Saturday, January 17, 2009

Thanks to Chuck - my world is no longer spinning out of control!

(...or is that Order?!)

Yes - it is true - God decided to show mercy on me and put a little GEM of a Day Planner in Darcie's path and she oh so lovingly sent it to me and I got it TODAY... I would include a lovely photo - but I let my kid take my camera to Camp... so photo's will have to wait - but you WILL get to see.. oh yeah - you will!

Thank you SO MUCH Chuck... I LOVE it... I love every little section and the set up and how BLANK it was - Yes, WAS - when it arrived just a few moments ago! After filling in all I have on the calendar next week and let out a sigh of relief... now, somehow - for whatever reason, it actually seems like I can do it all! It's like MAGIC!!! (and I love that it is called Time.Mine! Perfect... makes me think of Finding Nemo a little! ...wait for it, wait for it.... it'll click for you...?!)

Anyway - I also LOVED the card and the gorgeous pix of your girls... my how they are getting big and even though they started out pretty much carbon copies of each other - they are each growing into their own!

Speaking of Camp - yeah - Kaye is off at Winter Camp and is having a BLAST! How do I know?! Well - she is adorable and she texts me updates every couple of hours. Not because I said she had to - but because she wants to?! Gotta love that! Pray as she is right now as we speak taking an Ice Skating lesson so she can go ice skating there... uh huh... ice skating... it's not that she is not capable - it's just that she is - let's say - coordinationally challenged at times?! Once she gets it - she'll go full force... which is not really any less scary for Mom!? Anyway - if I didn't loan her my camera - I would also be able to post all the LOs I did last week that brought me once again up to date and current! I am all done with my 2008 Family Album and now need to purchase a new album for this year... and a mini for a Spark/Friendship Album I am working on. Any suggestions or favorite albums out there - give me a shout out and let me know as I have not made up my mind yet! I am still a fan of the post bound albums... but I could be convinced otherwise (maybe?!). I like my pages to flow without that break that you get with the ring binders and such...

Anyway - I have about ten people signed up for my workshop so I need to kit those soon... that is at the end of the month! I also have a new client that I have yet to meet with as she is battling yuckiness so hopefully within a week I will be able to order supplies for her Wedding Album! Fun! I also just got an order for 30 Valentine's Day cards... so I am so happy that I actually scrapbooked this week and got caught up! I have this little 'deal' if you will with God... as long as I can stay current with my own projects, then I want to continue on with my business. So it just so happens that whenever I find myself a bit behind and yet wanting more work - I know I need to get caught up and the clients will come! So - yay! I am needing to raise some money this year for our trip in June... so the more work I can do between now and then would help!

So - I am off to fill in more of my lovely Day Planner... (Mine! Mine!)
Scrap Happy!!!


Michele said...

Glad you are now officially organized, caught up and working some jobs! :-) hehe Speaking of some jobs, I actually have someone I was telling about what you did and she told me that when she goes on her next cruise she definitely wants you to do her vacation album (she said she would do this one, but she thinks she is way too fat and doesn't not want that documented for all to see! lol) So I'm trying to help you out. Not sure how it will work across country, but we will figure it out! lol

Christina said...

Well I am glad you finally got your planner! Now you can get all organized. PS you won my blog candy so I need you to email me all your info at

Denice aka Dedelicious said...

I'm glad you have a planner! Now we just need to find a time that we can chat the same time! LOL!

I didn't realize you are having a workshop...that's excellent! You have been blessed!

Hugs to you dearie!

Darcie said...

Woo-hooo, so glad you like the planner! It's kinda hard to choose one for someone else, lol!? There was one other one they had that was oober cool, but it was huge-like 13x13 or something, cleary meant to stay on a desk, not ever get taken along anywhere.
I couldn't remember if I had included those picture of the girls in the x-mas card or not so I'm glad I did, sounds like you didn't already have them. :o)
Glad Kaye is having fun at camp, the ice skating should be interesting...
I am no help with an album, I LOVE my 3-ring style, I think it's american crafts?