Friday, August 14, 2009

Cuttlebug fun...

Thanks to one of my MANY enabler-type friends - I broke down and purchased a Cuttlebug! You have to know - I am not really a bit Tool girl! I have very VERY little supplies on hand and really enjoy buying papers, etc per project or LO... It took me FOREVER to buy a paper cutter way back in the day and even my Cricut is relatively new (Dec) and unused (maybe a dozen times?!) - but last week I jumped in - and I bought a Cuttlebug and SCAL!The Cuttlebug is from the above mentioned friend - she now has a Big Shot so wasn't using her Cb much - and now it lives in my room! I was able to 'win' two auctions on ebay right away - and so I have one embossing file (Snowflakes) and one die cut set (Paisleys). The SCAL I had in mind when I bought the Cricut in the first place! So - instead of spending $60 - $80 per alpha on cartridges, I spent $75 on a download that enables me to cut using the countless fonts I already have! Nice! AND I can weld the letters together to cut words! I know that it will do much more than that - but it's new... and I haven't had much time to play with it!

Anyway - thanks to De - my FriendGood - I had to try this technique...

Cardstock, Aluminum Foil, Spray Adhesive, Cuttlebug and Embossing folder

Denice said that the cardstock was just foundation - but you all know me better than that! How could I not tear the edge and make it show through a little?! The Paisleys are cut and re-assembled too - a bit too many tiny pieces... not sure how often I will use it - but I do love me some Paisleys now and then!

On another note - we went out last night to enjoy Music in the Park - an activity that happens every Thursday night over the summer in our little town! Gotta love it!Also - fingers crossed - by 5 tonight - I will be driving my new car!!!
Scrap Happy!

PS - Here's the new car... still looking for the right name for him - isn't he hot?! LOL!?

Rock On!


Pam said...

how fun! New toys and a new to you car!! I'm so happy it worked out that you could get it! And it all worked out in Papa's timing... He's so fond of you!!!

vanron said...

Cool!! Looks like mine except for the color!! Enjoy!! Oh, and except for the cool air freshner!! Need me one of those dude!

Denice aka Dedelicious said...

Congrats on your CB and your car, not to be confused w/ a CB for your car, in which case you would need a "handle" and you could call yourself "Special K"! LOL!

You scored big time, and I'm not talking the pot air freshner!

Congrats on your bounty of "NEW"!

Christina said...

lol i am so loving the picture of you in the sunroof

GrammySue's Creations said...

Thank you for the encouraging words that you left on my blog. You are so kind. I asked Pam (Funk), my daughter, to ask her friends to look at my blog. I do have to say, you also are creative.
I did not feel like you were stalking me.