Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Scrap Happy and sticky fingers

Hey there...
Yes - it has been a crazy week or two... I had a great turn out for my Scrap Happy Scrapbook group last week... almost all of the ladies that came are actually from other Crops I have gone to in the past couple of months... only one gal was from our church. But I love that... I think that is great and so in line with what I envisioned when I started the group anyway! It was a fairly productive evening for everyone at hand! (AND Connie had just rec'v a shipment in from Prima - so she brought in her flower of the month kits and some other fun stuff too...) As you can see... we had lots of fun!

I worked on Italian cards... I finished up that order the next day! Since then, I have done nothing scrap-related! I have however been elbow deep in Bridal Shower planning and prep! I made all the Party favors yesterday and my fingers are still a bit sticky from all that floral tape... I have pictures to print out of a few events... the above Scrap group, my daughters days and days of birthdays... some garden shots... so I will have some stuff to do whenever I have some time!? I need (well, 'need') to finish a book that is due back to the library on Friday... so I am hoping to get some sun/reading time this afternoon after my Bible study. I need to work on a few things for the Shower and Wedding soon - but it is not urgent... I get to go 'babysit' my nephews tomorrow for a few hours... and Dave is playing a gig at The Depot on Saturday too!

My thoughts and prayers are with my friend Corinna this week... I am praying that the Comforter is beside you, strengthening you and holding you close! His Love and Grace is amazing! I pray that even in this time and season, you feel His Presence!

Scrap On!

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