Thursday, July 31, 2008

Getting Ready to Leave again...

Somehow, this summer seems to have lacked one major vacation - and yet, several little weekend getaways! I almost like this better... it just FEELS more like summer! (Although - I refuse to skip my beach trip yet again next year! I MUST have my feet in some sand at the ocean!!!)

I have been in vacation mode for several weeks - even when we are home?! So - you know what that means... my house is a MESS (which is supposed to be what I am doing today!? ...uh, which explains why I am now deciding to update this blog?! LOL?)! It's not that I have been busy... not really!? Last week I was able to hook up with a friend that I hadn't spent time with in weeks, and that was an entire afternoon of visiting and laughing and catching up. I also went to Richland for an afternoon with Kaye and met up with two of my friends there... we spent the whole day at a great little place called Smoovies. PERFECT for the kids and so comfortable and fun... They serve smoothies, along with lattes, etc. and a limited breakfast and lunch menu... they have plenty of places to sit and visit over coffee, while the kids (or kids at heart) can play for free all sorts of games... board games, card games, the wii, Dance Party USA, Guitar Hero, foosball, etc. Wow?! EASY to spend the whole day there!!! Dave went to Jazz in the Valley on his own - we WERE all going to go - but at the last minute, we decided he could go on his own, and us girls would hang out with our friend Arlene and lounge in her pool and visit! Nice! So - Friday night Kaye had Holly overnight and we all went and hung out at the pool for the day! Sunday-Tues I was involved in a conference here in town. Being on the Intercessory Prayer team for the conference meant I had to be there at 7:15am to pray... and the meetings got over each night around 10:30pm or so! Yeah... they were GREAT... but I was TIRED!!! LOL! The worship portion was great... I love Jeff & Robbie Ecklund! All the speakers were incredible - Ed Silvoso has an amazing ministry for reaching nations - literally seeing major transformations in entire cities and nations due to what he equips people to do... (which is basically knowing their authority and praying through the community!) My favorite speaker of the entire conference was Kris Vallotton from Bethel Church in Redding, CA. He works with Bill Johnson and he is so funny and so transparent... he really blessed us (and made us laugh - which is always a great way to receive truth from God!)

So - that is what I have been doing... no scrapping, no writing, (no cleaning!?), just relational stuff... which really is so important and so much a part of what I LOVE about summertime! We seem to MAKE the time in the summer to do these things that we really should do ALL the time?!

This weekend we are off to Whidbey Island for 4 days... we're really looking forward to it! My sister and her family are vacationing there with her hubby's new boat - so I am sure we will spend some time on the water, as well as walking all over the 'beach'. We're planning a picnic at Deception Pass and you know I will have plenty of photo's to work with when I return! I DID take lots of photo's while up at the Cabin - but I am thinking I will make them into a Digi mini book instead of printing them for pages in our Family Album... all these little weekend trips are causing my Album to be FULL already - and it is only July!? (well - almost August?! But still...?!)

So... August... this means that we have a School Shopping trip planned for the Super Mall soon, and Kaye and I will get to spend some time with my highschool bff, Annette and her family then. Plus we would still like to possibly squeeze in a Waterpark trip to Moses Lake... they added a Lazy River, and a Wave Pool too I guess... and Dave has never been - so we're trying to talk him into taking yet another day off of work and spending one more day out of town together before Kaye starts (gasp!?) Junior High!? sigh... I can't even think about it?! OH - speaking of THAT... at the conference, immediately there was this guy that was stalking my kid?! No joke?! I mean - it was a Christian conference so it shouldn't have been so creepy - but it was! LOL! There used to be this boy that hung around my niece and her family... he was a sweetheart - but sort of had this... uh... 'spirit' on him!? And both me and my sister (my nieces' Mom) knew immediately what he was up to... but I digress... anyway - this guy at the conference was JUST LIKE THAT... same spirit and all... and so I kept referring to him by the wrong name... and he would correct me, and Kaye and I would laugh... "Yeah... whatever... same difference?!" The most alarming thing though was that Kaye didn't discern his creepiness... which to me was SO OBVIOUS... so that is a bit concerning?! At least she knows that I can read people and I have discernment! I told her one day - maybe not in these next few years - but one day - she will thank me for it!

Anyway - I also was approached to do another women's conference which means I must find creative energy and inspiration to make up some stock for the weekend! Last year I was surprised that the journals didn't really sell that great... but frames and cards did pretty well. I do custom original work - that is usually made to order, so making things ahead of time is always a stretch! Oh - and a side note question... I had my hair colored last week... first time I have gone and paid $100 to have it done (I usually do it myself with over the counter color...) anyway - the question - is it normal to have it wash out once you get home?! I mean, in the last three times I have shampooed, and when I sweat during my workout - the color comes out?! It is faded a bit too... but, ?! Is this normal?! Of course, when I stopped by the salon, they said it was!? But - I know when I color it myself, it fades quickly, but it doesn't so much wash out?! Tips?! Input?!

Anyway - I give... I must go vacuum at least?! After all, tomorrow I have an online Crop and two very thoughtful ladies sent me photo's just so I would have SOMETHING to work on! (Yeah - thanks for that, girls! LOL!)
Until next time... which won't be quite as long, I promise!
Scrap On~

Monday, July 21, 2008

A Nice Quiet Get Away...

Wow... what a perfect relaxing weekend?! It was not camping - (praise God...) but it was out in the woods, and we did suffer!? This gorgeous Log Cabin in fact, only had one bathroom! Yeah - that's right... one bathroom, for 12+ people!? However, other than that... it was perfect!!! (Even with all that family all over the place?! (Oh yeah - and that LAME 'bedroom' that Dave and I had?! Yeah - that part was not perfect... just ask Dave?! LOL!)

This little gem of a log cabin is just 20 minutes out of town and my sister and her hubby were able to barter a weekend with the owners. He is working on their website, and so they got a long weekend stay - and promptly invited my entire family... parents, sister, extended family... Um?! Hello!? I thought she said it would be a NICE weekend away!? Just kidding... I actually get along great with my family almost all of the time!? There is drama of course... but we can all make it through a weekend together and manage to laugh, and talk, and cook, and visit, and laugh some more?!

As you can see... we had a full house! My parents, my sister and her daughter (her hubby and son couldn't make it), my little family along with my daughters' bff, the Balls (who did the bartering) and their kids... and then we also had an Aunt and Uncle and a couple of cousins, as well as a couple of friends pop in over the weekend!

It's GORGEOUS up there...

Millcreek Area
Top of the Mountain Log Cabin

The Bunkhouse
Strawberry Fields forever... we managed to get our way INto the fields -and just walking along those rows, the fragrance was so powerful - and who doesn't love freshly picked strawberries?! YUM! "Strawberry Fields Forever"

Hike up the Mountain

Kayelyn Marie (13)

Dave & Jack jammin' on teh deck!

Silly Girls - Holly & Kayelyn

Brandon & Jack - hanging out chillaxin'

The climb up the mountain was a nice little workout... the kids (all on their own!?) made it all the way to the top! Yeah, um - they were gone for over 2 hours and the area is known for some cougar and bear sightings... plus I had just read The Shack - so ya know, disappearing into the woods wasn't exactly sitting well with me?! The kids also had some adventure swimming down in the creek and sleeping out in the Bunkhouse...

~Dave & Karri~

We spent teh majority of hte weekend talking, and playing games, and talking, and taking photo op's, and playing music, and talking... (you get the picture!) I did not come by this love of words by accident?! LOL! Overall - it was a great weekend - super relaxing... completely UNPLUGGED - no cell phone or internet service or anything! Nice!!! Oh - my FAVORITE photo is one of me and my flygirls, just chillin' - but I think I may have promised not to post it?! LOL!? I can't really recall... I am pretty sure it will be uploaded SOMEWHERE soon though!? It's just too good! (Peace!)
~Kimmy, (me), & Karinna~

Our Family - the original Collins' Clan
Karinna, Mom, Dad, me, & Kim
I was over on two days with my Spark Ranges... but I also got some hiking in and I am not going to beat myself up about it... we all had a blast! I came home to boxes of pretty Cosmo Cricket papers, and so I am hoping to get to work on that lovely Friendship Album I am wanting to do! Yay! Maybe this week...

Scrap On!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A Quick Update and a couple of Digi's

Hey there...

Well - I was able to do a few Digi LOs this week, including the S2L Challenge of using Orange/Pink on a LO and I thought I would just type out a quick update!

A couple of weeks ago, I got a super last minute Custom card order... the gal found me via my Etsy store and wanted a custom birthday card for her hubby! (His b'day was in a matter of days!) All she told me was he loves Blue, and they like to Scuba Dive together... she also included a personal message for me to include on the inside of the card (which will remain personal) but here is the finished product:

They loved it and are in fact planning on framing it! Yeah! I love a happy customer!!!

Kaye had an INCREDIBLE time at Camp... powerful and fun and just as I had hoped, she came home stirred up and more in love with God! He really helped to make stronger connections with her friends there as well! I was not raised in church or believing in a God who cares and is personally interested... I did not have church camp or friends who would help me to stand up for what is right... I can not imagine the advantage that she has! It's amazing to me how she is growing up and who she is becoming! She came back last Thursday - and Bunko ended early - so I didn't miss too much of her sharing the first time around! (and no... I didn't win anything at Bunko!?) On Friday - we literally laid around ALL DAY and talked, read together a bit, and watched tv... a total 'Jammie Day' as we used to call them! It was WONDERFUL!

We are about 1/2 through The Shack... right where my hubby is too... we read it while he is at work and then he reads it on his own! I am so glad to have heard back from some of you saying that you plan to read it, or are reading it! I am serious when I say I would LOVE to talk with you when you are done and hear what your thoughts are! It's one of those books that you really do need to digest! I know it is fiction - and yet there is enough truth in it that it gives you plenty to really think about...

I am in need of a hair cut and color... seriously in need! I have been in need for too long already, but I can't seem to make up my mind! I am, as most if not all of you know by now, rather cheap - and I am not one to spend $$$ on having my hair colored, etc. I usually do it myself - but I have really liked going darker lately and that just fades too fast when I do it myself. So - I am having a bit of a dilemma! I want to have it done - but I refuse to spend $100... and I have a lot of hair - so that is probably not a crazy amount anyway?! But - to me - it is?! I also have been considering bangs?! I am not sure... my daughter suggested it and I keep feeling like it may be time!? I haven't had bangs forEVER?! It's one of those things you really can't change your mind on - and inevitably, I will want to change my mind once they are cut?! So - I am waiting another week even though I shouldn't - and then I will probably just go in and say something horrifyingly scary like, "I don't care - do whatever you want!" ??? (See? This is why I am waiting?!)

This weekend we are off to spend time with my sister... people in the past have often assumed we were twins. We never thought we looked THAT much alike - but we are definitely kindred spirits! We used to live right across the street from each other and even when we weren't living THAT close - we still saw or talked to each other every day. However, it's been months since we've been able to chat in person so this weekend is way past due! We are staying up in the mountains at a rented lodge... I can't wait!

Anyway - I am doing good... the past couple of weeks I have really felt like I was 'off' a bit... just not as motivated with my workouts and a bit discouraged in not seeing more of an outward change after all this work... however, I know it is working and I am mostly spinning in circles because I have a lack of routine - and I know myself enough to know that I do not thrive without routine! So - hopefully - now that I have pinpointed what it is - I will get myself back on track and will find some motivation to push through! I worked on a Digi 'LO' to post on my SP page once I reach the 40 pound loss... last week, I was at 38... it would be GWEAT if I could post it to my page this week... we'll see! I will give you a little sneak peak here... (hoping that won't jinx my weigh in on Thursday?!):
They have some icons for certain pounds lost to post on your page - but you know, I thought this was more my style!!! I saved this LO so that when I lose more weight - yes, even one pound at a time, I can update the image to reveal the correct amount of weightloss! I love this digi kit - it's called Promise by Shabby Princess!
Here are the other Digi LOs I have completed this week:

I am still gathering photo's and e-mails/letters from various friends (hint, hint Chuck!) for my Friendship Lunch Box Album... I have about half of the peoples' responses! It just sort of feels funny to bother people about writing something nice about me... LOL! But - the album will be so cute! I finally broke down and ordered the papers... I tried to talk myself out of the hard to find paper - but alas, I couldn't!? I had already fallen in love?! So - hopefully I will be able to start actual work on that project soon! I mailed out our SWAP pages from S2L today, too!

I have my Scrap Link this Thursday and will bring ,y lunchbox to work on a bit! Plus - I really do need to make a few new items for my stores! I think I will make 12x LOs to list for sale as well! I haven't done that and need to add something new to the storefront!

Until next time... which really, who can know when that will be?
It is, after all, the lazy days of summer!!!
Scrap on!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Boise, Bunko, my Baby... and a Must Read Book!

I know, I know... it's a cheesy title - but you know how I am with those things! LOL!

Well - first off - here are the pages I did while I was IN Boise...
(It was nice to scrap with you girls!)

OK - I scrapped all of my photo's (well, ALMOST all!?) and am all caught up again on our 2008 Family Album... I need to transfer it though because I already have too many pages?! I may need one of those 3 Ring Binders that Chuck is in love with?! Anyway - here are my pages... (yes - I kno w... you will recognize the photo's from my other post! LOL! Just pretend, ok?!)

Tonight is Bunko night... I guess I have been doing this new lifestyle/way of eating deal long enough that Bunko Night no longer envokes fear and anxiety... sure - it still offers up a ton of temptation - but I am learning what I can handle and how to make better choices... so it is not as stressful! I have lost 38 pounds since February... I long for those weigh in weeks where I lost 4 and 6 pounds... but lately it has been 1-2 pounds a week... I know this is good - and will make it easier to keep it off... but a great loss would really be a welcomed change! LOL! Last night we went out with friends and had dinner (Applebee's) and then they came over and we played Mexican Train... I believe we played 3 rounds... and I lost every one of them! LOL! At least Robbin didn't win! tee hee!!! Hopefully tonight - we will both win a prize!!!

My Baby...
She is due home tonight... in route as I type... she called or texted (is that a word?!) me every day... she had an AMAZING time and I can't wait to hear all about it in person! I almost called in to cancel Bunko so I could be the one to pick her up! I know... I pick her up from school and get the full days events in the car and by the time Daddy gets home - she is out of words... I dont' want that to happen with camp... but - Dave assured me that she will have PLENTY to share about and I have already heard the majority of it anyway... so he encouraged me to go... and who couldn't use a bit of Bunko Time?! I have missed Kaye but it was nice to have the quiet house for a few days! Of course - we had a Cat Issue right before she left - so that was not fun! Our family pet, who is GREAT and has NEVER sprayed or had an accident in the house - decided that he all of a sudden needed to mark Kaye's room the night before Camp!? Yeah... ok - so he has had a few air ball incidents... and he sheds terribly... but he does not scratch the furniture or pee anywhere or anything - up until Sunday night that is!? So - he sprayed or peed in Kaye's room on her FURRY chair, and all over her clothes that were 'ready to be' packed for Camp! Nice! Yeah - um - how do you get out THAT smell in an hour?! Nice... her room is STILL airing out?! Yuck!? Anyway - she will be home tonight and I can't WAIT to spend the day with her tomorrow... do I have plans with her, you ask? Of course...

And that brings us to, lastly,
A Must Read Book...

I finally got my hands on The Shack! I had been, as I stated last week, waiting for EVER to get this from the library - the wait list was ridiculous and I was already knowing we would be buying it soon... and then it was handed to me and I was able to sit down and start it on Sunday evening... I finished it after dropping Kayelyn off for Camp on Monday morning!




There are no words... (and you know {Denice} for me, that is saying somethin'!) This book is AMAZING!!! It is a simple quick read - a fiction story of sorts... but it is so deep and so TRUE... and so incredible! If you have not heard of it - run out and buy it... if you have heard of it - and haven't read it yet... seriously - what are you waiting for?! Get your hands on it and then talk to me! I would LOVE to know your thoughts!!! (If you can't get your hands on it - tell me, I will get them on it FOR you!!!)

OK - I am off to get ready for Bunko... Wish me luck!
(I need a coffee I think!? LOL!?)

Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy Birthday America!!!

I know, I know...
This is old - but it is still one of my favorite layouts/photo's from the 4th of July!
We are sadly so used to celebrating the 4th at the beach - that we have failed, yet again, to make any real plans for today?! LOL?! We have not been to the beach over the 4th of July for a few years now, mind you - and yet - in our brains, that is what we do on the 4th?!
Yeah - we are pretty much losers... with, apparently, no friends?! LOL!?
We ARE having a Family BBQ at my Mom's today with my family - and that will be nice...
we may end up going to the fairgrounds to watch the fireworks - but my husband, as unAmerican as he is, is not really all that into the fireworks phenomenon?!
I know?! Ya'll can pray for him!?
Well - this past week was gloriously lazy... I spent a lot of time with my little one - just hanging out, watching movies (We went to see Prince Caspian - very good! - and we rented Fools Gold {ok}, Jumper {pretty good} and Fantastic Four {ok - but hokey!}... we also all watched Batman the Beginning again... LOVE that movie - it is SO good... now Kaye wants to see the new one coming to the theaters... but I think it looks a bit too dark - we'll see?!), we have played several rounds of Mexican Train, we've watched hours of tennis, and just actually sat and talked for hours... she has been very attentive and talkative lately - and I am drinking it up while I can!
All of this, however, means that I have not done anything Scrap related?! I have a huge stack of Boise photo's to scrap and I have seriously neglected my online stores! I really need to get busy with those again... plus, I have another custom order of 8 books in the works! Yay! I am praying that this little job will help finance a NEW wardrobe for me in the Fall!
This week, my lovely teen will be off to GC Summer camp (GC = Generation Church - which is our Youth Group!) She is SO excited... her first experience at camp was for Winter Camp in February... at the same place - but summer is a whole different game there! She will have a blast! When she came home from Winter Camp - she had really had a powerful time with God there and really grew tremendously in her faith... and it was for the first time - definitely HER faith! Ya know how it is - you raise them up and show them the way - but there has to come a moment when they choose it on their own and go ahead and dive in... she has done that little by little through the years - but Winter Camp really changed her... she came home transformed and I have faith and anticipation that Summer Camp will do more of the same!
While she is gone - I will have 4 entire days all to myself... I am planning on scrapping those Boise pix and maybe working a bit on my LunchBox Album... go figure - the paper line that I fell in love with and must have for it is not really available anywhere... I can find the paper kit and will purchase that... but buying the individual sheets is proving to be difficult... but I am already committed to it - so I will work around whatever I can find!
I have stayed faithful to my workout schedule so far over the summer and have continued to lose about a pound a week... although I am happy to announce that I lost 2 pounds while in Boise - which is amazing considering the Moscato and the Cheesecake Factory, and the cookies Darcie made... not to mention my 'birthday' pie! LOL! Ya gotta love a safe neighborhood to walk in - not to mention a nice workout room at the pool!
I have finished a few books this week as well... and I am super excited to dig into The Shack!!! Have any of you read it?! It is like this phenomenon... there has been so much hype about it - I am feeling a little rush just to start it! I will let you know what I think! It seems like, if the hype is true, it will be another one of those books that we buy in bulk to give away! We tend to do that every few years... I think the last one we did that with was Blue Like Jazz... or maybe it was the Dream Giver. Anyway - I will let ya know what I think - I am sure I will read it all in one setting... maybe during one of those 4 'free' days?!
Anyway - have a safe and happy 4th of July!
"Stand Beside Her, and Guide Her..."
God Bless America!
Scrap On!