Friday, March 20, 2009

"- from you... I learned it from watching you, Bucket!"

OK - so I know that you are all wondering why these layouts seem strangely familiar even though I just made these LOs last night... well - it's because I did a Digi or two using these photo's!? Yeah - well - I learned this little trick from a friend in Boise... who shall remain nameless... and we won't mention the photo's of her cuties that were seen over and over and OVER... at least my LOs differ in that ONE is DIGI and lives in my computer, and ONE is old school and lives in my Family Album now?!

Still... I had a great day yesterday - a walk with my sister in the morning... which is not only bringing a bit more daylight... but sunshine and warmth as well! Yeah - I am a fan of that! I loathe those mornings when I can see my breath and not feel my legs... so Spring is better! After that I spent my Thursday afternoon as I do every Thursday afternoon - with my friend Lori - chatting and praying over coffee for hours and hours and hours! Oh - you think I am joking... but I am not! In fact, my daughter can attest that I am not joking because almost every Thursday I am rushing to pick her up on time because we couldn't stop talking!? Always a great afternoon! THEN - we went to develop some photo's that she took at school of her and her friends... and I came home to pre-plan my LOs and pack up my scrap supplies! After a quick dinner (Subway! Yum!) I was off to Scrap Happy - the monthly Crop I host! We had 10 people there... which is great because the past few months it had been me and one or two other gals... still fine - but more funner with a larger crowd! I managed to complete 4 pages and am once again all caught up!? Here is what I worked on:

(Yeah - those Friends' photo's were taken, printed, and scrapped within a matter of hours?! Is that wrong?!) I was hoping to get a few cards done as well... but maybe this afternoon!? We'll see?! We have my SIL and her two boys in town this week - they live in Nashville and so we rarely get to see them in person! We met up for lunch today at one of our old meeting/feeding places - a local burger joint which we love because of the 'special fry sauce'! Yum! Now - it helped that I weighed in today and hit the 70 pounds gone mark today - so I was not about to blow it - but I survived Burger Ranch with little to no damage done! Nice! Sad that Ruthie had to introduce me to her babies (again)... I guess last time was almost two years ago... but still!? Hopefully by after dinner they will be more comfy around all of us strangers!

So - all the family gatherings in the next week - and a few more gatherings in the near future - I am sure I will have some photo's to play with SOON! I can not, however, promise to not reuse them in Digi-land AND kickin' it old school! I DO have a meeting next Wednesday evening with a client - so hopefully I will have some fun wedding photo's to play with soon!

OK - off to work on some birthday cards...
Scrap Happy!


Amy said...

Too cute! Sounds like you're having fun :)

Scrappinaway said...

Wow, you do great work! LOVE the Lo's!! Is it wrong to have them done so fast?!?! YES!!! LOL!! That is great that you are so caught up! I need someone to help get me caught up!!

Denice aka Dedelicious said...

You can NEVER scrap the same pic too many times, especially if they are great pics w/ a great theme! Love what you did with all of your LO's! But then, everything you do is Special, K!

Pam said...

All I can say is that I absolutely adore your talent and I don't care how many copies of a photo you have, it cannot be scrapped too many times! As always- you've inspired me and made me smile! Thanks! Enjoy spending time with your family, too!

the dangerous, entertaining one said...

Look, I found your blog again too, lol.

So now your a re-scrapper like bucket! And really, pics taken & scrapped the same day (or hour)-wheres the sport in that, lol!? Good chatting with you this morning, I gotta go find my mouse again & look for tht dang cord too.