Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Scrap Happy and sticky fingers

Hey there...
Yes - it has been a crazy week or two... I had a great turn out for my Scrap Happy Scrapbook group last week... almost all of the ladies that came are actually from other Crops I have gone to in the past couple of months... only one gal was from our church. But I love that... I think that is great and so in line with what I envisioned when I started the group anyway! It was a fairly productive evening for everyone at hand! (AND Connie had just rec'v a shipment in from Prima - so she brought in her flower of the month kits and some other fun stuff too...) As you can see... we had lots of fun!

I worked on Italian cards... I finished up that order the next day! Since then, I have done nothing scrap-related! I have however been elbow deep in Bridal Shower planning and prep! I made all the Party favors yesterday and my fingers are still a bit sticky from all that floral tape... I have pictures to print out of a few events... the above Scrap group, my daughters days and days of birthdays... some garden shots... so I will have some stuff to do whenever I have some time!? I need (well, 'need') to finish a book that is due back to the library on Friday... so I am hoping to get some sun/reading time this afternoon after my Bible study. I need to work on a few things for the Shower and Wedding soon - but it is not urgent... I get to go 'babysit' my nephews tomorrow for a few hours... and Dave is playing a gig at The Depot on Saturday too!

My thoughts and prayers are with my friend Corinna this week... I am praying that the Comforter is beside you, strengthening you and holding you close! His Love and Grace is amazing! I pray that even in this time and season, you feel His Presence!

Scrap On!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Days and Weeks of Kayelyn's Birthday!

Aaah yes... it is true... my baby is almost (ALMOST!?) a teenager!

We always joke around that our daughter's birthday celebrations go on for so many days in a row is almost feels like a Jewish Festival of weeks and weeks of celebrations!? Oh - she is SO not complaining about it, of course!!! And really - neither are we! We are so blessed to have family close by and we are able to drag out the celebrations to really commemorate her getting another year older! Next year she will officially be a teenager?! Ugh?! So not looking forward to THAT part?! Of course - as it is now, she STILL has her days...

Overall - she is such a blessing to me! I adore her and am constantly in awe of who she is and what God is doing in and through her at this young age. She is a consistent source of joy to me and I pray that will always (well... at least ALMOST always?!) be the case! Oh - I know... I've heard it before... all of those "Oh, you just wait's" and "You'll see... you'll know..." head shakes... But here's the deal... I am praying against that! LOL!? I know what is considered 'normal' teen behavior in our culture... and yet I know many parents and teens who have successfully made it through those years without wanting to kill each other or shoot daggers of death with their eyes at each other! I have watched and observed... and I have seen it done! So - that is my hope... that we will remain close through these next few years where the lines of Mom and Friend start to blur and come back into focus and blur again... I have always told her that I am stricter than most... but that is because I know that my time is limited and soon the day will come where I will begin to let loose a bit at a time... and while I am trusting her and letting go, her other friends' Mom's will be panicking and wanting to take more control - but it will be too little, too late!? You cannot be the cool Mom when they are little and then want to set rules when they are older... I've seen it backfire too many times?!

Anyway - I have not scrapped ANYTHING since NSD... I still have a card order to complete (which I will work on tomorrow night at my Crop at church) and I haven't heard from my Italy Client for a few weeks either... hopefully that is coming along and I will get those pictures soon!? I do have a ton of Birthday Pictures to print out and Scrap - but I haven't done that yet... I'm trying to pace myself so I will have something to do for the NEXT Crop!? LOL?! It's sad, I know?! I just need more clients, that's all!?

Actually - my niece is getting married next month - so I have been submerged in everything Shower and Wedding related!!! I get to throw her a Bridal Shower in the beginning of June... and I am the Photographer for the Wedding (and my gift to her is to scrap their Wedding Album too!) So - I will have PLENTY of things to do soon enough!!!

My daughter had a family birthday dinner on her actual birthday, a friends slumber party the next day... one family celebration the NEXT day, and another family celebration on Sunday - along with Mother's Day of course! So, just for fun - here are a few Birthday shots over the days and weeks of Kayelyn's Birthday...

Scrap On!

Monday, May 07, 2007

National Scrapbook Day = Fun, fun, fun!

Well - even though I have been scrapbooking for over 12 years - this is the first year that I have actually 'celebrated' NSD by going to a Crop event! I signed up for another Fri/Sat Crop retreat in town with a friend. We had a blast... and actually got a lot of stuff done! I keep hoping that they will schedule one when I actually have a JOB... so I can work all weekend and actually be WORKING... oh well!? I had plenty to work on over the weekend! I only had 1 two page layout (with a pull out page) to scrap... but I worked on some altered items and cards too...

This is my friend Renee... sucking in those cheeks and looking Oh So Paris-like...
(yeah - that's hot!)

She is such a riot... I can't even imagine how well she will get along with the More Funner One?! LOL?! one day... one day... It's funny how we met (MySpace) and how fast we were able to click and become friends (immediately!?) - but I can't imagine going to a Crop without her!? (Plus - she is the one who keeps me in line... and won't let me print out my pictures?!)

Here is a Layout of our Tulip Trip...

I also made a couple of Frames for wedding gifts...

and a Mini-album for a Mother's Day Gift...

and a few random cards as well...

See?! It was fairly productive... and we had a great time while creating! We met some new people... and hopefully we are rested up and will not be paying for being gone all weekend long, sitting in hard chairs and forgetting to get up and walk around a little?!

Hope you all had a fun and eventful NSD... and that you are getting that rest you so deserve on this side of our own personal holiday!?

Scrap On!