Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Blast from the Past

Well - being 'all done' early does have it's bonuses - some of which are creating projects for the sheer fun of it!

FIRST - I ended up making a card and frame (with photo included - taken during a Senior Portrait session!) for a friends' b'day... I missed her b'day but figured since she was suffering in Hawaii she wouldn't really NOTICE - still, I wanted to do SOMETHING... this is what I came up with:

THEN - since that didn't take too much time on Saturday (and my dd was working NON-STOP on a couple of school projects, and dh was 'out' - at the Mall I suspect - all day) - I made another Starbucks Mini for dh's birthday! I picked him up a new Starbucks Travel Mug and some Starbucks coffee - so I thought I would just stick with the theme... here is the finished product:

I sent out all my Christmas cards/letters with a Family photo and my "Sisser" Vanessa got it and her hubby thought he went to school with my 'twin'! Vanessa's blog showed a yearbook photo of my 'twin' which in turn created a conversation with all of the Sisserhood of the Traveling Crops about how fun it would be to see photo's of each other from back in the day! So - not only a yearbook or Senior photo, but a baby photo of ourselves, and a Wedding Photo or two! How fun! I hope all of them play along!

I didn't have many BABY photo's - I was pretty sick as an infant, not expected to live! I wanted to find the one of me in the hospital with all the tubes on me - but I must not have that one... Anyway, here are a few of me as a toddler, a couple from school, and a couple on my Wedding Day!

Enjoy my Blasts from the Past...

My Mom & I... circa maybe 1971?
The Three Sisters: Kimmy, Karinna, & me!

Classic Family Pix from the early 70s!

Junior Year - 1987

Senior Portrait

Wedding Day - 1992
(yeah - he LOVED me! LOL!)

Our small Wedding Party
(Jack, Kevin, Dave & I, Karinna, & Kim)

Don't forget to play along!

Oh - since I promised not to upload to facebook before she could see them - here are a few pix of my girlie going to her first formal dance! (She and Allison - going with a group of girlfriends... Mom says, "Amen!")

Merry Christmas!


Anonymous said...

I love them. I will have to try and find some of myself... another fun thing to share with the sissers.

Denice aka Dedelicious said...

Your Starbucks mini rocks, and so do all the pics you put in it!

Love your blast from the past pictures! Fun for you to look back on, and fun for us to see you in a whole new light! :)

Hugs and love ya!

Pam said...

Wow! I love the frame, I love the mini, and I love the blast from the past pics, too! Thanks for sharing!! The pics of your dd and her friend are wonderful! Such beautiful young ladies!!

Kay aka kdedid said...

Kayelyn looks so pretty! And you survived the whole ordeal!

skertso said...

Really enjoyed checking out your blast from the past! They're great!! I'll try to track mine down and post them on my blog soon.

Anonymous said...

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