Thursday, October 04, 2007

Too funny!

Hey there...

Well - I am finishing up a few projects here... mainly the Italy album! I have 3 pages to do today and then I will be done! I am STILL, however, waiting to hear back from the company about the custom album I created... it should have been printed and shipped by now?! I have a small custom order of 4 mini's that I need to do today as well... and then my next client is wanting a custom order of 100 cards to match her new website/ministry... very exciting! (Although - this still means that I still have stacks... YES, STACKS - of my own photo's to scrap!?) Soon... soon!!!

Anyway - just for your own entertainment, follow this link and enjoy!!! This is a great little tutorial on how to make a "Man Made Card"... LOL!

Scrap On!

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na said...

Did you just say, "STACKS?" Gasp!