many songs of his I already knew! Of course, he shared of his wife's battle with cancer and how he lost her... sad, and very powerful! And then TobyMac took the stage... along with background singers and rappers and dancers... the guy can still put on a show! I remember seeing him WAY back in the day when he was a kid with DC Talk... it was Holly's first concert and I had just as much fun watching her reaction to the stage as I did watching the stage!

Kaye and Holly

Jeremy Camp
Toby Mac
We all really enjoyed it! Superchic[k] and Britt Nicole are coming in May... I was more excited about that than the girls though?! So I am not sure if we will go?! Anyway, we went home to the Gibson's and talked with them for a bit and then we all went to bed... except the giggling girls, of course?! Apparently Holly was trying to learn TobyMacs' dance moves?! We had a nice relaxing time on Monday morning visiting more and talking... Syl' and I always have a great time sharing what God has been speaking or showing us... and it is almost always the same thing or at least along the same idea! We stopped in to see my friend Jennifer on our way home and that was great too!

So - I am still having issues with Millie... I think she needs a new motor!? I will have to look into that tomorrow... see if I can order it online and how much it will be... she has really knocked me off track with my workouts... but I am determined to NOT give up this time around... I weigh in tomorrow and I am hoping that soon the Scale will be worthy of a name... I am working on a Friendship SWAP (sort of like a Circle Album) for Spark and that has been a challenge because it has to be a 6x6 page?! Anyway - that is what I am working on tomorrow night at my Scrap Happy group...

Hope you are all well and scrapping and are seeing signs of SPRING already!?
I am SO ready for it!
Scrap On!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Aaaah - Valentine's Day (a day late!) LOL!

Aahh yes... as a true and hopeFUL romantic, I am all about this special day!
When I take down my Christmas decorations... I pull out my Valentine's Day decorations!!!
I love it! I suppose it could stem back to the days of growing up with a Mom who worked a second job at Hallmark... but much to my husband's early dismay, I LOVE to buy little gifts for Valentine's Day for our dd... and Easter... and... and... and! (I think he has talked me out of St Patty's day now that she is older... but I can't say for sure!?) He can thank Hallmark for this, I am sure! Well - Hallmark and my Mother!

Actually, back in the day - when we were new parents, we would normally get a babysitter for our dd and go out to have a romantic dinner out... sometimes even going out of town overnight. We are not so into the buying of gifts (for each other!) and I am fine with that! He has this incredible knack for picking the PERFECT card... at any time, for any occasion... and he writes the sweetest notes in them... that is gift enough for me! (Can you tell that my #1 Love Language is Words of Affirmation?) His is too... so it works out great!!! Anyway - a few years back, I felt the Lord direct me to include our preteen daughter... as I prayed about it, I found the importance of teaching her that Valentine's Day is not all about lovers and only for couples... but it is about LOVE... for couples, yes - but also for friends, and family... and so we began a new tradition!

So - that is what we did again this year! My day, however, started out like this:

OH YEAH! My UPS guy was LOVED today! Not only did I get the RAK I won on I Am A Scrapaholic, but I got my Stampin' Up! Party box, too!!! Yeah! Then I rearranged the living room and prepared for the night! We ordered take-out from our favorite restaurant (MMmm - New Thai - instead of the yummy Chicken Phad Thai with EXTRA Peanut sauce, I got the Holy Chicken with rice... a little healthier!?!) I pulled a nice intimate candlelit table over to our window with a view and we enjoyed a romantic dinner for 4 and just relax together. We end the meal by taking Communion - focusing on the One who loves us Best and who already gave the Greatest Gift! We all loved it... and I know that our dd feels loved on and special and included! I did not want her to be single at 14 or 16 (or 35) and feel like this day excludes her! I still love to give Valentine's to friends now and then... although this year, I made so many sets for Etsy that I was just crafted out and didn't give any out - other than Kaye and our roommate Lorraine! I actually BOUGHT Dave a card this year... I figured that would somehow be MORE special?! LOL!? Since I ALWAYS make them for him! Usually I would make a fancy homemade dessert as well... but this year I went to a bakery and purchased individual desserts so I won't be tempted by leftovers! I got a large slice of Cheesecake w/blueberries, a piece of Carrot Cake, and a piece of Frosted Chocolate Cake... YUM! There are four of us - so we gave Kaye about 1/2 of the chocolate cake and then the rest of us split the other desserts so we each got a little "amuse bushe"!

Normally, Dave and I do not trade gifts... just a card and maybe a small (4pc) box of chocolates! But this year he surprised me with 2 new CDs (LeAnn Rimes and Jeremy Camp) and a potted Hydrangea plant! Woot! and some yummy dark chocolate covered berries and almonds! Mmmm! I got Lorraine a DVD (Sense and Sensibilities) and some fancy chocolate too! For Kaye... well, I got her a new make-up set, and a little box of chocolates... and a super cute boy-cut undergarment! LOL! Honestly - she has wanted some of these for months but I am cheap and I refuse to buy them one at a time for $6 each... and besides, she is 12... she is so not in need of cute underwear!? LOL!? But - I remember being about her age when I wanted to have nicer pajama's and all... just makes you feel girly... Anyway - we also went and got our hair (and eyebrows) done... nice!!! Anyway, I know that I am blessed with a wonderful husband who meets all my needs... but I think it is so vital for us to focus on a larger aspect of LOVE!

Here are a very shots of our Valentine's Day!

Speaking of LOVE... I am feelin' it today! I weighed in yesterday (yes... a day 'early' because I couldn't stand not knowing!) and measured as well... I am down 9#s and have lost a couple of inches as well... (1" off my waist; 1.5" off my hips; .5" off my neck) When I told my husband this morning... you would have thought I said I lost 50 pounds?! He's awesome!!! The one set back that I am dealing with this week is that it is quite possible that Pretty Millie (my treadmill) is sick... she's been having Hot Flashes and I am concerned! I have been taking my workouts in smaller chunks of time this week instead of running her for 70 minutes straight... but I can't actually keep doing that - it's not gonna work for me or for her long term!? I am praying that she will be fine and we can just clean her and she will get back to normal... but if she is really sick - I may need a miracle... I can't imagine not having her now that I am obsessed with her! I can't go a day or two without meeting with her and nothing else really compares?! Pray for Millie... LOL! Today I did a 30minute workout and gave her a break... I am hoping to get another 30minutes in this afternoon!
Oh... here is Kaye's new do... her hair was almost down to her waist yesterday morning!
It is just too cute! It looks great flat ironed (like this:)
Or just letting it air dry and scrunching it a bit to encourage that gorgeous natural curl! (like this:)

So... here's to a great day all in all - and to more success on the way! V-Day I will admit at first intimidated me... it is so often tied with chocolates and overeating and candy galore... however, I think I was able to enjoy my meal guilt-free (without blacking out!) and even enjoyed dessert! Here's hoping you all felt loved and treasured yesterday!

So, I offer you a belated Happy Valentine's Day, people!
Share the Love, people! Share the Love!

Friday, February 08, 2008

Aaahhhh FRIDAY!!!

Yes, it is true... we made it to Friday! For some reason, this week has sort of flown by and yet, it was so full of errands, and listings, and chores, and ... oh - yes, and reading?!!! LOL! (THAT is where my time went?!)

I did read a couple of books this week... my Mom brought over a stack of Debbie Macomber books - and I had only read one of them already - so that is what I spend a good portion of my week doing... it was wonderful! I also put a lot of computer time in this week... lots of time on It has become some sort of obsession... I love it! I have already met so many incredible people there, and have benefited from using the Nutritional Tracker and the Fitness Tracker too! I joined a few 'teams' in the beginning and quickly realized how much stinkin' e-mail I was getting... it was too much! THEN I found the little box to UNcheck whenever making a post and cut the load in half immediately! I was amazed that I was able to get through Super Bowl Sunday without too much trouble, and even made it through Bunko last night! Now, I admit - the weekends are harder, because that is when we often eat out or have a drink in the evening... but I am learning that I just need to adjust my numbers so I can still do this without completely blowing the entire weekend! The best mind adjustment for me has been to remember that nothing is really off limits, because this is not a diet... it is a lifestyle change! Anyway - I am sure that I will learn how to spend my time on that site better (with less blindly browsing around) so it won't require so much of my day! I also listed a few stamp sets on eBay... about 10 sets are up and for sale... check 'em out if you are interested! They are all Stampin' Up! sets and are all Retired. You know me... I have to make room for the new sets I just ordered, so these must go! I am also working on listing a few more items in my Etsy store... and that has taken some computer time as well!

However, I am happy to say that I have not spent the ENTIRE week either on my reading chair, or on the computer! Pretty Millie and I are getting along famously and we meet four times this week! I also went on a nice walk with my sis' and discovered/enjoyed a yummy Starbucks Skinny Caramel Latte for only 90 calories! SaWeet!!! (actually not... it was sugar-free?! LOL! Which, I have to say - I usually don't like that because I can taste that after taste... but the caramel is really pretty good!)

Kayelyn's friend at school let her know that she thought they should stop talking to each other for a week... (again!?) and informed Kaye that she would be bringing all of her belongings to school today... ya know, the stuff she has loaned her or left at her house... Yeah - I know... it sounds like they are breaking up to me, too!? Whatever?!? ...the drama is endless, and honestly I am so proud of how Kaye is handing it all! You could not PAY me to be in Junior High again!? OH - and Kaye had Tim (aka Stalker boy) call her at 7am yesterday!? yeah?! On a school day!? I don't even THINK so?!

I managed to do my business taxes yesterday... (and yeah, by "I" - I mean Dave!?)... glad that is done... maybe now I will feel like scrapping again? It's been a week or so and I need to get back to work, I know... but it was nice to take a week off and read and relax! I had Bunko last night... I won - but I won Avon Lotion... which is great... but my Mom sells Avon - so my cup runneth OVER already, so I gave it away! Dave went to a SunKings (basketball) game and Kaye had a Baby Shower for the Youth Pastors wife... Oh yeah - I made this super cute Baby Girl card (and forgot to take a pix of it?!) and then had Kaye write in it since the gift was from her and all. She asked what to write in a card for a pregnant woman, and I asked her what came to mind. So she said, "Good luck on the table, and don't forget to push, Honey!" Yeah... that's my girl! LOL! So - that is what she wrote! Too funny! I didn't tell her about the custom of passing AROUND the cards/gifts! Tee hee! She is a gift of JOY, that one!

This weekend?! NO plans?!?!!! Not ONE thing on the Calendar?! Of course - all the Passes are closed so it's not like we can go anywhere too far away!? But - I think I feel a road trip coming on!!!? We'll see?!

Anyone have any plans for Valentine's Day!? Do any of you do anything special - any kind of tradition or anything?! (with your spouse, or with your kids?) C'mon Na... you must do SOMETHING?! Happy Anniversary next week Chuck... hope you guys get to do something FUN and special!

Oh - here are a couple of Digi's I did for a Scrap Challenge for one of my teams at SparkPeople:

I have been walking with Millie and thoroughly enjoying the new Jack Johnson, and "The Lost Highway" CD from Bon Jovi! I also have the new Eagles CD... I haven't listened to it yet, so I am off now to plug it in and get back to real 'work' here on this computer!!!

Hope you all have a GREAT weekend!
Scrap On!

Monday, February 04, 2008

Quick Update

Hey there...

Well - I don't have a ton of time right now as I should be getting ready to make dinner - but I wanted to give you a little update - since SOME PEOPLE are not giving you anything new to read! (Yeah... that would be you, Chuck!)

Last week was crazy... full of sickies in this house - which I must say is not (thankfully!) a normal occurrence! Dave was home sick from work on Monday AND Tuesday... he went back to work on Wednesday but was feeling rather weary and drained... Kayelyn was sick in the middle of the night on Wednesday night/Thursday morning - but insisted that she felt better and wanted to go to school on Thursday, so I let her! Hey, who am I?! LOL!? Honestly - there was no fever, and she wasn't coughing or anything... seemed healed, Praise God! She stayed all day and claimed to feel fine so we let her go to her Bible study group... and then when she came home, it turned out that the girl had no voice?! Yeah?! And within about two or three hours, that fever was back and she was wiped out! Didn't even argue going to bed!? AND she crashed right away! We decided to not wake her up in the morning... as I was MAKING her stay home from school... she slept until nearly 10am and spent ALL of Friday on the love seat in the kitchen watching TV and whispering or passing me notes?! Poor girl!? We are blessed with such health that we are really not good at being sick!? She went to bed when told on Friday night at 8:30pm... you KNOW that she was not feeling so hot... no Monk... no Psych... She laid around most of Saturday as well and thankfully started feeling better Saturday evening... she sounded terrible on Sunday - but we went to church anyway and she seems to be getting back to normal now! Yay! I managed to not get sick! I hate to even type that out loud... ?!?

So - while I had the sickies in and out of the house - I had my Stampin' Up! party on Monday morning... only had two women show up... (we had lots of snow!) We made these super cute little boxes... perfect for Valentine's Trinkets!

I spent some time crafting for my store at
I made a few new sets of cards:

And a few more adorable boxes like this one:

I mentioned in the last post that I signed up at and I have to say - I am loving it! I hope you all have checked it out! It can be overwhelming, but so full of tools and encouragement! I can't tell you if I have actually lost any weight yet... While I am faithful and true to Pretty Millie (We logged 33 miles in January!) I have yet to name the Scale... He is gonna have to sweet talk me a bit before I can think of a name that doesn't include 'numbers, and symbols and stuff!' I made it through Super Bowl Sunday within my SP numbers too... (OK - well - my fat intake was a wee bit higher than the limit, but everything else was fine!)

Anyway - I hope you are all doing great... I am attending my first ever online Crop tomorrow... which works out great because I will play with some Digi Layouts just for fun! I also need to work on a few card sets that are not holiday themed! LOL! Plus - I am reading a few more books... OH, Na - INCLUDING "Give It Up! My Year of Learning to Live Better with Less" Yeah... um... I read the chapters... ?!?! Seriously!? And we can do this!? Some of them will be too easy and I am sure I will have to actually substitute it for something that is a sacrifice?! Elevators?! Really?!

Until next time, people!
Scrap Happy!