Saturday, April 08, 2006

Mental Block


So I have been suffering from some kind of mental BLOCK... I can't seem to get my act together to actually get caught up... I am sure it is God's funny sense of humor in teaching me to give grace for my future clients! LOL! I have always been - as I've said - 'annoyingly caught up' on my personal Scrapping. Until recently, that is!

See - I have had a lull in clientele since Christmas time - and I thought I would spend it wisely in getting the business end of this business in order... licensing and all that 'fun' stuff... so - in trying to learn some new tricks I fell behind in my own scrapbooking... plus I have a daughter moving on to Middle School next year and I have found that what I really want to do is make her (now several) School scrapbooks into ONE... so - I have to either find a MONDO Album that expands to a foot... or condense and possibly throw out?! (Gasp!? The Horror!? I know?!) I also need to purchase a new Album for our Annual Album of 2006... which is why I haven't started on our Family Annual Album of 2006 yet either?!??!?!?!!!

So - I am planning on pushing through today and at least get some actual gluing done and working at clearing off my desk/table! I had sort of made this 'deal' with God - that I would use my in between client time to catch up on my own scrapping - and once I was caught up - I would be open and ready for another Client/Job... which just MAY be why I haven't HAD a new client or job...?! So - my focus today is to tackle those layouts are are ready to be glued and try to get on a creative roll!

Let me know what projects you are working on or if you are caught up right now!?

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