Monday, September 24, 2007

Aaaaahhh Fall!!!!

LOL!? I know - I know... but honestly - Autumn is my favorite!? I just can't help it?! I made myself wait until today to pull out all the Fall decorations and candles and leaves... but I am knee deep in decor and remembered that I have been so crazy busy - I haven't blogged for awhile?! So - while my boxes are piled up and the scents of orange spice, cinnamon, and apple cider drift through the house - I decided to take a little break and type awhile!

Wow?! It has been CRAZY busy!? I am a very on-purpose type of person, and I plan my days accordingly. I don't like to end the day not knowing what was accomplished or not sure of what I did. Sure, we all have those days - sometimes even entire seasons where that happens, despite our best intentions - but I try to pencil in some downtime for myself as well as for our family each week. The last couple of weeks had no luxury of relaxing!? I can't even tell you what (or IF) I cooked a real meal last week at all!? Luckily - this is not normal, and my wonderful hubby and devoted daughter both pitched in and helped out so I could maintain my focus! All of my normal routine went to the wayside last week as I spent hours and hours crafting and gluing and cropping and painting...

First off let me say this - my past experience in doing 'bazaars' or the like - well - not been positive. At all. I have been known to spend entire days not selling anything... I quit that circuit soon after I started it... that is not the crowd for me! eBay - sure... once in awhile. Putting stuff in higher end stores nad boutiques, spas, etc. - yeah - that has worked a bit better. But mostly - I have enjoyed a slower yet steady pace of internet business. However, I was asked to participate in this conference and was told that there would be other businesses selling their wares as well. It ended up that there was really only one other set up selling product that was not books or tapes related to the conference or the author/main speaker. I am not sure how they did - they had a larger set up and were luckily RIGHT in the entryway. I, however, was sort of in the back, in a hallway, next to the men's bathroom. (You think I am joking?! I am not!?) I am not complaining though... I was simply happy to be there... and once the ladies DID find me, they were all very nice and encouraging! It would have been nice to have a better spot - I think I would have done much better, but in the end, I am honestly not complaining! If I do end up doing it again next year, however, I will ask to be placed more in the front!?

Anyway - I worked like a mad woman creating 'stock on hand' - altered journals, frames, mini's, tins, as well as promoted my custom album business. I managed to have, by 'showtime', quite a nice display...
Not too shabby, huh!? Considering I had NOTHING made up ahead of time the week before?! Yeah - let's just say I can't REMEMBER the last time I cooked dinner?! Sad... but true!?!?!! My DH and DD were GREAT... so supportive and encouraging.
After the first session or two, I had sold one item... for $10!? I was not feeling the love, let me tell you!? Then, sitting in the main session, getting ready to hear that main speaker, during the music, I felt the Lord ask me, "Karri, if I say that I am pleased with you and your efforts, would that be enough for you? know that I am happy and that you accomplished what I asked of you? Would that be enough?" Um... well, does that mean I will have to pack all of this stuff back up? LOL?! Right... well - in all honesty, it DID take me a little bit to be able to truly say yes, it would be enough! I knew He had lead me to do this, and He was stretching me and I knew that I had done a good job... so - if nothing sold, I had to be okay with that! (Then, wouldn't you know it - the main speaker talked about how we need to ask ourselves if Jesus is enough for us! If we get no applause, no recognition, no pats on the back... is He enough for us? OK - I got it?!)
Anyway - the end result was I sold way more than it looked like I would, I got a LOT of positive feedback, and even a few future custom orders, plus I handed out a TON of cards so who can know what business may come my way from last weekend!? All in all, it was a positive experience! The main speaker was incredible! Her name is Alicia Britt Chole and she is an author and speaker and was really saying things that God had already spoken to me over the past several years... so it was really confirming and encouraging! She is referred to as the Female Max Lucado... which is my goal - so it was awesome to be able to sit back and listen to her talk!
So - with the weekend behind me, I now have to focus on putting my house (and scrapbook area in particular) back in order, not to mention finishing decorating for my favorite season!
I STILL have to finish the last 6 pages or so of the Italy album I am working on, plus I have STACKS of my own scrapping to do as well! (Yes - STACKS - from the entire summer?!) So hopefully I will get some of that beloved Downtime soon and get back on track with scrapping!!!
Scrap On!

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darcie said...

Woah, looks like a lot of work! The display (and product) looks great!! Hope the sales were good overall.

What the?! You have STACKS of photos? I am in shock, lol. :op