Thursday, February 02, 2012

Feelin' a Little Valentiney!!!

I blame Pinterest! Seriously... I do!

I have a 16 year old now... which means GONE are the days of making Valentine's and having Classroom parties! (Insert pouty sad face here!) Last year - my husband and I decided to buy single long stemmed roses for our dd and a group of her girlfriends - who were mostly all single at the time! If you have come to know me at all through this blog - you will know that we celebrate Valentine's Day as a family - making sure that our daughter knows that - yes, Valentine's Day is about Romance - but ultimately it is about Love! So - I like to kick it old school - and still make and hand out a few Valentine's Day cards or love notes... I like to make a fancy candle-lit dinner (for 4 - family style!) and make a yummy dessert!

So - here are a few of my Valentine's... I am trying (oh so hard!) to not buy anything NEW - but use up some supplies that I already have on hand - so here is what I have been playing with lately:

Browsing around Pinterest has made me REALLY want to host a party too though... and of course - at 16, my daughter is simply not interested?! sigh... It's probably for the best anyway - as I am OOBER busy right now... I still may throw together a little something just for fun with a few girlfriends... we'll see?!

So - what are YOU doing to celebrate Valentine's Day? Any special plans, crafts, or recipes? Do share!


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Cherie said...

Love you cards Karrilee! They are SO cute!