Sunday, July 30, 2006

I Vaguely Remember my Former Life...

Hey there...

So - I am in Boise right now... on vacation with a family that I believe is my own - but it seems I have hardly seen them since we arrived!? Today I will though - we are all going to a Lake that somehow is supposed to have some sort of "Beach" ... we shall see?! In my Former life - we vacationed at the Beach every year... this year however - we opted for the Beeler's in Boise... It's a nice place to visit... always covered in laughter and good times... but I must admit I was missing my toes in some sand... oh - yeah - and my family!? It seems my daughter is at the age that she and her friend can just disappear for hours on end and be fine... which on one hand is nice... and on the other hand... I think she still has long brown hair and her Daddy's brown eyes... she is also learning to move in a great sense of humor! My Husband has been great... one hand and all... drove all the way here and has been with Dan and the kids while Darcie and I run around... I have managed to NOT go to the Mall ... the only shopping I have done was done at the Scrapbook Store(s)... which means another night out without the fam' as we hook up with Darcie's Scrap gals and pull a late night crop! Should be fun... hopefully we can get through it without too many lyrics from Grease!? But - one can never know?! So - in my Former Life - I spent most of my time with my dh and kid... especially on a vacation... we'll make up for it this afternoon at the lake... AND more than likely get WAY too many pictures to scrapbook!!!

Anyway - I get to Scrap tonight... with people! (Yes - it is true- I am mostly a Loner Scrapper... I find I get more done that way - but it is never as much fun!)

Til next time... Happy Scrappin'

Monday, July 24, 2006

Unplugged... and Desperate?!

Hey there Everyone...

Um, OK - I am STILL without a Computer...

Now - most of you don't 'KNOW me' know me.... but for those of you who do... I know you understand! LOL! Sure- it very well me the Lord's way of getting me away from the computer and out actually DOING some stuff... not that I haven't been - but - ya know - time seems to evaporate when I am sitting on the computer!? Anyway - I HAVE enjoyed the time away... read a book (or two)... got another Sun Burn... (which - in itself is not so fun... but the getting it part was nice!)... actually cleaned the house... ALL of it... spent some one on one time with my daughter... and my Honey... so - overall - it's been good... I guess?!

The thing is - it was not the Hard Drive... so that is good - but it still won't work - so that is bad!
It turned out not to be the Mother Board... so that's good - but it still won't work - so that's bad!
It's not the RAM... Again... good - and bad
We are thinking it may be the casing?! Whatever THAT means?!
I just know that my Computer Guy - yes... thank GOD I even HAVE a "Computer Guy"... well - he is working on it today and is very sympathetic of the idea of not having a computer for so many days in a row... then again - he also blames me because it is, after all, an E-Machine. Apparently that is not so good... who knew?! (Other than him - I mean?!) So -hopefully he will have good news for me tonight... we shall see?!

I haven't even scrapped anything new... I DO have stuff to scrap - a trip to Boulder Caves (where my Honey broke his hand?!)... 4th of July... I even have my daughters last couple of days of school to scrap in her school album... But - we are still considering going to Boise on Friday - and I suppose it would be good if I had SOMETHING to Scrap while I am there?! We'll see!? (Darc' - we'll call you tonight and figure stuff out one way or the other!)

Just wanted to share... Oh - and hey... um - I know it's sad - but since I am not on my own computer - I don't have all your Blog links... I feel so out of touch?! I guess maybe I should get off my Mom's computer and maybe - sigh - CALL someone... yes - it has come to that, people?! (I HATE the phone... with a passion... just not a phone gal - would much rather chat online or better yet - in person over coffee or tea!)

I have been trying to book hotels in two cities - and without a computer I feel so lost?! LOL!? I know - it's just sad?! Anyway - I'm still here... sort of... but - by faith - I will be back SOON! (E-Machine or not!)

Scrap On!

Monday, July 17, 2006

Power Surge + Hard Drive = Crash

Yep - it's true...

Somehow - we had a power surge... or a drop in power... or something strange and out of the ordinary... and it caused my computer to die... at least (for the hard drive) it was a quick and painless death... however, for me... it is long and drawn out?! sniff, sniff...

Hello, my name is Karrilee, and I am a computer-holic! (Everyone says, "Hi, Karrilee!") It is true... I can barely go a few hours without doing SOMETHING on my computer... a little eBay... some CafePress work... a Blog or a Post... update my website... check e-mail... IM... type out a devotional or do an online Bible Study... not to mention uploading and editing photo's and playing games?! Oh my!? With the Computer in a central area in our home... it makes it super easy for me to sit down "...for just a sec'!" (much to my family's frustration!)

So... while I had PLANS to do all my normal stuff... well - I am in the process of buying a new hard drive and hoping and praying we can get at least SOME of my info off the dead - er - Old one?! (Fingers crossed, breath held, eyes closed... prayers being sent up...?!) We shall see?! Got that new Digital camera... and lucky for me I am a tad bit obsessive and caught up in scrapping because that means that even though I didn't back up my files... I have already scrapped the hard copies?! Yes... I know... see?! There are up sides to this compulsion of mine?!

On another note... we went to the Bone Specialist today to get new X-rays! My dh's hand is healing - and the surgeon still is saying surgery is not necessary... however it is still healing really slowly... he got a new cast and we'll go back in three weeks... even though it was a good report overall - the doctor also used '6-9 months' to him when talking about guitar playing... someone will die if it takes that long - I can tell you that right now! We are praying for a faster than normal recovery - AND we are praying about our vacation plans that we had for the month of August as well...

Anyway - this is my excuse... er - um - explanation for my absence the past few days!!! I will be back... soon hopefully! I am going through withdrawls... at least I can still have my Starbucks!?! It's not the end of the world YET!?

In faith - I will be back very soon!
Until then... Scrap On!

Saturday, July 15, 2006

The New Catalogs are here... the New Catalogs are here!!!

Yes... it is true... I have been strangely 'absent' today - far away from my Blog and e-mail... my husband and I got up literally at the crack of dawn to go watch the sunset with friends and visit over coffee and pray together... then we picked up a little one from a sleep over and then I read a book... yep - a whole book... and then... sigh... I spent some one on one time with my new Stampin' Up! Catalog!!! It is beautiful... I don't even want to crease any pages yet... we went to a soccer game tonight with friends and now I am checking e-mails... enjoying a tiny 1/2 cup of Raspberry White Choc Ice cream... Ya gotta LOVE a Good Full Saturday!!!

I will maybe Scrap tomorrow... with some new inspiration from the SU catalog maybe I will work on some cards!? We'll see?!

Have a great rest of the weekend!

(I know - it's weak Darcie - but there ya go... a little something something to feed your obsession! LOL! Have fun in Vegas... hey - maybe you can pick me up a shirt, or something?! ROFLOL!)

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Picnic with Friends... Just BREATHE!!!

Whew?! Finally - a break from the heat AND an afternoon to catch up with a good friend!
THIS is what Summer is all about!!! Everything in me screamed YES this morning!!!
No errands planned... no lists of things to do...laundry can wait... just a picnic planned in a park with a good friend and the kids... We planned it early and knew it would turn into an all day affair... (and yes... it's turned into dinner too - which is in the oven as I type!)

I got this great idea to personalize Water Bottles from Heidi Swapp's July Newsletter... check it out here: Too cute!!! Great way to know who is the culprit drinking half a bottle and leaving it to get warm and be put back in the 'frig never to be touched again!?!?! Sigh... or is that just in my house?!

It seems that my good friend is in the midst of one of those CRAZY BUSY Seasons... We attempt to get together often - but lately it rarely works out... So to spend an entire afternoon enjoying the sun and cool summer breeze as the girls rode bikes, played tennis, goofed off and laid around was priceless! We got to talk about all those little details that we would normally discuss every other day - but it had been weeks!!!

Don't you just LOVE it when you decide to throw caution to the wind and 'waste' an entire day... and don't you find that what, in your over-scheduled, crazy busy life, sounded like it would be a waste of time or simply just too frivolous - ends up being exactly what you needed and even ends up helping you to feel rejuvenated and ready to get back to work the next day!? I was talking with my sister the other day - she is WAY over-booked and feels hopelessly behind schedule... she is a self supported artist and is really busy... she took a break and watched Ferris Bueller's Day Off with her teenage daughter... Even though she is still super busy and not at all caught up... we are going to meet for coffee tomorrow... because, as Ferris says, "Life moves pretty fast... If you don't stop & look up every once in a while, you just might miss it!"

So... as my dinner cooks, and the girls play yet another round of Boggle, I type this to you and look forward to an evening of more visiting, laughing, and unwinding together - which will now include 'the boys' as well! I encourage you to treat yourself to that ever-so-hard-to-come-by "Free Time" and 'waste' it away with a good friend!!! I can guarantee you it will do you good!!!

Scrap On!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Chatterbox Layouts

Hey there...

Here are my 3 double page Layouts I sent in to Chatterbox... I was one of the Lucky Ten (winning a Kit from CBX... I won "Cottage"!) I sent 6 lo's but Chatterbox posted my 2-Page Layout of our Garden on their Blog...Only one page is posted here... the others were not posted - but are made from teh same kit! So fun!!! I still have left overs too - so I can make MORE!!! (Gotta Love THAT!)

Scrap On!

Monday, July 10, 2006

Ahhhh - Color-coded Cardstock, & Glass Jars of Ribbons!!!

Yes... it is true! It was beyond time to organize (again!) my Scrap area... I am not lucky enough to have a whole ROOM ...yet?! For now -I occupy a corner of our Family Room and call it my Scrap Area... and yes - it does seem to grow... I have a great table that I can make larger when needed... a few cabinets full of supplies... some containers that hold all my papers... some Retro looking Glass Jars for my Ribbon and Fibers... Expanding file folders for all those scraps I just can't seem to throw away... and after a few projects in a row... it seems that my Scrap Area explodes over to the Coffee table and the surrounding square footage floor around my table... scraps and stickers, tags, and (if I'm lucky) adhesives are piled up on my table (aka work space) along with stamp sets and ink pads and paper cutters... sigh.

Yes - it was time! So - yesterday I spent nearly 5 hours organizing my papers - ALL of them - patterned paper, cardstock, scraps, all of it... color coded and filed where it is SUPPOSED to be... and then I took out all of my Ribbon stash and re-wound it and put it back in place as well! I need to go through all my little containers that hold embellishments and tags... eyelets and brads... and (gasp - the horror of it all) I should probably downsize on some of my stamp sets again... ?!!? I DID take pictures of my new organization - but Blogger won't load 'em - again?! Not sure what is up with that?! Oh well... you'll just have to take my word for it... I can see nearly ALL of my table top!?

So - for now - I am happy! I can see my workspace again... and I am happy just to flip through all my patterned paper and think of the possibilities!!! I may even want to scrap something again soon... !??! Hate to mess it all up!? LOL! I can be fairly good at picking up after myself in the beginning stages of a newly organized space... but after a few jobs in a row - as I mentioned already - some sort of combustion happens and I am forced to scrap on the floor in front of the TV watching Princess Bride or Pride and Prejudice...again... ?!

Anyway - Happy Scrapping! May your creative juices flow freely, your paper be color-coded, and your Ribbons all have Happy Homes!!!

Friday, July 07, 2006


Hey there...

Well - I finished three double page layouts using all my fun Chatterbox stuff... just not sure if I can post them here or not... need to e-mail them and find out...(I know they will post them on their Blog soon!)

We went to the Bone Specialist on Wednesday and got a Good report! Praise God! The Doctor actually said that he would not suggest surgery unless we really wanted it... it could warrant surgery - but he didn't feel it was necessary and it looked like the bone would rebuild itself and not really have any lasting effects on his range of motion and all that good stuff! So - that is a HUGE Praise Report... (thanks for the prayers!!!)

My hubby was actually playing his guitar last night... with his one good hand! LOL! It had been all of 2 days and that is honestly the longest he has ever gone without playing it (at least when one has been within hands reach, anyway!) He was practicing on some picking - since that is all he can do with his right hand... still - it was literally Music to my ears to hear him play!!!

I will see if I can post my latest layouts... Oh - I did work on a few frames too... I can post those I know!

Happy Scrapping!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Aahhhh - Independence Day!!!

Ahhh... How we love and are thankful for our Freedom! This being 4th of July - we have plenty of photo opportunities - and lots that we can scrapbook... from BBQ get togethers, to swimming, to games, and of course fireworks!!! I encourage you, however, to also include some journaling or a photo that captures and explains the feelings that are stirred up in you as you celebrate Independence Day!

I was not raised in a overly patriotic home. My parents did not serve in the military, although my Grandfather was a war hero - among the small group of men who personally took out Hitler... We were raised to be thankful for living in America... and to know that it was a great country and we had opportunities offered to us that others around the world did not have. It was as an adult, though, that I began to really fall in love with America, her foundation, and her history. It is true. Much to my own surprise, I have become a patriotic 'nerd'. I cry at the National Anthem or "God Bless America"... I get a reverential awe come over me at the raising of the Flag... and after 9/11 - whenever I see military people, firemen, and police officers, my hand goes over my heart as my lips silently move in a prayer for them... for protection, and for thanksgiving! Instead of writing something myself today... I wanted to share an article that I received via e-mail this morning! It says it all... and I simply add "Amen!"

Enjoy, and Happy 4th of July!

The Star-Spangled Banner
by Kenneth Copeland

June 14 is the day Americans celebrate the flag which symbolizes our liberty and freedom as a nation. Each year the president proclaims Flag Day and encourages all citizens to fly the American flag outside their homes and businesses. Many states hold special celebrations and observances, and people are encouraged to recite the Pledge of Allegiance to our great nation:
I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the republic for which it stands: one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.
Since September 11, 2001, many Americans have rediscovered the importance of flying the flag as a symbol of hope, determination and national unity in the face of the threat of danger. The true spirit of America—one nation, under God, with liberty and justice for all—is being restored. The history of our flag began June 14, 1777, when the Continental Congress issued a resolution establishing an official flag for the United States to express liberty and separation from Great Britain. It has undergone some changes over the years, but the basic design has remained the same with alternating red and white stripes and a rectangular blue field containing white stars in the upper corner near the staff. I've heard it said that the red stripes represent the stripes Jesus bore for us and the blood He shed, the white represents the purity of the new birth, and the blue represents the truth of the Word of God. I believe that. Sometimes called the Stars and Stripes, the flag is a powerful symbol for our nation. It is not a political symbol, but rather, it represents a mighty and free people—the freest people on the face of the earth. It represents all that is good, sacred and godly in this country. Our flag is a standard of liberty and freedom, and that includes above all, the freedom to worship God as a Christian nation. Isn't that what the founding fathers came here for? Isn't that what many of them fought and died for? The freedom to worship and praise God has never been cheap. It cost Jesus His life. It cost a lot of other people their lives too. Our flag represents those who shed their blood for freedom—including Jesus. That's why Satan hates the banner called Old Glory. He hates it the way he hates the Constitution. He hates it the way he hates God. And he hates it the way he hates the blood and the Name of Jesus. Satan hates Old Glory's guaranteed freedoms. It has always been God's plan to have a nation where the glory of God could be sown and nurtured, from which His glory could spread throughout the whole earth. That nation would have to be a nation where all people could freely praise and worship Him. Why? Because God inhabits the praises of His people, and His glory is in His presence. Our flag represents a nation where men and women are not only free, but they can also worship and praise God without fear. "Conquer We Must, When Our Cause It Is Just"
A number of years ago God began to deal with me about ministering "The Star-Spangled Banner" to people. He told me it is actually a psalm—an ode, or poem from the Spirit of God, set to melody. When I began to study "The Star-Spangled Banner" and looked into the heart of the man who wrote it, I discovered that Francis Scott Key wasn't trying to write a national anthem, although that is what it became. Rather, as an eyewitness to a historic battle, he wrote his testimony during a time of war when men had decided they would rather die for freedom than live under tyranny. It so happened that during the War of 1812, Mr. Key, a lawyer, sailed to the British fleet to negotiate the release of a captured American. That night, detained by the British on a ship in the harbor, he witnessed the bombardment of Fort McHenry. As the battle raged and the sky filled with smoke from the shelling, Francis Key kept his eyes on the Stars and Stripes until the sun went down and it was no longer visible.
Oh, say can you see, by the dawn's early light, What so proudly we hailed at the twilight's last gleaming?
All night, through this critical battle, he had his eyes fastened on the place where that standard flew. The question in his mind, as important as the battle itself, was: Is the flag still there?
Whose broad stripes and bright stars, through the perilous fight, O'er the ramparts we watched, were so gallantly streaming? And the rockets' red glare, the bombs bursting in air, Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there.
The flash and glow of the rockets interrupted the black of night to reveal welcome glimpses of the Stars and Stripes. Then in an instant, everything went quiet. Smoke hung in the air. The sun had not yet come up. Francis Scott Key didn't know if the flag was still there or not. He ends the first verse by asking God:
Oh say, does that star-spangled banner yet wave O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave?
Are we still a nation? Are we still a free people? There was not another free nation on the face of the earth. Some people even considered the establishment of this country to be an experiment that would fail. I imagine that throughout the night, these kinds of thoughts were rolling around in this lonely man's spirit and in his mind: Oh God, if that flag is not still there when the sun comes up, this thing is all over. There won't be a free nation anywhere. But it has to be, must stand as the home of the free and the brave. Surely God would help this nation to stand strong as the ragtag army of courageous farmers and churchgoers dared to go up against the most powerful, best-equipped expeditionary force on the face of the earth. These were people of faith who were not moved by the odds. They were not moved by what they could see. They were moved by what they believed—and they believed they were already free as of the day the Declaration of Independence of 1776 was signed. They fought the fight of faith and praise as well as the fight of war. Throughout the war with Great Britain, Congress declared days of fasting and prayer and encouraged Americans to seek God's help in the battle for freedom. They were careful to declare days of thanksgiving and praise when God intervened and blessed them with victories. Once more during the battle at Fort McHenry, God honored their faith and the colonists stood strong against the enemy. As the smoke cleared at dawn, Francis Key was thrilled to find the beloved American flag still flying high, proclaiming victory for all to see. Historians report that the sight of that majestic flag inspired the words which became "The Star-Spangled Banner." Francis Scott Key was a man of faith, and I believe he learned something as he witnessed the fierce battle that was ultimately between freedom and oppression. I'm certain he meditated throughout the night about what the outcome of that fight would mean to our infant country. The words of the song give us insight into what was going through his mind. I believe Mr. Key began formulating these words during the night and that the last verse was the answer of his faith. He could not see the flag—except by faith. Spirit-inspired prophetic utterance came out of his mouth:
Oh! thus be it ever, when freemen shall stand Between their loved homes and the war's desolation! Blest with victory and peace, may the heaven-rescued land Praise the Power that hath made and preserved us a nation.
As relevant as Francis Scott Key's words were then, they are even more so today. We must not forget to praise the One who has given us our nation. We must not forget to praise the One who has given us peace. We must not forget to praise the One who has given us the victory during wars to keep America free, to keep the glory alive, to keep the Word alive, to keep the Name of Jesus on the lips of its citizens throughout this whole North American continent!
Then conquer we must, when our cause it is just, And this be our motto: "In God is our trust." And the star-spangled banner in triumph shall wave O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave!
Thank God, we're free and our trust is in God. He has preserved us as a nation and will continue to do so. If our cause is just, we will always triumph. And our most powerful symbol of freedom, the Star-Spangled Banner, will continue to wave over the land of the free and the home of the brave...forever!

Monday, July 03, 2006

Left Hand...Broken!

Hey there...

Well - my PLAN to actually Scrap on Saturday faded away - although I must say I enjoyed my unproductive time of just sitting there staring at all my new supplies! I played around with layout ideas - but never quite got around to cutting or gluing... I couldn't decide on anything... then my dh came home and suggested a family movie night out... so we picked up our daughter and her friend and we all went out to see Cars... (LOVED it - by the way!!!)

Sunday after church we decided to head out to the hills and climb up to Boulder Caves - it is a popular spot not too far from here with bat caves... it was hot in town and we were hoping to cool off, enjoy a nice little hike, and relax up in the mountains with good friends... it started out that way! It was gorgeous - although apparently not high enough to be much cooler there!? We hiked to the caves and the kids were all ahead of us having a blast... they played in the river a bit and climbed some of the rocks... Then my dh decided that he wanted to climb up to get a better view of the waterfall...

Luckily - and by the grace of God - I did not see him fall... er - uh - 'slip' as he keeps saying. One of the guys that was with us however DID see it... and he refers to it as a Fall... not a slip! He also immediately asked over and over if Dave's chest was okay... and he made him a Sling to hold his hand up above his heart... Dave is a tough guy and never gets hurt... we pressed on through the cave and once we were back out in the light, I could see how swollen his hand really was! He was not wanting to complain or draw attention to himself - but i knew he was in pain and offered to hike back down with him, drive into town again and take him to the Medi-Center. When he quickly agreed - I knew it was bad! See - it's not that we are against doctors or anything - but we just don't 'do' them much at all. So for him to want to go - I knew something was wrong! Luckily we were able to let our kid stay there and play while we made our way back to town.

The X-ray showed that Dave's left hand is broken... this is hard to take because he is a musician... He is a guitar player and I can't tell you when the last time was that I haven't heard him playing something on the guitar... he plays everyday... and he is good - anointed even... it is so much a part of him - the thought (that the enemy clearly planted!) of him not ever playing again was simply just too much to take! Now we are waiting to hear from a Bone Specialist to see if they can set this - or if he will need surgery or what... we are praying that we will get in and get a good report! We are praying that God will heal it one way or the other!!!

So - scrap time?! Who can know... but clearly my attention is (thankfully!) peacefully resting elsewhere today!

I did take a few pictures - but for some reason my dh was not really up to me taking pictures of his broken hand?! Doesn't he know that this was a Scrapbook Moment?! Oh well - I did take a few of the kids though...

Anyway I am hoping to get a bit of scrapping in this week - but as I said - it is not nearly as important as it all seemed on Saturday!

Happy Scrapping!

Saturday, July 01, 2006

"Free" Products... Thanks fo Chatterbox!!!

Free Toys from Chatterbox (Cottage): Turned into "Free" toys... I needed some Bazzill cardstock & ...well - other stuff?!:


Yeah... well - my husband knows that this is never quite true! I received my winning packet of Chatterbox supplies with much anticipation today! I was so excited to see that square envelope in my dh hands...

I will admit - I am a slave to the double page layout... so what began as 'free' product, turned into a trip to the Scrapbook store and about $30 later - (and a Blackberry Green Tea Frap from Starbuck's - to help Fuel those creative juices) - I am ready to have a Happy Scrappy Saturday!!! My husband is out running errands (and watching sports on TV somewhere most likely...) and my daughter is over at a friends... so yes - a Saturday with no one home, an air-conditioned basement scrap area (somewhat picked up?!) and a boat load of new product to play with!!! I am gonna crank up my Jack Johnson CD, suck down my 'lunch' and get Scrappin'!!!!

Have a great day!