Saturday, January 23, 2010

Getting all caught up!

Well - I have been a busy girl... and FINALLY was able to sit down and do some actual hands on - old school Scrapping this week! It was great! I still have one more LO to complete and then I will be, once again, all caught up! (I know... I know!?) I had my Scrap Happy monthly Crop on Thursday and printed out our Christmas photo's and grabbed some paper that I had on hand... no buying supplies for me right now as I am TRYING to use up what I have! Well - I SAY that - but I did ACCIDENTALLY bought some Bo Bunny Valentine papers?! Oops?!

Anyway - I scrapped our Christmas photo's and realized that I need to scrap our Family Portraits still - and then I will be 'Done done!' I am planning on only doing Digi LOs for this year for our Family Album! We'll see if I can stay strong... I may be asking for photo's to scrap just to feed my obsession?! ( I said MAYBE!?!!?)

So - here are my latest LOs:

And yesterday on the Sisserhood Chat - Vi led everyone in a great little Clipboard Craft - and while I wasn't able to play along - I did make one this afternoon just so I wasn't left out! I made a matching altered journal to give as a gift... so fun!

Scrap On!!!

Friday, January 08, 2010

The Bootcamp Craziness, The Spark, & The Collage!


The Holidays are officially over! I only know this because of the PILE of Christmas decorations that are hiding my dining room table! I know, I know - it's already well into January - but my week was CRAZY and I just had no time to UNdeck the halls! Today I decided I would at least get so far as to make huge piles that will somehow FORCE me to do the rest over the weekend?! (At least - theoretically the fam' will be home to help me lug the boxes up and down the stairs?!)

After Christmas, I decided to join up with the January Spark Your Body Bootcamp. I did one last January as well... the only thing that I remembered was that I didn't really lose any weight - but I thought I would give it a try again... what I didn't remember was how freakin' SORE I must have been!? Yeah - and I had this brilliant thought on DAY THREE?! Well - we are almost a week into it - which means only 3 more to go! After I signed up - but before it started, Millie died. Yep - she bit the dust!? Dave is trying to fix her - but she is not really interested in the idea! I was forced to pull out Evil Ellie!? We HATES her?! She is mean - and she KNOWS that I prefer Millie - so her jealousy just makes me have to PAY!? That - and she is all Touchy-feely with me?! Less now that there is - well - a little less of me - but I have to pay attention or I get sore for all sorts of bad reasons?! However, already - I am down two pounds?! I haven't been able to say that literally for MONTHS and MONTHS?! So - I may have to hates her a little bit less... at any rate - I am in it to win it... well - to lose it really!? I am refocused - and determined!

I am refocused and fired up - partly due to the basic New Year/Resolutions/I HAVE TO DO THIS... and partly thanks to the new book I am reading: The Spark! Yes - I know - shocker?! But this site has helped to change my life - and while part of the book is really review - there are some things in there that I had forgotten about - like the importance of Goal setting... so in line with the book and the site - I decided to sort of rethink where I am headed - and make some new goals! I also went back and actually DID the Visual Collage that you are supposed to do in the beginning! I sort of thought it was a bit New Agey and didn't do it then - but now - with this plateau - hey - if it will work - I will try it! So - here is my "Visual Collage" (that we are just calling a digital layout?!):

So - a few of my renewed goals are to reach that goal weight - which is not set in stone but includes at least another 30 pounds?! Once I get there - if we haven't already bought it - I am gettting a Wii and a Wii Fit Plus! I want one SOOOOoooooo bad... it seems I am the last one on the planet without it! (I know this is not true... trust me - I DO have SOME perspective?!) At any rate - that is a major reward I have lined up - along with that 'must have' Little Black Dress. I also want to take a trip to the beach - preferable the CA beach - but I won't be too picky! We didn't get a chance to go in '09 - and I missed it so much! The roles I want to step into this year are to be a Runner, to actually learn how to and to play Tennis, and to continue to press through and finish up the books I am working on! One of the things they tell you to put on your Visual Collage is what you want to look like... well - I am not so into porno or staring at photo's of women - but, uh - I couldn't find any that I wanted to look at. So - I searched out some old photo's - and while I KNOW I will never look 15 again - I can see myself again in these photo's! I can foresee the return of at least part of that physical shape - but more importantly - I can foresee the return of that confidence...

Another one of my goals is to be better at sending out birthday cards - ON TIME?! So - the plan right now is to make the months' worth of birthday cards all made on the first Friday. We'll see if I can keep it up!? Here is what I made for this month:
Now - I need to get to work on scrapping our Christmas photo's... of which somehow I was not really IN any of them again!? Oops?! Anyway - I am off to scrap...

What are you all working on? Do Share!
Scrap Happy!