Monday, April 04, 2011

Bunny Trail Kit - so adorable!!!

I can hardly believe that it is almost Easter time already?!
I know, I know... I realize that this statement alone proves
that I am - eh em... getting old(er)!
Time just seems to be flying by and I have to say
- I am oh so glad that Easter is late this year!
I am SO not ready!
I have no thoughts going on yet of filling Easter Baskets,
going dress shopping, card making, or even the actual Sunday plan...
I should get on that, for sure!

This super cute new Kit at Stuff to Scrap will seriously help
put you in the Easter mood!!!
I know it helped me!

You want to go find Easter/Spring pix
to play with now too, don't you?
It's okay...
Just head over to Stuff to Scrap, purchase this kit,
and scrap happy!

1 comment:

Denice said...

What an EGG-ceptional kit! You did a fab job on your LO's...but then, you always do!