Friday, September 17, 2010

New Journals...

Just a quick update here to show off my flash of Creative inspiration... I wanted to try a little project that I missed on my Sisserhood Team - some quick and easy Magnets... (Thanks Amy - super fun project that I think I will be making more of SOON - since I now have a HUGE bag of clear glass stones?!)
I also wanted to make a few more altered journals for a few upcoming birthdays... and since it is Fall and all... the colors were calling out to me...

I am hoping to work on a few Digital LOs this weekend - but I don't have too much to work on right now... not that I am complaining of course! I will be doing a fun candle project tonight and will add that to this post when it is completed! Yay!

Well - here are the candles - so cute, quick, and easy:

And here is the one Digi LO I was able to finish today:
Scrap Happy!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

I {heart} Fall!!!

I know... if you have 'known' me for any length of time, this comes as no surprise to you!

I LOVE Fall... it's my favorite! Sure - I also enjoy Spring, and Summer - but Fall... well, he's got my number! There is something so Romantic about him... and while I wouldn't mind having a longer summer... and I DO love living in a place where we get four distinct seasons, Fall is always a welcomed change! All of a sudden in the past week, Fall has been following me around! He shows up in the cooler, crisp morning air, and shows off a little when I drive through the orchards to drop my girlie off at school... his cologne is all around me, and at night... well - let's just say I also LOVE Hoodies! I have even started to run again this past week! The cooler weather was just BEGGING me to go for a run! I injured myself in March and stopped all together for months... so I am starting over slowly - but it felt great!

So - again, a month has passed... I would say the second biggest change in my going Digital has been my more infrequent posts here! The first would be the cash flow savings! At any rate, I did manage to do a couple more digital LOs and a few cards too... here is what I've been working on:
I am off to the craft store today (after the US Open, of course!) to buy up supplies to make some more Journals, as well as supplies to make some Magnets, and a Candle project I hope to learn next week! Also trying to think of a fun, somewhat easy, inexpensive Fall project to lead in October - so if you all have any great ideas - let me know!

Other than that... we are adjusting to Back To School routines and schedules. It's strange having a high schooler - in the past week alone we have gone to 3 girls soccer games, and two football games - and my girlie is not even a Fall or Winter athlete?! Her sport is, of course, tennis! (You can tell by all the Digi LOs!) So that means if we are not off doing something important, we are sitting in front of the TV watching the US Open! LOVE it! What a great tournament! And as if Fall was flirting with me enough... my dh mentioned that he was looking into costs of going to the BNP tourney in March! Don't know if it will actually happen - but, yeah... he was feeling a little jealous I think! LOL!

What are you all up to!? What are you current craft projects?
Scrap Happy & Spark On!