Friday, December 19, 2008

More Flipbooks, and other Random thoughts...

I can not even believe how fast this entire year has gone! It must be part of (gasp?!) growing older, but time seems to be moving so much faster?! In some ways I like it - and in others, of course, I do not! I am officially DONE with all things Christmas as far as shopping or running around goes! I do still need to head to the grocery store for a few dinner items - but other than that - I am completely done, wrapped, mailed, stuffed, etc! LOL! It feels nice! I actually started and nearly finished a book yesterday - (A friend loaned me a couple of her Richard Paul Evans books... so I am reading Finding Noel right now - and will finish it tonight... and then move on to the other one - which I think is The Carousel!)

Over the past few days, (in all my spare time?!) I have worked on a few digi's - mailed off those Leavenworth flipbooks pictured below, and got myself 'all caught up' again in paper scrapping! Here are some shots of what I've been working on:

This is the RAK that Denice won for her Thanksgiving Random list of things she is thankful for in my comments... what won it for her was the "Lipstick in every color!" Who doesn't love that, really?! So - she won this little beauty - and I can't wait to see what she does with it! (I am almost certain that there WILL be some Stickles applied somewhere?!)

Here is what I worked on last night at my monthly Crop:
(I added a tad bit of Stickles to the frosted berries on my photo... so fun!)

Also last night, one of the gals at my Crop gave me an early Christmas gift - she bought me a super fun new Cricut Cartridge (Fabulous Finds)... I can't WAIT to play with it! I think I need to buy a new matt though - as none of my paper will stick?! I am trying to re-stick it and play today - but I may just have to wait!
This is a Digi I made for my SparkPeople Spark Page... I try to keep a somewhat updated count...
In other news... I mentioned before that we have a new little Nephew... he is gorgeous - and oh so sleepy! I got to have him (well - hold him!?) for a couple of hours and I barely got a peek at his gorgeous blue eyes!? He lost a bit of weight and so we are praying that he will regain a healthy appetite and gain back that weight... Welcome little Lincoln James Cole!
(This is Kaye, me, and Lincoln Log!)Here is Uncle Dave holding a still sleeping baby Lincoln! (This was a different day!)
Speaking earlier of how fast time flies by and all of that... I have to say how blessed I was when our daughter decided that she was going to work her little booty off to make some money to purchase gifts for all of her friends... she has a fairly large circle of friends thanks to her involvement in church - and so she ended up buying for about 15 or 16 friends... some of them were 'private jokes' and some were 'real gifts' - but she had SUCH a blast picking them out, and wrapping them up! She got to deliver them Santa-style at Youth group on Tuesday! She filled this giant Stocking stuffer and carried it with her to pass out the gifts! So cute! She truly did get the true spirit of giving... what a blessing!
Oh yes - and that same day - before GC, I took her to get a trim...
um - yeah - that is NOT a trim!?
It looks super cute - but there are about 8 - 10 inches gone?!
So - that is all I have for today... this is my last day with an empty house and I am off to finish that book and enjoy the quiet a bit...
Scrap On Everyone! I pray you are wrapping up all your Holiday running around, and you too will be able to relax and truly ENJOY the holidays! (Praying for Larry's safe return Na!)


Denice aka Dedelicious said...

Lookie busy with LO's and flip books, and you even have time to get in a good read! Thank-you!!! I love my flip book and hope to get it all put together after the new year...I'll make sure I take lots of pics to put in it! I'll also take a pic of our inflatables...just for the memories! LOL!

Love your dd's new trim...very teenager-ish!

Hugs and happy holidays :)

Michele said...

You go girl! You are all done with Christmas too. Now we can both just relax! lol

Pam said...

Doesn't it feel great to be all done with the busy-ness? WTG!! Love the flipbooks! And congrats on the new little nephew in your family!! What a blessing! Well, enjoy Christmas and get lots of relaxing and reading in! Hugs to you!