Sunday, August 09, 2009

Project - Done!!!

Hey there!
Surprise! An update!?

Well - I am done with my latest clients' album! I am amazed each time that I actually get paid for doing this! It is such a joy to work with people's precious photo's and create a work of art that they will treasure and show off for years and generations to come! This was a Wedding album - and so those, and babies - are always so full of love and joy! I got to play with the new Basic Grey Wisteria line and let me tell you - it is GORGEOUS!!! The colors are amazing and the prints are so fun - elegant and whimsical at the same time! (In other words, classic BG!) I love it! I have asked her permission to post a few LOs and she graciously said yes! Of course - we did about 42 pages in all, and a matching Keepsake box to keep some 'unscrap-able' items in... so I won't show all - but here are a some of my favorites:

I have also worked on several cards in the past few days - but will wait until they are at least mailed out before I show them off here! I actually did get out my Cricut though and played with that! I keep thinking I don't really have enough cartridges to really play with it... I only have the Basic/George Cart that came with it, the Fabulous Finds cart, and the Alphalicious cart... not a lot of shapes or layers or anything... but I discovered some fun things to play around with a bit... I know one day (soon) I will have time to really figure out what all it can do! I am planning on reinvesting some of my profit from this last job back into the business by purchasing a Cuttlebug, and SCAL to go with my Cricut! I can't wait! Then I will feel like I can look at a few Shapes carts when they are on sale and see?! At this point, I want the alpha options for the business... so once I get the SCAL software figured out - I will have TONS of fonts to choose from for free - so that will free up some spending money to play with carts, embossing files, and die cuts for the Cricut and Cuttlebug! I am SO not a big Tool girl... so this is a big step for me!

We are still a One Car family - but this week we are having the Gangsta car looked at by our mechanic! He will give it an hour or two and go through it and let us know his opinion on whether it is a good deal or not! I am praying that it is - and that the owner will deal with us and I can have a car - a nice tricked out car, no less - by the end of the week! Say some prayers... I will keep you posted!

Oh - how could I forget?! Here is my new little neice - Elsie May! Isn't she just ADORABLE?!

And here is a cute shot of my KK with our little Lincoln Log!

Well - I will have my new toy this afternoon, and hopefully the SCAL within a week... so I should be playing and creating a bit this week! I also need to work on some Hoorray and SpoonFlower work as well... and I have not written anything in months! I am hoping once school starts back up - I will have a routine and will find the time I seem to have lost over summer?!

Scrap Happy and Spark on!


Michele said...

Oh K, you did a BEAUTIFUL job!!! Wow I am sure for her it was worth every penny of what she spent!! You did awesome!

Tracy said...

This is AMAZING!!! Wow... you rock! :)

Denice aka Dedelicious said...

I'm speechless...

You preserved their memories beautifully, and I'm sure they'll treasure the album for years!


Pam said...

Wow! Those pages are gorgeous!! I'm sure that album will be treasured for a long, long time- and the love just flows through the pages! Awesome work!! Congrats on the niece, too! What a blessing- and she is a doll!!

Christina said...

Karrilee you continue to amaze me