Monday, February 06, 2006

25 Creative Fun Valentine's Day Gift Ideas...

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Well - since helping you create keepsakes full of precious memories to commemorate special occasions is what I do - I thought it would be a good idea to offer you some creative ways to celebrate Valentine's Day! This is not by any means an exhaustive list... but it will get your creative juices flowing... Contact me if I can help make a creative gift - for Valentine's Day or any special day!!!

Of course - The list begins with services I offer for you to give a one-of-a-kind, handmade gift that will speak to the heart - for sweethearts, friends, family, sisters, co-workers, etc.! Everyone loves an unexpected treasured unique item that tells them how much you love and appreciate them!

#1 Custom Hand-made Valentine's Day Card (always a must!)
#2 Love Coupons - Hand-made (scrapbook style) for a Sweetheart, or Parent/child, etc.
#3 Mini-Scrapbook filled with Photo's, favorite Quotes, Scriptures, or Song Lyrics, poems, etc.
#4 Scrapbook Page - Blank or complete with photographs - with a note saying that the rest of the album will arrive shortly (as it is already February 6th! I can finish one layout that can either be framed or be placed in an album to complete at a later date!)
#5 A Set of blank note cards to give to co-workers, a teacher, friends, etc.!
#6 Set of Mini Cards to leave around the house... they give clues (like a Scavenger Hunt)
#7 Lyrics to 'your Song' (or your Wedding Song), or your Vows, or a favorite Poem or an Original Love Letter presented in Scrapbook style - 12 x 12 or 8-1/2 x 11 - ready to be framed!
#8 Decorated Glass or Tin Jar (Scrapbook style) filled with Favorite Candies.

Now - less 'business related' but still VERY Creative Ideas for Valentine's Day!
#9 Romantic Idea Jar... cut up little pieces of paper with Romantic Ideas and put them in a fancy jar... attach a note that says pick out one per week (or month) and we will make a date!
#10 Send a Taxi to pick him or her up...(Prepay the cab fare!) and instruct the driver to take them to their favorite restaurant - where you are waiting!
#11 Take the day OFF and spend it together - make it a real Holiday! Sleep in, go to a Matinee, take a drive, etc.!
#12 Mail some Valentine's day cards to his/her workplace... mail several!!!
#13 Have a candlelit dinner with "Phantom of the Opera" soundtrack or some romantic jazz (like Michael Buble!) in the background!!!
#14 Mail a box of Conversation Hearts, or fill a candy dish with all red (or green) M&M's, or Hugs and Kisses, and tie it with a bow!
#15 Put notes or cards all over... in the kitchen, in the bathroom, in his briefcase, in the car, in his/her pockets, in his/her book or current magazines, at the office if you can arrange it!!!
#16 Just call to say "I love you"... several times a day!!!
#17 Run a Bubble bath complete with candles and soft music... top it off with a Dryer-warmed Towel to dry her or him off with!!!
#18 Make your own Custom CD with all her or his favorite songs... or with romantic songs!!!
#19 Copy a Classic Romantic Poem... or better yet - recite it!
#20 Write up a resume, applying for the job of being girlfriend/wife...(or boyfriend/husband) - include a Cover Letter and mail. Be creative and have fun!
#21 Do something Touristy in your own town! Call the Visitor's Bureau and find out what Tourists do there... you may be surprised to find what your area offers!
#22 Enjoy the great Outdoors... pack a picnic or snack... bring some wine, a latte or hot cocoa, and enjoy the sunset together!
#23 Compliment him or her to others in a crowded room - if she/he is there - that is even better!
#24 Lingerie... yes - I know - but honestly... it's a classic idea that always gets the point across!

and lastly...

#25 Arrange a Photo Shoot with a local Photographer - or a talented friend with a good camera - and have your photograph taken together... order his or her favorite one and have it framed! (or better yet, scrapbooked!) I know - I know... I couldn't help myself?!

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

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