Thursday, November 30, 2006

Need a Laugh!?

Well... I needed a laugh today... just somehow not in the Festive mood that usually comes over me around this time of year?! I am hoping to get at least SOME decorations out between now and the weekend... I did finish my Christmas cards... all 60 of them... yes - I am crazy!? Every year my husband complains that we don't even KNOW that many people... but we do... every year!?

Sending cards is somewhat of a lost art... makes me sad... who doesn't love getting cards in the mail!? I am online often - and I enjoy a nice e-card... but there is something precious about a card with a handwritten note inside... although - 60 cards later and a project involving cards to tackle this afternoon - well - next year I may (MAY!?) be buying them by the box or online with a family photo... I know - I know Na... ?!?! I can't know if I will REALLY do that... but I can see the urge...

Anyway - I spent some time with HomeStarRunner, Strongbad, and the Teen Girls Squad this morning at: OK - is it 12 year old boy humor?! Yeah - pretty much! Does it still make me crack up out loud?! Oh yeah! Pretty much!!! My favorites?! Well - the Teen Girl Squad of course... and Strongbad E-mails! Marzipan's Answering Machine - but you have to click on the archives to get the priceless prank call messages from Strongbad... aahh - it had been a LONG time since I had visited with those guys!

Next... I checked out my MySpace and found my good ol' friend Brian Reagan had added some new clips! Now - the clip is long - and GOOD... it has some old stuff - some new stuff... some HYSTERICAL stuff (of course!)... but once the clip is over... I can not endorse any of the OTHER clips that come up to click on! Honestly - just don't even think of clicking on them?! I didn't - but the titles alone caused me to almost not share this... but - like I said - I needed a laugh - and Brian is ALWAYS good for that! So - with discretion - here ya go:

I will try to get some pictures of my Christmas Card mania...
Just because I have to - I will say - yet again - that I am STILL WAITING for some pictures?!

Scrap On!

Monday, November 27, 2006

Let The Games Begin!!!

Hey there, Everyone!?

I pray your Thanskgiving gatherings were all filled with good food, friends, family, and plenty of time to reflect and count your blessings! Our weekend was full... of all of the above!

We had my sister, Karinna and her family come 'home' on Wednesday... they stayed until Sunday afternoon! Karinna has always been one of my very best friends... I have missed her more than I knew... I am blessed in that she lives just a short drive away... however, our lives are full and busy and they rarely travel anywhere - so that leaves it up to me to visit there usually! So - it was great to have them home for Thanksgiving!

I had the best of intentions of actually photographing the FOOD this year... getting great photo's of the feast - but - with 14 hungry people - and a buffet style set up - well - it was just not gonna happen! Instead, I got a blimpse of the line... although - it was near the end anyway...

We did also use my fun Basic Grey Thanksgiving Tags and I will (as you can guess) make a layout with them in our family Scrapbook! Everyone played this year without too much grumbling! LOL! Hey - maybe it really IS becoming a family tradition now?!

I battled a cold/ear infection/sore throat much of the weekend... not too much fun!? But - praise God - it never did knock me totally out... I did not however go out at all on Black Friday! I am not a huge Day after Thanksgiving Day shopper anyway... I look every year - but usually I am done shopping - or nearly done... this year - I had barely started - but still - there was nothing that was luring me out of my bed that early in the morning to deal with the likes of Darcie! LOL! (Oh come on... you know it's true!) Oh - but... my DH gets MAJOR Bonus Points... because he went out super early and braved the madness to get me some medicine and herbs... and even brought home breakfast too! What a guy!!! I didn't even ask!

Saturday the entire family went to see Happy Feet... too cute! So fun... LOVED the music - no surprise there! LOL! I think I laughed out loud more than my daughter... I thought that there was a LOT of sexual references for a children's animated movie - but hey?! Maybe that is just me?! Overall though - it was entertaining - if not a bit too long! I thought they could have cut out a lot towards the end and it would have been even better?! Still - fun time!!! Oh - a pricelss Dave/Everybody Loves Raymond-Dave moment... we go and prebuy our tickets - at my insistence that if we didn't it would be sold out... (so glad I was right on that one... the ticket gal was like - oh wow - how many?! Good thing you are here early!?) anyway - we buy the tickets nad then head out for lunch... then we go back to the theater. We were told with that many of us - we should get there at 2... so - we show up at 2 and there is already this huge line in the lobby. Now - these people are obviously in line for Happy Feet. The sign in the lobby just said "Please wait in Lobby" But - these people all formed a line. Dave - my own personal Raymond - decided that we should just wait in the lobby - but once the 'cord' is open - we can go down and enter the second entrance to the screen house and get seats that way. Now - most of us were giving him a hard time about not getting in line... he pointed out that it doesn't say to form a line - but to simply wait in the lobby... amazing to me... if I would have done this - someone (again - yes - like Darcie) would have given me a ton of crap about it - with good reason!? After all - they were there earlier than us - and they are wanting a good seat as well... but once that cord was down - they were all entering the tiny entrance - and Dave took off for the second entrance... it would be one thing if it was just two of us - but there was a dozen of us?! LOL?! We all followed Dave - our leader - whom we planned on blaming if anyone complained... but - no one did?! Not a one!? Hmph?! Apparently - everybody really DOES love "Raymond"!?

Anyway - then Sunday - we woke up to SNOW!!!! I am talking a LOT of snow... snowball fighting, snowman makin', slippin', slidin', several inches of snow! So - what did we do?! We had a BBQ of course! LOL! We really did... we had a family BBQ and enjoyed one last meal together before my sister and her family cautiously headed back home!

What a great weekend... we played games, talked, ate a LOT of food, laughed, sang, goofed off, and just enjoyed being all together. We had several moments of reminsicing and talking about the good ol' days... several serious conversations and deep meaningful discussions... several times to give thanks - to God... and out loud to each other! There is something so powerful in telling those we love - that we love them... and why! I don't know about you - but I am pretty good at talking with God about all that stuff - but I can forget to really get specific in telling my loved ones WHY I love them!

Since I am still fighting off this cold - I am not in the midst of decorating anything yet... but - I am sure by the weekend - I will be! I also have to finish up with my cards and start writing my Christmas Letter too... I went out and did a bit of Christmas shopping today too - so I think I am about halfway done now! My normal deadline is December 10th - but that includes everything - stocking stuffers, all the gifts, packages mailed, cards/letters out and the whole show! I am pretty sure I will make it this year even though I had such a late start!

So - I have not scrapped anything... been working on Christmas cards for now... and yes - I am STILL WAITING for photo's from our trip!?!?

Hope you are all well... Off to work on cards tonight!!!

Scrap Happy!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Counting Blessings

Hey there... Yes - a Thanksgiving Post...
You all know how I LOVE Fall... and Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday - it sets the tone and mood for me for the chaos that come sat us starting on Friday!?
So- in honor of the holiday - and also paying tribute to our Family Blessing Box... I wanted to encourage you all (especially the ones with younger kids!) to go out and buy a copy of "Counting Blessings" by Debby Boone (yes - THAT Debby Boone!). It is SUCH a great children's book and has such a great lesson in living a Thankful life! Seriously - find this book!
I will take a suggestion from the book and count my blessings A-Z!
A= Aggetts - every last one of them! I am so thankful for them!
B= Brian Regan! LOL! Seriously - I love this man! Besides, Laughter is good for your health!
C= Chatting with Online Friends/Bloggers/Bible study friends
D= Dave... this man amazes me every single day! I can't say enough about how good he is!
E= E-mail - it is how I stay connected to those I love who are far away (and who are close by!)
F= Friends - each one is a blessing in different ways!
G= God - the biggest and best blessing ever!
H= Home Business - Blessed Memories Scrapbooks - I love what I do and it is such a blessing to share my passion!
I= Integrity... to have it and to find it!
J= Joy - I am blessed with a joyful heart - and it IS good like medicine!
K= Kayelyn - among my Top Three! I adore her... even in these hormonal changing times!
L= Love - this is what we are called to do - everyday - all the time!
M= Make-overs - whether that means a new hairdo or a new Scrap Space... LOVE that kind of change!!!
N= New Scrap Supplies! What is better than a bag full of new scrap stuff?!
(Can life get better?! I submit that it cannot!)
O= Online Shopping!
(Yeah - I agree with Na - no lines, no stress, no crowds! PLUS - Presents arrive at your door!)
P= Prayer Meeting on Tuesdays... HUGE Blessings each week!
Q= Quiet Time - I love that I have time in the mornings or afternoons to simply sit and be quiet and listen and think and write and hear from God! What a blessing!
R= Right-standing (with God, first - and then with others in my life!) Praise God for forgivenenss and grace and Right standing!!!
S= Stone Church - it's nice to have a 'home' again!
T= Truth in Love... I love it when I discover truth - when I rely on it - and when it is shaerd in and with love!
U= Understanding & Compassion! again... to give it and find it! Priceless!
V= Victory over circumstances, obstacles, the enemy. All good!
W= The Word - Reading, Studying, and Feeding on the Bible blesses me in SO many ways!
X= Xylphones... ok - not really - but what would YOU have put?! LOL!? How about (since I am a fan of the 70's and 80's...) Xanadu! It's a real word - and it means "an idyllic, exotic, or luxurious place." I suppose my Xanadu would be the Beach! I LOVE the beach and am blessed to live in a place where we can visit often!!! It's not so exotic I guess - but idyllis and luxurious - oh yeah! That it is!
Y= You! Seriously - if you are reading this - you can know that I count you among my blessings!
Z= In the Zone - it doesn't matter what it is - but whatever you are doing and you hit that 'zone' where you know it is working and everything is flowing and things are going your way - gotta love being In the Zone!
So - there ya go... there are several things I could add for most of the letters - I encourage you to make your own list of Blessings from A-Z! Share it here or scrap it!
Either way - reflect and Give Thanks!

Monday, November 20, 2006

Photo's to go with Last Post!

Yes... I finally Crunched some photo's - so Blogger could HANDLE them...
so here ya go - photo's to match the last post!

Thanksgiving Tag/Place cards... Yummy!!! (Ya gotta Love Basic Grey!)

Newly Organized/Rearranged Scrap Area... Everything is all organized and put away... funny?! I want to SCRAP!? I think I will be working on my Christmas Cards today!

Yeah, Baby! Kaye and I in our matching Boots!

Scrap Happy!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Thanksgiving Tags+New Space+Boots=Happy Day!

Hey there...

Just a quick update of sorts... My Scrap Happy group - while it was SMALLER than usual - was fun and I was able to get a lot of my Thanksgiving Tags done! I finished them up yesterday after finally organizing (yes - again!?) my Scrap Area! I rearranged the Family Room to give myself more space... I am happy with it for now... although at least one wall is BEGGING... pleading, really - for some Rustic Red paint?! We'll see!? I did promise my dh when we moved in here that he could have the family room... I would decorate the rest of the house... but he could use dorm tape to put up posters and maps and whatever... however, at the time, who knew I would need that space?! LOL!? Anyway - I got inspired to make these Placecard/tags for Thanksgiving... we normally write out our blessings on plain paper and I scrapbook what they say... so this year I scraplifted a tag from CK I think and will use them on an actual layout!

So - finished project, reorganized crafting area, and NEW BOOTS... it's a happy day!

More soon... maybe I'll crunch some photo's too!? We'll see!?

Oh yeah - until then... because you KNOW if I didn't - Darcie would have:

These Boots are made for Walkin'
Nancy Sinatra

You keep saying you've got something for me.
something you call love, but confess.
You've been messin' where you shouldn't have been a messin'
and now someone else is gettin' all your best.

These boots are made for walking,
and that's just what they'll do
one of these days these boots
are gonna walk all over you.

You keep lying, when you oughta be truthin'
and you keep losin' when you oughta not bet.
ou keep samin' when you oughta be changin'.
Now what's right is right, but you ain't been right yet.

These boots are made for walking,
and that's just what they'll do
one of these days these boots
are gonna walk all over you.

You keep playin' where you shouldn't be playin
and you keep thinkin' that you´ll never get burnt.
Ha! I just found me a brand new box of matches yeah
and what he know you ain't HAD time to learn.

Are you ready boots? Start walkin'!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Just Because... "betchya glad it wasn't you instead!"

OK... so (by NOW!) ya'll know at least two things about me...

I love Fall... and I can quote anything Brian Regan! LOL!

You gotta go check out his website... if you missed his latest performance on Letterman - you can watch it here:
I am getting ready for my Scrap Happy Group tonight... so - I will write more later...

Just think of this as a "Blank Inside" card...
ROFLMBO! (Seriously... click in that link!)
It's like buying a crease!

Scrap Happy!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Random Snapshots...

Hey there...

Just a few random shots from the weekend...

Soon after we first arrived, we all piled into Marley's car to go to the Store to make a Snack run ...(and to get some dinner ingredients too!) Since I am - well - 'biggest' - I got to ride shot gun... so that meant Darcie, Robbin, and Janice had to squeeze into the back!

I can't say much about Janice - but that meant TWO East Valley girls in the backseat... which - I know?! - you would think they would know their way around back there... but they had some difficulty figuring out the whole seat belt deal!

Marley and I are all up in the front clicking away ("Clickity, click, click, click... it don't matter - you're in the BACK... Wait! Don't start the car... grab a ROPE or somethin'?!") LOL! FINALLY... they got it and it was all Thumbs up to begin the trip!

Whew?! So - Safeway was the destination just around the corner... Robbin was a good girl and just got the Ingredients for her famous Chicken Broccoli Fettucini... while the REST of us wandering all over the store picking up all SORTS of snacks... including ice cream, BOB, some teas and chips and salsa of course! Not that we ate even half of it all!? But - ya know - we were on vacation!

And here is Robbin and her gift...

She did get a chance to read through it while we all got ready for our shopping extravaganza... I'm hoping she's found some quiet time & a cup of coffee to sit back, & read through it all again!!!

Good times... good times!!!


Monday, November 13, 2006

Girl's Weekend Get-Away

Hey there...
So - yes - this was the view from our Beach House over the weekend!
Not too shabby, eh?! Living Large on vacation...
Well - this is the view from the inside out...
and looking from the outside in... well...
Ya gotta love a Yellow Single Wide!
OK...OK - that was not the house we stayed in... but it was CLOSE to the house we stayed in!
It helped our own little Double EE feel right at home so far away from her Trailer Park!
We had so much fun! We added two new gals this year... and that always sort of changes the feel and the flow of everything - but it was still so much fun! We left Yaki-Vegas on Thursday morning around 8ish... and we stopped off at North Bend (Outlet Malls) to shop a bit and grab a bite... although - Marley and I forgot to eat?! LOL!? Now... that is good shopping?!
Actually - Miss Darcie was scheduled to fly in and we had to leave right away to make the flight arrival on time! Marley did great... she's used to California driving... so I was not nervous at all! We pulled in to a parking spot at SeaTac when my cell phone rang... DarcEE was calling from the plane as they taxi'd on the runway! Perfect Timing! So - Marley and I get our fluorescent yellow sign that says, "LOOK WHO'S TURNING 40!!!" on it... I wanted to put something else on the back... (but her plane was ten minutes early!?
I was going to put:
But, sadly, we ran out of time!
We found Darcie and finally her luggage and we were off to find our house!
Let me just say - whenever I FINALLY get the photo's (Yes - we are back to THAT again!?)
I will have some more F-U-N-N-E-R stuff to scrap!!!
Anyway - we found the house... gorgeous... and we all got settled in! We ended up staying in that night... we ran to the grocery store and grabbed snacks and stuff for dinner! We had a nice dinner and played a game and watched a movie too! Lots of visiting and goofing off!
Friday was our marathon shopping day! I am talking an ALL DAY EVENT!?
Now - I enjoy a good amount of shopping... I can go for a few hours or more...
but it was getting borderline ridiculous! LOL!
We left the house at 10 a.m. to go to ("OPEN! OPEN! OPEN!") Mervyn's!
This is one of - if not the one - Favorite store of Robbin's... and since they are all closing in WA and OR - we were thinking they would be having some serious close out clearance prices!
Wrong?! Only 30% off... the whole store - but still - their usual sale prices are better than that!?
I did wander off to JC Penny's and found racks and racks of things for $2.97!!! Woot! That is so awesome!!! I got some great layering stuff for Christmas gifts for my daughter and niece!!!
After our time at that mall... we decided to head over to the SUPER MALL...
we grabbed lunch super fast and then resumed our shopping again!
We were there for HOURS and HOURS... we would split up & set a time to meet together again, only to show up and find that some had called in to say that they were not done yet...
it was crazy! We found some great deals and had fun... but by the time we were all together,
we were exhausted and really not wanting to go OUT for dinner on our tired feet!
So - instead, we grabbed dinner to go and headed home to change into our Jammies and relax!
Yes - it was me... I had the bright idea of all rolling up our jammy pants
and soaking our tired feet in the jacuzzi tub...
if we set up all our bags around the tub,
I thought that would be a really cute photo!
Well - we did take pictures in the Living room with our bags all around us!
(and by we - I don't mean ME?! LOL!? So - yes - again - my camera was not used for much of the weekend - so I am waiting for someone else to upload?! ...again!?)
After that - we ran water for the tub and all went in to soak our feet.
I was the last one in... and somehow - the STAIRS were being blocked... so I had to step up onto the surrounding tile and then step down into the tub. Now - yes - I did actually think in my brain that I should ask Robbin to move over the other way, so I could STEP DOWN into the tub... but - for some reason!? - I did not... thus taking a mix of a large step and a jump down into a bubble bath... with slippery soapy water! Yeah... whatever?!
Yeah - if I had the picture, I would post it... (maybe... don't get any ideas Darcie!)
It looks as if I am partaking in some strange Sleep Over Baptism Ritual!
LOL! So yes... I slipped - and I fell... which was the beginning of the water fight!
I will point out that our own sensitive compassionate
Miss Beeler did not ask if I was ok - but kept asking,
"Did you get that?! Did you GET that?!"
After or during the water fight... someone (I wonder who!?) got out the black silly string!
Not the BRIGHTEST idea to use in a jetted jacuzzi tub?! But hey... it all worked out in the end!
We all needed to change our clothes and dry our PJs... we ended up watching a Stand-Up comedian (NOT as funny as Brian!) and talking until late (again!)
Saturday morning we all packed up and got ready to check out of the house!
We did have a short time of prayer together... I really felt like that was something that God has asked of me over the weekend... we all used to go to a Home Group together - so it wasn't too strange to suggest it... but it had been awhile since we had all prayed together! It was actually a really cool way to wrap up the weekend I think!
We had a Starbuck's before we hit the road home... Darcie and her friend Kim took off from there! I trust you made it home Darcie... I am assuming the flight and the house were both not too bad - or we would have had an update by now! LOL!
I stopped off again at North Bend on the way home...
(We couldn't go home with money left over... it just seemed wrong somehow?!)
I found a Vest!!! Yeah! I am still in the club!
(All the girls bought vests but me at the Super Mall I think!?)
Anyway - this week I have my Scrap Happy Link...
I will work up my design for the Thanksgiving Table Place cards/tags
that will also go into our Family Blessing Box
(or they will be scrapped! LOL! That is most likely!)
Plus... there are ALWAYS Christmas cards to make!
(Unless I take the Na route and just upload a photo
and have them mass-printed at Stuff-Mart for $0.19 a piece! LOL!)
Oh yes - and to top all of that off... I am reorganizing my Scrap area...
turns out it is in the wrong corner of my Family room,
so when I want that 'background noise' on - I can't actually watch the TV if I wanted to...
so I am hoping to not only reorganize it and put it all away...
but also to move it from one side of the room to the other...
all that - AND - my dd has 1/2 days all week! OH JOY!
We did have her Teacher Conference today... she is getting mostly A's - a couple of B's
Her teachers all - of course - adore her!
Who doesn't, really!? She's a great kid!
So - after a GREAT weekend away... I am back to a busy hectic schedule!
Oh - and I have been chatting with a potential new client.. has LOTS of photo's...
which means a fun big project to work on!
Anyway - Thanks for loaning us Miss Double Wide (DUH-BULL WHY-DUH!)
Scrap Happy!

Sunday, November 12, 2006

The Secret Project... Revealed!

Hey there...

Well - I will update on our weekend hopefully tomorrow... but here is the Secret Project revealed...

Over the weekend, I gave Robbin her Lunchbox Album and she loved it!!! She read through all the files... each one from a friend or family member who filled out a questionnaire telling her how wonderful she is! LOL! Who doesn't need a box like this?! Having a hard day? Get out your box and read about how cool you are! Feeling lonely or sad? Read through a few files and remember how loved and blessed you really are! This reminds me of our family Blessing Box... that is where the concept came from really! In fact, for my Scrap Happy group this week - I am actually READING that children's story (Counting Blessings by Debby Boone) and showing them my Thanksgiving Place cards/tags for this year!!! Anyway - more to come soon...

Signed, the REAL Splash!
Scrap Happy!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Short & Sweet...

LOL! OK - well - you KNOW it's prolly not gonna be 'short' or 'sweet'... well?! Maybe sweet!? Although I have yet to have any COFFEE today?! (Yep - been too busy?!)

So - since I have been leaving a wee bit o' smack on OTHER blogs... I figured I should update my own before I head out of town...

There is not much to update on... my life is fairly routine... (One of the MANY MANY - {countless, really!} reasons why I love FALL! After an unpredictable free for all fun Summer... Fall and all it's routine and schedule is a welcomed change!) Let's see.. Yes - I did give away my Boxen of Cards (12 - that is!) ... I thought my friend was going to cry she was so surprised and loved them so much! See... I had sent her one last week and the next day when I saw her she mentioned that she could use maybe about 12 or so... she was just joking but I had been praying about a way I could bless her. My budget and her budget are - well - non-comparable - so I wanted to DO something for her... but we are new friends and I don't know too much about her outside of our meetings... so when she joked about the card order... well - THAT I can do!!! I used to sell cards... but they didn't sell for very much and so I stopped trying to promote that aspect of the business! Maybe - after seeing her reaction - I should open that 'dept.' up again!? Hmmm?! Well - I would post pictures of the cards... but - ya know - Blogger is free and yes, Na, I know - we get what we pay for!?

Speaking of business... I am considering offering Workshops... I would put together some Kits and open up my home (or somewhere) and teach a workshop to complete layouts or tags or cards... much like normal lss make-n-takes... I haven't really taught classes before - but I know I could... most of the gals that are coming to my Scrap Happy group are new... and - well - you know - having a kit with precut items and step by step instructions would have been a DREAM when we were first starting!!! I am looking at focusing on Kids for the Holidays... offering two or three different dates to sign up for to pay for the kit and class time to complete the project. That way they could make something to give the parents, siblings, friends, or grandparents for Christmas!? I am also working on a business letter to send out to various local businesses... I have not done a lot of local advertising... and we are feeling like now is the time for that!

I am also working on a Links Page for my website... I am in need of updating... I have to explain to my WebMaster that Scrapbooking is like Fashion... so I need to have the most current layouts on the cover or up at the top... I am getting a great deal and so I can't really be pushy with him... plus they were running a campaign for their local State District Rep... but - Election Day was yesterday - so that should be winding down for him. Anyway - if you all have a website that you would like to exchange links for that would be grand! Just let me know!

So - my weekend officially starts TOMORROW!!!! Yes - our Girls Get Away weekend... Thursday through Saturday... it's gonna be GREAT!!! AND... (bonus!) I will have something to Scrap when I get back!!! LOL!

Scrap On Ladies!

Monday, November 06, 2006

Girlfriend Getaway!!!


The Countdown has begun... we are closing in on a mere 2 days until our
ritual Girlfriend Getaway! I have a group of Girlfriends that have sort
of made a pact... whenever one of us enters a new decade... we celebrate
by taking a Girl's Getaway mini-vacation!

One of us is entering a new decade... and who didn't LOVE the 40's!? LOL!?
OK - well - she is going to be 40... so I guess that would mean that we love
the 60's... and, well - we all know the 60's was FULL of love!

Anyway - yes - I have finished the "Secret Project"... after all of my talk
about it, it will be almost anti-climactic - but I will post some pix next
week (after she has actually received the gift!) I did however also work on
- what else?! - more Fall cards?! A friend of mine (who I mailed one of
last weeks' cards to) joked about needing about a dozen! So - I am planning
on surprising her tomorrow and dropping off 12 blank Fall Cards! They
turned out pretty good and I had so much fun! I haven't made a bunch of
cards for quite awhile... and I know I should be working on my Christmas
cards right now... but - well - you know... I LOVE FALL!!!

After I return from my little trip - well - you know I will have some photo's
to scrap and I will have to work on my Place Card/Tags for my Thanksgiving
table... and THEN I will get to those Christmas cards!

Hope you are all well... we had SNOW last week... SNOW, people?! Sure - it only
lasted for a few minutes... and OK - well - it IS November but you know how
much I love Fall - and I love Fall to LAST for longer than a few weeks?!?!??
Especially for the next few days of travel!

Anyway - Scrap Happy...
Until next time,

P.S. Yeah - whatever... I WAS going to upload photo's
... maybe tomorrow!?

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Using Favorite Quote...Digi-Style!

OK, well - yes... I admit it! Corinna's super cute succesful attempts at DigiTAL scrapbooking (your welcome, Na!) inspired me to play around a bit! This is my first attempt at Digi-Style scrapping as well!

I found these adorable papers and coordinating fun stuff at Shabby Princess... you can check it out and download the free kit (Dinner Party) at:

Now - I am oober-NEW to this - but this site looks like SO MUCH F-U-N!!! (Have at it Corrina!)

So - what are you all working on this week!? Have you included any quotes to your projects?!

Hope you are having a Scrap Happy Week!