Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Sneak Peak

Hey there...

Well - I promise an update regarding Christmas and all things festive soon... but the main gift we gave our daughter for Christmas this year was a Room Makeover... so - since purchasing the paint on Saturday - we've been painting... and painting... and painting...

I forgot how time consuming painting is... but we did it together and had a blast...

We need to replace the outlets with white and of course - she needs to 'unpack' her things again and hang some things on the wall - but other than that (oh - and the second coat of Chalkboard paint on the wall) - we are done!

Enter sigh of relief and exhaustion!

Here's a couple of sneak peaks:

Scrap Happy!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Blast from the Past

Well - being 'all done' early does have it's bonuses - some of which are creating projects for the sheer fun of it!

FIRST - I ended up making a card and frame (with photo included - taken during a Senior Portrait session!) for a friends' b'day... I missed her b'day but figured since she was suffering in Hawaii she wouldn't really NOTICE - still, I wanted to do SOMETHING... this is what I came up with:

THEN - since that didn't take too much time on Saturday (and my dd was working NON-STOP on a couple of school projects, and dh was 'out' - at the Mall I suspect - all day) - I made another Starbucks Mini for dh's birthday! I picked him up a new Starbucks Travel Mug and some Starbucks coffee - so I thought I would just stick with the theme... here is the finished product:

I sent out all my Christmas cards/letters with a Family photo and my "Sisser" Vanessa got it and her hubby thought he went to school with my 'twin'! Vanessa's blog showed a yearbook photo of my 'twin' which in turn created a conversation with all of the Sisserhood of the Traveling Crops about how fun it would be to see photo's of each other from back in the day! So - not only a yearbook or Senior photo, but a baby photo of ourselves, and a Wedding Photo or two! How fun! I hope all of them play along!

I didn't have many BABY photo's - I was pretty sick as an infant, not expected to live! I wanted to find the one of me in the hospital with all the tubes on me - but I must not have that one... Anyway, here are a few of me as a toddler, a couple from school, and a couple on my Wedding Day!

Enjoy my Blasts from the Past...

My Mom & I... circa maybe 1971?
The Three Sisters: Kimmy, Karinna, & me!

Classic Family Pix from the early 70s!

Junior Year - 1987

Senior Portrait

Wedding Day - 1992
(yeah - he LOVED me! LOL!)

Our small Wedding Party
(Jack, Kevin, Dave & I, Karinna, & Kim)

Don't forget to play along!

Oh - since I promised not to upload to facebook before she could see them - here are a few pix of my girlie going to her first formal dance! (She and Allison - going with a group of girlfriends... Mom says, "Amen!")

Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

As my "deadline" quickly approaches, my lists get bossier?!

Wow... What a productive few weeks I have had! It was seriously looking extremely doubtful that I would meet my December 10th Deadline - especially since I hadn't purchased ONE thing as of Thanksgiving Day!? Well - we got a good chunk of it done on Black Friday, and I have managed to chip away at the rest of the list since then! I give MUCH of the credit to Tracy - from the Sisserhood! She came up with a Thread on our Team Page for our daily To Do Lists... while the lists HAVE been really Bossy with me - I have been lovin' the productivity! (Thanks Tracy!)

I am done with the buying part, but am not quite done with the making part... (and I still have a little of the wrapping part to finish up!) Here is a peek at what I have been doing (altered notebooks. journals, address books, and frames):

This is my neices' favorite Quilt:

...and this is the Dry Erase Board I made her:

I'm pretty happy with it! The Dry Erase pens are attached using velcro! So fun! I also made Digital Scrapbooked Calendars for my side of the extended family... here are a few samples of that:

I was asked to take a few portraits for a friend and decided that since I would be out and about anyway - I was going to make my little family come with me and bring along my tripod and timer/remote... unfortunately - this plan all transpired on Sunday after church... gorgeous blue skies - but wow?! FaREEZING cold wind - and lots OF IT!? Still - I managed to get several great shots of our friends for them - and we got quite a few Family Portraits of our own! We don't even really look THAT cold in most of them! Here are a few of our fav's:

Yeah - see?! There is that -3 degree Wind Chill... and THIS was our last shot!

Oh yeah - turns out those size 12 Levi's were not just a fluke... I bought those grey skinny jeans on Saturday - and they are a size 12 too! So - yay me! I also bought the outfit Dave is wearing for his birthday on Saturday - and then realized how well it would match for family portraits - so I gave them to him early... and Kayelyn got new digs as well - but managed to rip those jeans when she hoped down after that last shot! Sad day!

Anyway, I seem to be right on track... I am working on a few more items and then planning on wrapping it all up tonight! I do have a couple of birthday gifts to pick up for my Honey (since I accidentally GAVE them all to him on Saturday?!) - his b'day is the day after Christmas - so I will do that tomorrow and will be officially DONE done ~ ...all by December 10th!

(UPDATE - I am DONE done! It's true! I made it! Whew?!)

So - how are you all doing?! What are you working on? DO share!