Thursday, May 08, 2008

I will miss those black pants...

... not that I am complaining of course!

It started happening a couple of months ago... slowly but surely! At first, it was nothing to get excited about... nothing anyone could really notice much! But, slowly - my favorite jeans began to get too baggy. I had to wash and dry them in between each wearing. My tops began to fit... well, better really. It was not super noticeable. Next up were my most favorite beaded and embroidered jean capri's. (Now I know you are picturing some BeDazzle commercial catastrophe - but let me assure you, these are super cool!) They cannot be dried in the dryer - so the shrinkage was not happening as much as I needed. Sad... I love these and was looking forward to Spring and wearing these! Then, last Sunday, I got ready and had planned on wearing my beloved Black Slacks, a favorite summer top, with a pink fitted blazer. I put the top on and the straps kept falling off my shoulders... the blazer is no longer fitted, but looks like I borrowed it for dress up... and then the pants...!? I LOVED these pants... honestly - the classic black slacks... very flattering and comfortable. Anyway - I wore them one Sunday last month. They were loose - but not baggy at all... so when I went to put them on last week, I expected them to stay put. While I could not (yet) hold them up in front of me and show that I could fit into one leg now... they would not stay up! They were way too loose to wear, and being trousers, they have no belt loops so they are not an option anymore! I will miss those Black Slacks... but I'm over it already! I will gladly replace them!

I have lost 28 pounds so far, and yet I refused to go shopping for new clothes until today. I was just hesitant because I refused to buy yet another pair of jeans in the same size. I have been in that size since my daughter was born - and she will be a teenager within the week?! Yeah - so I was done buying that size jeans! I need to find a smaller bra as well - but I came home today with two springy tops and one size smaller jean capris! WoOt! AND I need to wear the belt with them! So - this time, I am not forming a long term love affair with these fun Spring clothes, nor am I going out to buy a whole new wardrobe for Spring... because I have plans of replacing these new clothes soon as well! Now... on to more important things... Crafts and AI...

What can I say - other than THANK GOD that Jason is finally gone?! Oh My Goodness?! What was even up with that?! Sure - he seemed nice enough in the beginning - and he did pull out a few great performances - but he was needing to go for WEEKS on end... so I was a happy girl! I guess maybe I should think about voting some time soon now, huh?! I know... I usually don't vote until it is the finale... sad - but true!? I am rarely THAT invested in who wins... but I love the show! I am pretty sure that the Final Two will be the two David's... as it should be... As a Grown up - I will probably buy David Cooks CD and listen to it way more than I would possibly David A's... but David A's voice is amazing... David Cook is so much more versatile - and yet he definitely has his own style - and I think, personally, it would be better for him to come in second and be able to stay true to his own vision, than to win and have to do whatever they tell him to!? Now, David A - he is young and he needs someone to tell him what to do right now (maybe besides his own Dad?!)... but I wouldn't be disappointed either way - as long as the last two standing are the David's!

Now - crafty news... well - I can't post any photo's yet but I worked on a last minute order of a Mini album for a customer last week - which is why I have been silent here! The boy will get some MAJOR bonus points - but he literally came at me with a pile of photo's and that is all... oh - and he didn't want a 'store bought' album - but something more homemade... which simply means I got to play with chipboard and some Bind It All! I will post photo's next week - once I know for sure the Mommy has seen it first! Seriously - what a great gift! (if I DO say so myself?!)

The other job I have been working on this week (and last) is a large set of handmade Bridal Shower invitations... with matching Thank You's from the Bride. The colors for her Wedding are Yellow, Green, and White and her flowers are Calla Lillies... OK - I LOVE Calla Lillies - but let me just say - not the easiest flower to find when it comes to all things scrapbooking?! Seriously?! I couldn't find one thing?! Not a patterned paper, not a sticker, or embellishment... nothing?! Of course - I didn't really have time to search the internet or anything... the shower is soon and so I had to come up with something...

So - this is how the final Invitations and Thank You's turned out:

The client loved them so much - she enlarged her guest list and ordered 10 more of each! Whew?! So - I am now done with those...

I also made a few other cards to send out to friends and for birthdays/Mother's Day:

(Have I said how much I am LOVING the Fiskars Finger Blade, and the Art Glass?! Oh My!)
Now... my daughter will be THIRTEEN on Saturday!? What the -?! Seriously - that is so scary!? She is a joy (most of the time still) and I simply adore who she is becoming! She had planned a Sleep Over for this Friday - but being Mother's Day weekend - it turned out that only ONE girl could come... so we pushed it back a week and we will celebrate with family this weekend - and next weekend she will have her friends over. So - once again, we will have the days and weeks of Festivals of Kaye's birthday!? sigh... seriously - I couldn't PLAN it if I tried... but it seems that her birthday always goes on for weeks?! Does this happen to anyone else?! So - our big gift for her on this momentus birthday is Contacts... no more glasses for our girl! She has been wanting contacts for over a year and we decided that for her birthday - we would give it a try and see how she does! We also bought tickets to the Carrie Underwood show... and of course, because she is 13 and MY daughter, she scored some super cute clothes... some great tunes... a video game... I can't even remember what else... I had this idea to get her 13 things... but after the contacts and concert and clothes - well - we were already over our budget!? My Dad's birthday is Friday - so we are doing a combined birthday deal Friday night for him and Kaye... we are having lunch on Saturday with my old (not 'old' of course!) high school friend and her family so that should be fun! Sunday is Mother's Day... I am sure we will go see Dave's Mom after church... all the kids go in on a nice hanging basket every year... and for my Mom we usually buy her several flowers to plant in pots for her patio... I will need to go out and buy those on Saturday!?

I am all caught up with scrapping still - but with Kaye's birthday month - I am sure I will have plenty of photo's to work with soon enough?! Tonight is Bunko... tomorrow I will be forced (?) to bake a cake... and thus - the beginning of weeks officially begins! Oh - and I am gonna be an Aunt again!!! Woot! another baby (that is not mine) to hold and cuddle and love on! Yay!

Happy Mother's Day to all you Moms! I hope this weekend you truly feel appreciated and loved... and know that all that you do that goes seemingly unnoticed, is noticed by Someone who is well pleased with you! It is not all for naught... I promise you!

Scrap On People!


darcie said...

ITA on Jason, what a relief to finally have him go! I (heart) David C!

Woo-hoo on the loss of clothing-you are doing awesome!!

Love the cards, calla's are one of my fave's too.

Happy birthday Kaye! We'll have to do something for her when we come to town. ;o)

Who's havin' a baby now?! This is apparently the year for babies!?

Hope you have a wonderful, relaxing, blessed mothers day-you deserve it! :o)

Corinna said...

Hi Kerri!

Thank you so much for the card. You made my day!!!!

Congrats on the weight loss... that totally rocks. I am down 19 lbs! Feels GREAT!

Hugs to you.

natalie said...

I will have to finish reading this post tomorrow, but YEAH on the 28 pounds...that rocks! Also, thank you SO MUCH for your thoughtful card I received have no idea how much I needed that card TODAY! :)