Thursday, June 07, 2007

Tulle, and Ribbons, and Bows, OH MY!?

So... it's been forever since I have even sat down at the computer to just read all of YOUR Blogs, not to mention update my own... but here I am, stealing a minute or two to say Hey! I have not done ONE THING scrap related for weeks... so not like me... even though I am normally 'caught up' I usually have cards to make or something to alter... something?! But - no... my scrap table probably actually has dust on it!?

But - I have been having fun none the less planning and prepping for my niece's Bridal Shower this weekend! I haven't thrown a Shower for over a decade... I forgot how much goes into it all... of course, lucky for me, my niece is anything but traditional - so it will not be a formal affair... but still - I want it to be fun and a blessing to her... Don't tell Na - but I even have a little notebook... OK - well - for those of you who know me very well - you know that while I lack in any competition with Na - she ALWAYS wins, hands down... I am a Notebook-type of person myself... so when I stepped up to help plan the wedding, and asked my sister (the mother of the Bride) and my niece (the Bride) to bring their Notebook with them when they came a few weeks ago so we could go over the plans... and they openly laughed at me and said, "UM.... a notebook?!?" I panicked a bit... it's true!? Then, over the course of that weekend, I did in fact supply them with color coded lists and a notebook to take home with them! LOL!? Yeah - I know - it is probably under a couch or bed or in some drawer somewhere - but still - it made ME feel better?!

So - this weekend is the Shower... and then in two more weeks, we have the Ceremony! I am the photographer for the Wedding and am so excited!!! Anyway - the shower is first so my focus has had to been on that... I need to go grocery shopping tomorrow and pack the car and then I am ready and can't do anything until the actual day! Oh yeah - my husband and my mother talked me OUT of attempting the cake on my own?! I could have done it - but they saw my eyes glaze over when I recited the menu and they made me stop! Literally - they both said no to half of my menu plans?! They also reminded me that I planned the Shower at 2pm so I wouldn't HAVE to serve a huge spread... but, you know how it is... once the planning starts, and you find all these yummy new recipes... Yeah - I said it... new recipes?! What!? WHAT?!?!? I can do it... I never use a 'tried and true' recipe for a special occasion!? LOL!? OK - well - sometimes maybe... but I had too many fun ones to chose from!!?! Anyway - it will be great! This weekend also happens to be a Crop Retreat weekend... they do it every other month and I cannot go... I even have PICTURES to scrap... but I can't possibly squeeze it in!? I mean - I could try... but... ?!?! I have been fighting off a bit of sickiness too - am feeling MUCH better - but I figure I better not push it too much!

So - hopefully I will have pictures of the shower, or some new lo or SOMETHING to post next time!!!

Praying for you all!
Scrap Happy!


darcie said...

So you are still around, lol! Sounds like the planning & general wedding craziness is going well. Can't wait to see pic's of the shower, I hope it went really well.

It rained here all day today, so we braved the dredded mall with ALL THREE girls...yeesh!

Glad to hear you're feeling a little better-praying you will be 100% better SOON!

Miss ya!

Dettao said...

I can certainly sense how much you love your niece. Thanks for visiting my blog and for leaving a comment. Cherish your time with your daughter. It goes fast.