Saturday, May 30, 2009

Hey?! Turns out I LOVE to Scrapbook!?

It's true... it's really true!

I hadn't Scrapbooked - as in paper and scissors - in AGES it seems!? Since probably February!? I was able to order the "Wisteria" line by Basic Grey for my client - can't WAIT to see it all in person! However, since I ordered it last week - I knew I would need to print out my own photo's and get officially caught up again! It's a little deal I have made with God... I love the business - but never wanted it to take off so much so that I didn't have time or joy in scrapping my own stuff! So - I printed out photo's from March through my recent California trip last week and got busy! I 'kitted' everything Thursday afternoon, and made a birthday card (using a SparkPeople Bday SWAP Shape!) and I was able to finish 5 LOs at my Scrap Happy crop... Friday was my online chat/crop and I was able to finish up the other 7! Oh yeah! I am all caught up, baby! ...And as an added bonus - it turns out that I really DO love Scrapbooking! I mean - I really do still love it! (Believe me - this is good news to me! LOL!)

Here is what I did:

A Speed Scrap Challenge:

and my own pages:

So - while my 'little one' was away at a friends' b'day party - one of her youth group leaders' came to pay Kayelyn back for tee-peeing her car. Only - Kaye's 'vandalism' was rather impromptu and lacking - while Vals' - well - not so much?!

After that, Dave and I went out for dinner... it was a GORGEOUS night in Yakima... it had been super hot all day and the sun was out... a few clouds in the sky - a slight breeze - perfect weather for outdoor dining! So we drove downtown looking for someplace to eat outside and impulsively decided on Santiago's... nachos and a beer - mmm - not so Spark friendly - but I had 'room' in my ranges and it just sounded good!

So - we sat down, placed our order, and it began to sprinkle. OK - fine... a little rain is not a big deal... and so we moved to sit under the netting... and then came the DOWNPOUR! I am talking torrential rain!? It only lasted for maybe 15 minutes or so... but we had to move inside... when it cleared, we bravely moved back out and thoroughly enjoyed a great dinner outside together... definitely made a memory there!

This morning we went for a jog, walked to Starbucks and enjoyed our morning coffee with the rest of Yakima in the sunshine! Nice! Hope you are all enjoying your weekends and have stirred up that love for scrapping too!

Now that I am all caught up - I can get back to designing for Hoorray (until that Basic Grey box arrives anyway!) Work, work, work! Good to know I really do still love it!

Scrap Happy!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Quick & Lazy Update!

Hey there everyone... I am back! Had an AMAZING time in Cali!

I am still catching my breath and processing... and haven't created one thing since before I left! I will get back into the swing of things this week! I have my monthly Crop on Thursday - so I will HAVE to print out some photo's and play a bit at least once this week!

I have picked the line I am going with for my client - so I will be ordering supplies for her album, and working on creating more LOs/Papers for as well!

I am off to enjoy some sunshine and am taking the lazy way out... I am cut and pasting my update from another blog to fill you in on the writers conference! One of the things I did in preparation was to enter their Writers Contest... the theme was simply the Kingdom of God. I did not win - but included it in my update below! Enjoy and Scrap Happy!

There is a stirring in the Body of Christ.... a growing hunger for more power to be manifest in our lives! In order for this to happen we must learn to flow with God’s Love. Jesus has given us the keys to unlock the Kingdom of God. He has equipped us for every good work which He prepared beforehand for us to walk in – to accomplish with Him – to bring glory to the Father! God has given us the keys that, if we would use them they would enable us to operate in two realms right here, and right now! We have been offered a gift to receive the kingdom, and all that it represents. We have the ability to tap into heavenly realms while operating in earthly realms. The keys, and the Kingdom as Jesus said, really ARE at hand, if we’re willing!

We’re being drawn ever closer to the heart of the Father and are called to release the Kingdom of God into every area of our lives. We’re being called to do this by letting His Love spill out and over in greater levels. As I was praying with the Lord, asking Him about this move of God, He assured me that the Kingdom of God is not like the kingdoms of this world! He said that in the earthly realms, much of life really is like that famous line in the Godfather: “It’s not personal – it’s just business.” However, in the Kingdom of God – it’s not business, it’s just personal! Our God is, first and foremost, a personal God! He is relational and desires to have friendship with us. When we rise up in our intimacy with the Lord, He calls us closer to His heart and shows us the Kingdom. The Kingdom of God is not business, it is PERSONAL! Our God desires fellowship and intimacy. When we grow in our friendship with God, He helps us to unlock the realities of Heaven and causes us to see our Authority to pull them from one realm into the other! Look at the story of Mary and Martha. Mary understood that God is Personal, while Martha was all about the Business. Of course the ‘business’ needs to get done, however how much more powerfully and effectively is it done when we do it WITH the Lord, out of intimacy? I have no doubt that if Martha would have also chosen the ‘better part’ of intimacy, the Lord would have accomplished the work that was at hand. In fact, I’m pretty sure that He would’ve rolled his sleeves up and pitched in because He loves to do that! He loves to partner with us in Kingdom work!

In the kingdoms of this earth, ‘business’ is almost expected to be ruthless and cruel. It’s how we get ahead; how we get things done. But when we operate out of the Kingdom of God, Love is our compass and being personal is at the heart of everything we do! As Meg Ryans’ character in You’ve Got Mail said in response to that Godfather quote, “And what's so wrong with being personal, anyway? Whatever else anything is, it ought to begin by being personal.”

The keys to the Kingdom are Righteousness, Joy, and Peace in the Holy Spirit (Rom. 14:17), and how can we live these out if they are not first built on Love? When we begin to operate in the Love of the Father and freely give it out, we begin to see the Kingdom of God at hand. We begin to see lives changed, hearts healed, minds transformed; we begin to see heaven on earth. We have the joy and honor of tapping into the Kingdom of God for any situation we face right here in the earth, and grabbing hold of the heart of the Father. The next move of God I believe will be the combining of two realms, walking into the kingdoms of this world, and tearing the veil to reveal the Kingdom of our God. Many have stated that this move will be a releasing of the Love of God, and is that not what we all need: a personal revelation that the Kingdom is at hand, for you and for me? It’s not business – it’s personal, because what we really need; what we simply must have, is an ever increasing measure of His abiding love and His abounding grace to fill us to overflowing, and to spill out onto others to reveal His Kingdom and bring glory to the Father!

I just returned from a week at Bethel church in Redding, California! It was amazing... God sent me to a Writer's Conference and all of my favorite authors were there... and as a bonus, it was held at Bethel church! Bethel has this unique atmosphere... you can actually tangibly FEEL the Father's Heart beating for you there! There is a strong sense of community and love... they really DO live in the Kingdom there... and I really DO pray that just by being there, I received an impartation... the Kingdom of God is not business, it's PERSONAL... because HE is personal - and He is especially fond of you!

Friday, May 08, 2009

I actually did something...

I did actually do something scrap-related... sort of!? Well - it counts, but it's mostly thanks to a SparkPeople Cricuteers Spring Shapes SWAP - otherwise - well... at this point, I would have just bought something?! Yes - it's true... that is how sad it is?! I am really just that busy!?

Here are a few cards I made this week:

I also worked on an entry for the Writer's Conference contest... I can't believe it is only a week away already!? I am so excited! Not only do I get to hear some of my favorite authors speak, but I will get to experience my first ever Writer's conference... plus I am so excited to just be able to attend the church that this conference is being held at... then there is the whole Road Trip with a girlfriend part too! The only bad part is I will have to miss my first official Conference Call with the company I am now working with... I am really bummed about that one. It IS possible for me to still try to connect - but it will all depend on the time they decide on and where I will be at in the Writer's schedule!

I have been spending a LOT of time on the computer lately - but it sure doesn't feel like I am accomplishing much... I know I am - but it's the learning part before I get to create part that makes it tough to see progress for me! I also have been working on finding papers/supplies to coordinate for my new clients' photo's! And boy does she have photo's!? I am still trying to cut some out!?

I've been trying to press through this plateau - I am sure you are all just about as sick of hearing about it, as I am of being stuck IN it?! I lost 2#s this week... so one more pound I will have hit the 75 pound loss mark! It's just taking SO stinkin' long to get there?!

Oh - yes, and the other thing this week that has captured my attention is my baby is turning 14?! Oh yeah... it's true! She is AWESOME... God made her to be Awesome and she is stepping into all that He has for her... tonight, as I type - she is having a sleep over that is surprisingly quiet (uh-oh?!) and we're planning on hitting a matinee tomorrow with all her peeps! She totally rocks and we'll be celebrating for days and weeks... it's true - the tradition continues!
I hope to actually SCRAP something soon... even digi-style... just something?! I miss it... maybe I just need some inspiration... what have YOU been working on lately!?

Scrap Happy and Be Blessed!

Sunday, May 03, 2009

How did YOU celebrate National Scrapbook Day?

Wow - how did I let so much time go by without an update - and how did you all not leave me smack for it?! LOL!? I read Frenchies last comment and it was like a "Thanks! I needed that!" slap in the face - in the most friendly way possible - of course!

I have not forgotten about you all... I have been super busy with life and business - and yet have somehow managed to not really Create much lately!? Last Sunday I was in my first ever 5K... I can't tell you how amazing this is to me... I would have NEVER thought I would even WANT to do something like this?! I did not run the whole time - maybe a little less than half really - but I set a personal goal for myself and crossed the finish line (running!) and made my goal time... so I was a happy happy girl! I have also recently purchased a Heart Rate Monitor... so I am hoping this little gem of a watch will help me to FINALLY overcome this plateau I hve been stuck at for I think over a month again!? Yikes?!
So - here is me with my sis before the race! Fun... we will definitely participate in more to come... and I was a little surprised to find I have hidden within me a tad little bit of a competitive spirit?! Who knew?! (Shut up Darcie?! LOL!?) I am now planning on actually training a bit to increase my running times... I usually don't run for much longer than a few minutes at a time... but I pushed myself past that in the race - and so now I know I CAN!

Anyway - between fitness stuff, and Bible studies, preparing for a writers conference in a couple pf weeks, Spring finally showing up - and this new opportunity with an online photo company... I have been going in all different directions! I did sign my contract with this company but I have not yet begun working... once I do - I will let you know where you can find my designs, I promise! I have had fun creating some birthday designs lately and playing with my PSE software! (Thanks again, Vi! You ROCK!)

I DID get my newest clients' Wedding photo's - stacks and stacks of them! So - while I didn't do any Layouts yesterday - I did celebrate Nat'l Scrapbook Day by sorting through photo's and gettign an idea of what needs to be ordered for her album, and I made some birthday and Mother's Day cards as well... I will upload some photo's soon! I have a few photo's I can print out to scrap old school... but I haven't gotten around to that yet - so you will be happy to know that I am not 'all caught up' technically... you know once I print them though - I will be! I am just waiting until I have more than 4 pages to do! LOL!

Anyway how did YOU celebrate NSD? Did you do anything special? Did you hit any sales - online or in person? Did you get together with friends and scrapbook? Let me know what fun was had by you and your friends!!!

I am hoping to get my photo's printed and some actual scrappin' done soon! Once I pick a line of paper and supplies - I will order for my client and will want to really get my own stuff caught up again before I work on her stuff... so I will have something new soon(ish!) to upload soon! Of course, I have my daughters' b'day next week, a new bible study starting up in a week, a trip to CA coming in two weeks (which will hopefully stir me up to write), my neices' graduation coming up, our trip to DC/PA at the end of June which includes my Scrapbook Retreat with fellow Sparkers... I can't WAIT! But - once I get something CREATED... I will upload, I promise!!!

Until then...
Scrap Happy, people! Life is good!