Wednesday, December 09, 2009

As my "deadline" quickly approaches, my lists get bossier?!

Wow... What a productive few weeks I have had! It was seriously looking extremely doubtful that I would meet my December 10th Deadline - especially since I hadn't purchased ONE thing as of Thanksgiving Day!? Well - we got a good chunk of it done on Black Friday, and I have managed to chip away at the rest of the list since then! I give MUCH of the credit to Tracy - from the Sisserhood! She came up with a Thread on our Team Page for our daily To Do Lists... while the lists HAVE been really Bossy with me - I have been lovin' the productivity! (Thanks Tracy!)

I am done with the buying part, but am not quite done with the making part... (and I still have a little of the wrapping part to finish up!) Here is a peek at what I have been doing (altered notebooks. journals, address books, and frames):

This is my neices' favorite Quilt:

...and this is the Dry Erase Board I made her:

I'm pretty happy with it! The Dry Erase pens are attached using velcro! So fun! I also made Digital Scrapbooked Calendars for my side of the extended family... here are a few samples of that:

I was asked to take a few portraits for a friend and decided that since I would be out and about anyway - I was going to make my little family come with me and bring along my tripod and timer/remote... unfortunately - this plan all transpired on Sunday after church... gorgeous blue skies - but wow?! FaREEZING cold wind - and lots OF IT!? Still - I managed to get several great shots of our friends for them - and we got quite a few Family Portraits of our own! We don't even really look THAT cold in most of them! Here are a few of our fav's:

Yeah - see?! There is that -3 degree Wind Chill... and THIS was our last shot!

Oh yeah - turns out those size 12 Levi's were not just a fluke... I bought those grey skinny jeans on Saturday - and they are a size 12 too! So - yay me! I also bought the outfit Dave is wearing for his birthday on Saturday - and then realized how well it would match for family portraits - so I gave them to him early... and Kayelyn got new digs as well - but managed to rip those jeans when she hoped down after that last shot! Sad day!

Anyway, I seem to be right on track... I am working on a few more items and then planning on wrapping it all up tonight! I do have a couple of birthday gifts to pick up for my Honey (since I accidentally GAVE them all to him on Saturday?!) - his b'day is the day after Christmas - so I will do that tomorrow and will be officially DONE done ~ ...all by December 10th!

(UPDATE - I am DONE done! It's true! I made it! Whew?!)

So - how are you all doing?! What are you working on? DO share!


Michele said...

AWESOME Pictures!!!!! I cna see what you love so many of them! They turned out great!

Denice aka Dedelicious said...

Busy, busy, busy....that's you!

LOVE all your day planners, memo books, and pretty!

Your photo shoot pixs are great, love the look of them all. What a fantastic looking family! :D

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Pam said...

LOVE the pictures!! All of your planners, books, and frames are awesome! I love the dry erase boards- may have to try that myself! Great work on it all- and super job braving the cold for those pictures- you all ROCK!!