Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Busy busy girl... (& other lame excuses!)

I know... I know... I am a slacker!? I was even thinking of leavin' a wee bit o' smack on 'others' blogs but I realized I hadn't really updated my own blogs so - here I am!?

I HAVE been busy... I worked on a Custom card order (some are featured here:) well as several 'real' Layouts (featured here:)

...and some Digi's too! (You guessed it... here:)

The one thing I still have a love/hate relationship in DigiLand is when I find a typo... I had already merged all layers - so while theoretically it should be easier than a regular LO... it's not when you find it AFTER the image has been flattened?! sigh...
Anyway, I finished up those Poetry books and loved every minute of them... and I am happy to report that not only am I in the middle of a fiction book... but I just had a friend refer me to two new authors who have SEVERAL books that I have never read - so once again - my stack is growing! Once I finish the Debbie Macomber book I am reading now - I am digging into the book you sent me Darcie... did you read it too!? I'll have to let ya know what I think!

So - today I am working on my 'other' job - (office and graphic design work for a few local Realtors) and then I am working on another custom card order for a non-traditional bridal shower... I am looking forward to figuring out something fun for that!

I am still faithfully watching AI and could rewrite my opinion of last nights' episode - but I basically wrote it all out on Na's blog already... so I will just refer you to her blog and call it good!? LOL!? (

So... what are you all working on right now!? What fun projects or pictures are you playing with!?
Scrap Happy!


Anonymous said...

Those are some seriously CUTE layouts and cards! I love the Easter in sepia! You are amazingly productive!!!

I am working on putting my 2003, 04, and 05 into albums at the moment. They have been sitting in those Karen Foster bins too long now and need to be put into albums once and for all so I can move onto scrapbooking 06, etc.

natalie said...

Oops, I hit the wrong button!

Trish said...

lovely layouts-especially like those butterflies !! (I just developed some disposable cameras that i found-turned out they are from 5 years ago, 40 pounds ago-and my son also looks so so cute and young-only got a handful o ones that turned out at all, but going to put a layout together with them:)

darcie said...

Ooooh, you have been busy! Cute layouts, love the fierce girls lol! I'm working on absoutely nothing, totally disorganized in my room, clueless as to where I, nothing new, LOL. I did manage to put a bunch of stray layouts into my new 12x12 3-ring albums (LOVE THEM) and took a bunck from my broken cbx album & put them in another 3-ring, that count's for something doesn't it?

arlsmom aka Lynda said...

Great cards and layouts Karrilee!!!

smacked by chuck said...

Ok,'s been a week?! No, I haven't updated either, I just felt like spreading some smack love around, LOL!

darcie said...

Oh my heck, where are you????

testing one two three said... this thing on?

person with updated blog said...

Okay slacker, I have updated FOUR times!! :op