Sunday, August 08, 2010

Update WAaaaaay Overdue!

I know, I know - it seems as though I have completely forgotten that I even HAVE a blog - not to mention several! Life has been hectic and busy and great all at the same time and that has resulted in my not sitting much in this computer chair, in front of this screen for very long!

I have not forgotten you - my people - (all 4 or 5 of you! LOL!)... I just kept telling myself that because I had not really been crafting much - I had nothing really to share with you all. Of course - I share more than just my projects here but since I had not really created much I didn't feel the 'need' to update here! However, I have been missing the regular posting - the weekly or bimonthly review of what has been going on in my life - so I am hoping that I will return to a more regularly schedule program here at Blessed Memories Scrapbooks as well as with my other blogs! Of course, I have another few weeks before we hit back to school and a fall routine - so I can't make any promises at least until I have a more routine week in play with Fall!

Still - we have had an incredible summer so far and I just wanted to share a little... post some photo's, and yes - upload the latest cards/LOs I have worked on... so here goes!

Well- since my last post we have gone to the beach with friends... had a Luis Palau Cityfest in our town... gone to Boise, ID to visit friends... had family visit here... gone through a breast cancer scare with my Mom (praise God she is cancer-free!)... and last week I finally 'cashed in' on one of my 40th birthday presents!

I have made only a handful of cards... and I have been working a bit more on some digi LOs for our 2010 Family Album. I have been enjoying my Wii and specifically my Wii Fit Plus and am looking forward to the new Zumba Wii game in October... I have fallen out of the Gym routine with summer but jumped back into it last week and have felt SO much better! I am still determined to get out of the 170s by the end of summer... I get oh so close and then go on vacation and have to work twice as hard when I return! We have plans for the next several weeks as well... so once we are officially back to school - I am hoping that will help!

Here are some glimpses of my latest crafty creations...

So what about you all? What are you up to this summer?! Are you working on any fun projects? Have you taken any fun vacations? DO share... I miss hearing from you all!

Scrap Happy and Spark On!