Saturday, April 28, 2007

Just for Fun...

Hey there...
Yea... I did a few more Digi LOs just for fun... well - actually - I did them because they were 'Challenges' on one of the Message Boards I am on! You know me... all caught up... just using random pictures off my computer?! tee hee!?
(Stop thinking bad words about me!!! Seriously... knock it off!)

Enjoy the rest of your weekend! (Na... RELAX a little... as for me? I have one word for you... 'truancy'! LOL!?)

Scrap On!


Thursday, April 26, 2007

Just a couple of Digi's - to hold me over!

Yep - that's right!? I have been playing on the computer all day...
I have all those Tulip pictures that I am NOT printing out so I will have something
to crop with next weekend... I can't print them... no yet... the temptation will be too strong?!
But - my friend Renee challenged me... yeah - that's right - an Official CHALLENGE!

She challenged me to Scrap a ONE photo Layout... with no paper tearing?! What exactly is she saying?! What is that supposed to mean?! That I ALWAYS use tons of pictures and ALWAYS tear my paper?!!?!? She threw me a bone and said she would let me still use Ink though!?

Hmph?! Whatever?! LOL?!

So - I am laying in bed last night and it hit me... I can just upload a page from one of the MANY Mini's that I have done... they are tiny little 4x4's and you can only FIT one photo on the page! I thought about this for quite some time... thinking myself very clever... sure - I knew it wouldn't really meet the challenge - it wouldn't be a NEW Layout... still - the thought of her clicking on the link and finding a mini lo just cracked me up! I got up this morning giddy with my plan and went about gathering all my mini's...

Yeah... ?! Um - APPARENTLY I really DO have a problem with paper tearing, inking, and using multiple photo's?! I could not find that many lo's that didn't have paper tearing... and the ones I found - well - if you can imagine - I didn't really like 'em so much?!

I decided I would do a double layout using some of my yummy free download digi kits... There was a Challenge Sketch that I could do for one page and Renee's Challenge for the other... (OK - even Renee pointed out afterward that the temptation to TEAR the paper is pretty much gone when doing digi work... but - hey - I am sure it is still POSSIBLE... I just don't know how yet?!)

Anyway - it satisfied my desire to scrap... AND I didn't have to print out my Tulip pictures! LOL! Here are my ever-so-beginner-level Digi's:

I also made a little Mini Baby Boy Purse/album... too fun! Gotta Love Daisy D's!!! This may be a gift... or a Raffle ticket donation - not sure yet?!

Anyway - hope you are all having a great week...
How's the move going, Darcie?!
Corinna... the face lift on the store sounds great... can't wait to visit and SHOP!!!
Na... praying for that Bagel Intervention... (don't wait until Monday, girls!)

Scrap Happy!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

All Cropped Out...

Hey there...

Yes - I survived the Mega Crop weekend...

and yes... I apologize, but I am, once again, 'caught up'!?

I know... I truly am sorry!? I am sure I could find SOMETHING to scrap, but my albums are big enough without looking for extra things to do?!

Thursday night was a bit quiet really... it's not that we were missing many ladies, but I guess we were just focused!? I think we had a total of 7 of us there... my friend Renee made it for the first time and that was fun! A little preview of our marathon Scrap Weekend!

Luckily, since we packed stuff up on Thursday, we just kept it all packed away and knew what to ADD that we had forgotten the night before! I swung by her house on Friday around 5 or so and we loaded up the car and headed out to the Crop Retreat... it was being held at Keith & Keith... yes - that is a funeral home... it was actually in the chapel/reception area and was really set up great! We had round tables... not really a fan of round tables... but that is what we had on Thursday for some reason too. Anyway - it was good - two people per table... so Renee and I were together... we didn't really know anyone else - other than Connie who runs the show. We got settled in and started scrapping before we had dinner. After dinner, people started loosening up a bit and talking with each other which was great! I think a lot of them must already know each other - from attending other Crops I think... but they were friendly enough and we ended up staying until about 12:30 or so...

Here's the thing about Renee... she is so great... very fun and hysterical... we get along great - like we've been friends forever - but have actually just met recently... she 'gets' me and I 'get' her and I can see how we will grow as friends... AND the girl has some serious gear! She had stuff that no one else has seen yet! (Even the gal who runs the show and orders wholesale?! LOL?!) Everyone was browsing through her stuff and checking out her newest papers or paints or tools, etc! I used the new MM Glitter and Pearl paint... LOVE THEM both! Must have's, I tell ya! She is addicted - yeah - that's right, I said it! - to KITS! I can't even know how many she gets... but I am pretty sure her hubby can't know either?! LOL!? That is how she gets the newest toys before anyone else I guess?! She sort of said everyone was welcome to use her stuff... one gal took her up on it several times, but I felt bad just asking to borrow a piece of PP or something... I didn't want to overstep my friendship boundaries, ya know?! It's not like Darcie's Brads... I DID just meet the girl, ya know!? LOL!?

Anyway - we decided that we would go in later on Saturday... I had finished half of my pictures... so I had to pace myself - plus, ya know - we were not wanting to be gone the ENTIRE weekend... we ended up going in closer to 11:30 or so... just in time for lunch! Then we got busy and crafted pretty much straight through until 8 or so... I finished up with my pictures and was willing to start work on a blank mini or a Mother's Day gift... but she was feeling done as well. She has FM and sometimes has back pain and had trouble sleeping well the night before... so we shopped a bit and then packed up our stuff and headed home 'early'! All in all, it was a lot of fun! There is another Crop over the first weekend of May... I think we will go... at least for part of the time! I will not print out my Tulip pictures... and maybe will have some other pictures to scrap by then... or maybe I will have the Italy job ready to go... I do have a few mini's I am thinking about for Mother's Day - so I will have projects one way or the other I am pretty sure!

Sunday we skipped out on church and drove up the Mossyrock and enjoyed the Tulip Farm and nursery! So pretty! Last time we were there... it was a lot bigger! They had literally 1/4 of what they had in bloom last time... but as you can see - it was still a heck of a lot of Tulips!!!

Have I mentioned that I love Spring?! tee hee?!

Scrap On!

Friday, April 20, 2007

What's the Protocol?

OK... so - I have a question for you all...

While driving to the gym yesterday morning, I passed by an orchard and it just took my breath away! It has been getting pretty cold at night... so they are protecting the buds overnight. As I drove by, the sprinklers were still on and the ice was covering the trees and it just looked magical! With the clear blue skies, and the water spraying over the orchard, and the ice formed over the buds... just gorgeous! I once again wondered WHY I do not keep my camera WITH ME!? I go in spurts where I will have it with me at all times, and then I will change purses or something and it gets left at home for weeks and weeks! (And those are the weeks that I run across things I would want to photograph - of course?!)

Anyway - so this morning - in all my 'glory' (of no make-up, no brushing my hair, and in my sweats and thongs...) I remember to grab my camera and head out to take my kid to school (EARLY - by the way!) So - I take my same unusual route and come upon the same scene as yesterday - Frozen Springtime... (that would have been my layout title... maybe?!) Anyway - right exactly where I would have been standing to take the photo's... was somebody ELSE!? What?! Yes - it is true - someone else must have thought the same thing yesterday - because he was walking around getting MY shots... So - I circled the area a few times unsure of what the correct protocol was?! I wasn't sure who this man was... was he the Orchard owner... or a professional photographer... or just some guy who was driving by who happened to have his damn camera in his car... Sure - I know - I SHOULD have just parked the car and ASKED him... but I was suddenly concerned about the correct procedure... I am pretty sure I should ask the owner if I could photograph their orchard... but is this necessary!? It really didn't seem like it until I saw someone doing what I wanted to do... LOL?! So - what do you all think?! I mean, it is not public property... it's not a Building or anything... but it is just out there for all to see?! LOL!? What would you do?! Would you have asked permission or just gotten out and started shooting pictures?!

We are planning on going to the Tulip Farm on Sunday - so at least there I know I am welcomed to point and shoot all I want!!! I will have PLENTY of pictures from that outing - but still... those icy buds... with the blue sky backdrop... gorgeous!!!


Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Taxes, Truancy, & Temptation to Scrap...

Hey there...


Yes - it is Tax time... We of course already did our personal taxes early on this year... but now that I run a business - I need to file for that... I actually fill out a quarterly for state taxes and up until this point, it was fairly easy because there was very little business to report... now, however, I have to attempt to read through all the paperwork and learn how to file correctly. Just the thought of it makes me tired!? Luckily, Dave is really into it and is wanting to learn more about the whole thing... Have at it, is what I say! He can be my tax man... I'm good with that!


Oh yes - as Darcie vaguely mentioned a few days ago... we are having issues with our daughter and excessive tardiness. Let me first say - because it may be misunderstood if I don't say so up front - we aer taking this seriously... it is a problem and we are not flippant about it at all. Secondly, my daughter is SOOOooooooo not a morning person... I actually enrolled her in afternoon kindergarten back in the day on PURPOSE... so this is not like a new issue... she was never late, not one day, to Kindergarten! First grade, second grade... she would walk into class as the tardy bell rang... but she would make it... Third grade, Fourth grade, Fifth grade... same thing - give or take a few minutes here and there. So - when we started Middle School and we knew she would have to be in class an hour earlier... we prepared ourselves for this difficult transition. However, the excitement of a new school and new friends, new teachers, new schedules caused her to awake EARLY... yes EARLY - and we did not have issues with Tardiness until about mid-October. Towards the end of October, it got colder, darker, and harder to wake her up in time. I am a stay at home Mom - and I drive my kid to school myself - so there should not be any issues of tardiness... but she is simply too big for me to pick up and put in the car now... we would go round and round... After about 10 tardies I went in to the office in December to talk with the Attendance secretary. Her advise to me was to threaten the School Bus to my daughter... after all - she wouldn't miss the school bus! (What!??!??!?!) Of course, for her to take the bus to school - she'd have to be ready a half hour EARLIER?! Made no sense to me at all... but - we did work to be better. Let me just state, 'for the record', that when she is late - this means that she is walking into class as the bell rings. It's not like she is skipping 1st period - or even 1/2 of 1st period?! Anyway - at the end of March, I received a letter from the school saying that if she continued with her tardiness, they would hand over her file to the Juvenile Court system for Truancy. ??? Yep - truancy... now - I know - being late is horrible... I recently read a book that had a quote in it that said something like Being late is selfishness... it takes no account of anyone elses' time or schedules. Ouch?! So - we are working on it! She has been late a total of 14 times this school year... Now I know that that is actually a lot... but really - it's only been 3 times since January - which should show a great improvement. So - the treat of Juvie - well - our kid is really such a great kid - gets great grades, never is in trouble at school, is very respectful and responsible, etc - well - the Juvie/being put 'in the system' sort of cracked us up!? I mean - we made a note to not be late anymore... but it was so out of character for her - she shared it with glee...?! BUT THEN I received an e-mail from the school saying that they were taking Disciplinary Action against her for being late... on the day that I got the e-mail. Which just so happened to be a day that I took her to school over 40 minutes early?! At first, my brain went back to the 80s when my sister would skip school after my Mom dropped her off at the school... but after a few minutes, I realized that this is not my kid - even though we sort of joked about her Juvie threat, she was scared too - I knew she had to have been seated when that bell rang! So - I started to type out a response... then I took a breath - deleted that one, and prayed - and started again! I went in to talk with the school when picking her up and it turns out - they don't know WHY she was marked late that day and it shouldn't have happened?! Hmmm?! Well - how many of the OTHER tardies should she not have had to deal with!? I know that we have cut it close many times - - too many times - but still?! This little eye opener makes me wonder?! Anyway - from now until June - we will be leaving the house EARLY so she has plenty of time to get settled and in her seat!

Temptation to Scrap...

I still have a stack of photo's to scrapbook! STILL!?!??!?!?!?!? I know, I know... thank you very much! No - please, sit down... it's really not that big of a deal! I have had a stack of photo's to scrap for over a week... and each time I go downstairs I see it there... just waiting for me!? But - I managed to stay out of them! I have my Scrap group tomorrow night... and then I signed up for a weekend Crop here in town... Friday night/Saturday day and night... so - ya know - I had to wait so I had something to do?!?!! I don't have the new job photo's yet - so I have to have my own projects to work on! Anyway - I have been reading a lot... and walking/exercising... I think I read five books last week!? I had to keep busy to stay out of those pictures! Now - today - I have to go and sort of 'preplan' my pages so I know what to pack! I have met three new scrappers in the past month or so... they all have all the toys... I realized that I am a bare-bones scrapper - I like all the gadgets and all - but I don't spend my money on them so much... just ask Darcie - my hands used to be bruised from that @#$( QuiKutz of hers! LOL!? Anyway - as much as I love all the extra's and tools and toys - I love that they are not necessary to create a great page! Anyway - this is my Scrap weekend... I will be scrapped OUT (and caught up!) after Saturday night!

Scrap On!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Random Photo's

Hey there...

OK - well - I just thought I would add a few
random photo's from the past couple of days!?
Some of those Rome Cards,

...two more Guatemala Layouts,
(obviously not a two page spread?! LOL!?)

& of course - a few more Easter shots!

(No - Kaye didn't really wear shorts... but she did change into them after church!?
& Yes - I DID actually order some...
I think I have about 80 coming!!!
Just in time for my Scrap group next week!)

Anyway - Scrap On!

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter... Happy Spring!

Hey there...
Well, Easter Sunday is one of my most Favorite days!!!

Of course, it is the meaning - the gift of a Risen Savior - who did what He said He would do... who died for each of us individually... personally... and bought us a second chance! What's not to love about that?!

Then there is church... filled with visitors and friends and family... everyone is all decked out in their Easter outfits... the message is always strong and straight to the heart... & who doesn't love the songs of victory we sing of Jesus' crucifixion and resurrection!?

After church, our tradition is to go to my in-laws... we have a delicious meal (which we always - and I do mean ALWAYS) open in prayer and all sing the Doxology together before eating. This family can SANG too... (and yes - I did mean to type SANG! LOL!?) They can harmonize on "Happy Birthday" and make you cry?! We enjoy a great lunch and then go about hiding the eggs for the little ones...

Oh - side note... Man, this is the year of transition with my 'little one'! She decided this year she would help HIDE the eggs - and not find any... even the ones with MONEY?! sigh... oh well!? (Not too old for the Easter Basket though... I even tried to put her stuff in a smaller basket - but she got down her Basket - that I made when she was maybe 2 - and had me switch all her stuff?! I wanted to use the smaller basket because she got less stuff this year?! Polly Pockets and sidewalk chalk just don't cut it anymore?! LOL?!)

So - luckily - we do have 2 little ones who still LOVE to find the eggs...and - it was a sunny HOT day out today here as well... so that is always a fun outdoor activity after a huge turkey meal!? LOL!? Oh yeah... after the hunt and a bit more visiting we came home and enjoyed some Sunday Afternoon down time! Nice! Then we had to get ourselves geared up and prepared for the reality that Spring Break is over and tomorrow it is back to early mornings...rushing out the door to school and workout... and all our other 'normal' weekly routines?! (Plus Tennis, now?!)
I did work on a few things last week... made some cards, ...met with my client - (which went great - she loved the album by the way and showed me 100s of photo's from Italy too... can't WAIT to get started on that project next!), ...sponsored a MommyTimeSales event that is coming up next weekend... like a huge flea market for Mom's!? We'll see?! It was a great opportunity for advertising the business! It was also Spring break - so we did a bit of shopping, movie watching, reading, overnighters, & my nephew was here for a visit too!

Anyway - I am so happy to find Spring really here...
now - if we can just hold on to it and not let Summer sneak up too quickly!?

Scrap on!