Friday, February 27, 2009

Custom Card...

OK - here is a SUPER quick post - I know, I know - it doesn't even really COUNT as an Update... but I got a super fast Custom order for a card late last night... and it needs to be off in the mail in a few minutes to get it to the client in time!

So - the info I got from the client was it is for a male birthday... (It DOES say Birthday Greetings inside!); his favorite colors are blue and orange; he loves his Harley, to go camping, and she mentioned maybe wanting clean lines on the card... so - this is what I came up with... what do ya think?!
The Transparency idea actually came from my friend Denice... she totally rocks and I LOVED the idea... and then, after printing it twice I realized that I do not have the correct type of Transparency for my printer... so I went with it anyway and I love the alcohol ink-style look it took on... I am hoping the client will love it! Off to the post office... I will post a 'real' update soon!


Friday, February 20, 2009

Birthday Cards, Cut-n-Paste LOs, and some Digi Fun...

OK - a real quick update...

Last night was my monthly Crop - we had a few new people show up and that was great... I managed to get a LO done and start on a couple of cards as well as FINALLY paging through a stack of Scrap Mags that I just hadn't gotten to yet?! I STILL haven't READ them mind you - but at least I have folded pages to go back to later!? LOL!? I hate to even type it out but I wonder sometimes if I really NEED so many subscriptions?! I have only kept two for this year... and plan on letting one of those run out as well...

Anyway - these are the latest projects I have worked on:

Now... on to a bit of Digi-Fun:

This weeks Challenge on my Scrap To Lose Team is to use 6 photo's on a LO, or use Red or Pink... so - ya know - the over acheiver that I tend to be included all three!
You KNOW my list of Random Things that I loved about Valentine's Day was SCREAMING to be Digified!!!
I was able to use a bit of my SWAP gift from Amy and part of the RAK I won from Christina too... thanks again girls! So fun!!!
Now - once again... I am all caught up... and still waiting for my latest client to get her Wedding photos to me so I can pick paper and place an order...
Scrap Happy!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

14 Things I LOVED about February 14th...

I had an amazing day yesterday - not because I was lavished with diamonds and furs and pampered with perfumes and a massage... because I wasn't... not even close?! But that is okay because my day was amazing because I simply happen to live a very charmed life and was able to enjoy those special moments in time when you want to freeze frame things and file the photographic memory away in your heart. I had MANY of those yesterday - but I will just share a random list of 14 things that I LOVED about Valentine's Day ('09):
1. Sleeping in with my Honey on a Saturday - a rare treat somehow for us?!
2. Waking up to Flowers!
3. Going out for a Romantic Breakfast!
4. Being able to open my Valentine SWAP Gift from a fellow Sparker! (Thanks again Amy!)
5. My Favorite RED Lipstick! (I rarely wear red - but I LOVE this new color!)
6. Going for a brisk walk with my Honey in the afternoon! (Even though I DID get hit by a car... and I am not joking!!! Like - as in - my physical person - hit by a car!?)
7. Laughing with friends & getting Valentine's Wishes via mail and internet!
8. Listening to Dave play through his Set!
9. Watching Mama Mia with my daughter all snuggled up on the couch!
10. Scored on the Fortunes - my daughter and I both got great 'fortunes' with our Chinese dinner:
11. Finding (once again!) the PERFECT card from my hubby! He simply has the knack for picking out the best cards and left me a card after he took off to work!!!
12. Going Shopping with Kayelyn - and shopping off of the same rack! Nice!
13. Meeting a personal goal! I bought a new pair of jeans yesterday...
Maybe you couldn't tell from that photo... but look closer:
Yep - those are a size 13/14! My goal since Jan 1 was to fit into a Size 14 on Feb 14th! I didn't share this with anyone until last week because I am really not a big 'numbers' person but I was SO so happy to be able to pull on these jeans and LOVE them (and be able to breathe in them too!) I am even on my TOM - so I was a bit leery of going shopping - but I scored!!!

...and lastly, # 14. I had someone leave me a comment on my SparkPage saying that my new Profile Pictures look like Drew Barrymore...
Now, of course - I just don't see it - but still - Nice!!!

I hope you had a great day yesterday too! I may not be the most prosperous person I know financially speaking - but I am RICH in the blessings of God and I know that I am living a charmed life! Thanks to Sparks - and all of you - now, there is just no holding me back!

Spark On & Scrap Happy!
I am starting to believe that we really can do ANYTHING!!!

P.S. - I was just enjoying a bit of Blog Stalking and found that my dear sweet friend Pam has tagged me... this is the Award that I won:
This award comes with a few simple rules: I have to say one nice thing about the man in my life, list six best things in my life, and then pass this award on to only five other bloggers. Well - I think my above post really covers this whole thing and then some - and I am passing on tagging more bloggers... but please feel free to take this post and make it your own!!!

Saturday, February 07, 2009

My First "Official Race"!

Wow... what a difference a year makes! I am praying that I will be saying that exact same thing next year too! Today I entered and finished my first ever official Frosty Four Miler race! Now - the fact that I even entered is huge... so not anything I would have ever thought that I could do - or want to do?! However, this year I walked the route with my sister... we crossed the finish line at 1:07 so that means we walked a 16.75 minute mile (four of them?!). Next year, I am hoping to jog or run parts of it and beat our time! Still - we were not the last to cross the finish line - but more importantly than that - we crossed the finish line! That in itself is testimony of the changes that we have both made in the past year!

We met up with a fellow-Sparker and got this photo:
Polly did great - beat her goal of coming in at under 45 minutes! I had a few other friends who were there and ran it as well... Kim and I were just thrilled that the dreaded 'hill' that every runner was murmuring about was not as intimidating as we thought it would be. In fact, it is less of a hill than the route we take on a weekly basis around our house! Nice surprise!

Last month, through Spark - I joined a Bootcamp... it was a month commitment to do a video series 7 days a week plus cardio... I made it through and ended up losing 6 pounds and 5 inches overall. So -I am feeling on track and focused on reaching more short term goals! Nice!

I am still all caught up - but I did do a custom birthday card and a few fun Digi's on Friday while chatting it up with my fellow Scrap2Lose Sparkers! Here's what I was working on:

So - that's all I have tonight... I just finished the second of three Monk novels I have from the library and I am ready to dig in to the next one!!! Making some hot tea and snuggling with a book now...

Scrap Happy!