Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Workshop Done... but not worth it?

Finally - I can breathe a bit... well, after Saturday that is!

Last weekend was my Trio of Love Workshop out at Selah High School for their all day Crop fund raiser. I led a workshop last year, doing a Valentine's Flipbook and it was a huge success! I had a blast, the ladies all loved it, and it was profitable in more ways than one!

So, when I was asked to do it again, I jumped at the chance! I found that I really do enjoy teaching in all forms and we all know how fun Scrapbookers are anyway! The idea came to me quickly to do a Squash album. When I was playing around I also found a mini treat basket and had enough scraps left over to make a matching Valentine's Day card! Wallah - project done! A three piece 'set' for Valentine's Day - A Trio of Love! The sign up (which was a bit down from last year) and then the fun shopping was next! After that - was the hours and hours or prep! It SHOULDN'T have taken so much of my time - but I know how difficult it seems to be for some to score and to figure out how to fold and assemble the Squash albums... so I did literally almost ALL of the work for them. Yeah - sucked up my time and ate away at my profit really! Then - I get there... I had 12 sign up - 10 show up - and only 8 pay!? So - all in all... I have 5 Kits left over (for sale - $10 ea!) and at this point made a whopping $17 profit - divided up into apx 6.5 hours of shopping/prep/class time and that averages out to $2.62 per hour! Nice?! (Um - not really... that was sarcastic!) Insert tired, weary sigh here! It IS a fund raiser... and I really DO enjoy the teaching part and the creating part too... just not so sure I will do it again next year? (Someone remind me of this post around December, OK?!)

I did manage to make a few birthday cards the other day while prepping for the class... used up some shapes from a Cricut Swap I did last year... pretty cute!

I have more cards to work on on Friday... My goal this year is to make all the cards (Bday/Anniv) on the first Friday of each month... in theory this will help me to be better at actually sending them out ON TIME this year?! We'll see!?

I continue my training for a 4 mile race that is on Saturday. I walked it all last year and came in at 67:08. I did the course yesterday to practice and I came in at 49:13. Hopefully on race day I can beat that time! I'd love to take off 20 minutes from last years time? I am running now - but do walk a little still - haven't quite worked up to 4 miles straight yet! I am a SLOW runner... but I have my goal in mind and my sight is set on completing it at least under 50 minutes - in 45 would be great!? We shall see!

Once the race is over... I hope to continue to run and train... there is a 5 mile race in June up at Clear Lake that I want to do... apparently some killer hills on that one too. I am pretty sure there will be a 5K or two in between - so that should help keep me motivated!

Anyway - I am off to create some Valentine's cards and sip on MORE coffee...
Scrap Happy - and let me know what you are working on!!!


Pam said...

So sorry about the class not turning out the way you would have liked. I can understand! WTG on the race training- you're going to do awesome on Saturday!!!

Michele said...

Hope you are able to sell the rest of the kits so your profit will be bigger! :-)

Denice aka Dedelicious said...

Sorry to hear the class was a bust....don't give up on it, especially if it's something you love doing!

About the race....CONGRATS! Again, see what happens when you don't give up?!!