Friday, December 23, 2011

Happy Holid-- Nope - I actually MEAN Merry Christmas!

I don't know if you have noticed this where YOU live... but I have been noticing how shockingly FEW times I have heard someone say Merry Christmas to me. It's been so few times actually - that I am surprised when I DO hear it! Happy Holidays is safe and that has been spoken out often... but it is so vague. Sure - it includes all the 'winter holidays' but, especially in retail - what they are REALLY hoping we are celebrating is Christmas! While I have been known to light a few Hanukkah candles, and I admit that I have no idea what Kwanzaa even really is - I think most of us, even non-Christ followers at large - are comfortable celebrating Christmas in general. I saw a photo posted on facebook the other day in the same vein as those Black billboards with 'messages from God'... it was bright red and it said:

"I miss hearing Merry Christmas." ~Jesus

EXACTLY what I was thinking!!! So - whether you celebrate the Christs birth - or simply the message of peace and love during this season, I boldly say, I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


And because you KNOW I can't not post some pictures - here are a few more layouts that have helped to get me once again all caught up!

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