Thursday, April 15, 2010

Wedded Bliss and a Return to Routine...

Hey there... it seems I have fallen out of the Blog Update habit!? Sorry about that! I guess I have really not been crafting too much and so I haven't really had a lot to share here so I just keep pushing it down the list of things to do!

The only 'crafts' I have done lately are the two cards I made for this month for birthdays...

Still... I did want to check in and let you all know I am still here. After my Dental emergency I was just getting back on track with workouts and eating right when I injured one of my knees while running. It was nothing major - but it did cause me to be sidelined from cardio for several days all together. Last week I slowly added about 3 workouts of low impact aerobics and some elliptical work outs. This week I am on track to fit in some longer walks outside, tackling some hills too. I went out yesterday and it was so sunny and nice - it was hard NOT to run - but I stuck with my program and just walked! I was out for over an hour and came home with no knee pain at all, so that was encouraging! I need to head out today too - but I am trying to wait out the rain... it looks like I may just need to put on a hat and jacket and brave the wet anyway!

Last weekend, on the tail end of my restricted workout week - I was out of town for a family wedding where I had little to no control of my food choices. We were actually staying with the bride and groom and her parents graciously provided food all weekend long! It was my nephews' wedding and we LOVE his Bride and her family. They are vegetarians and actually the food choices were not too bad - other than those blasted Costco Poppyseed muffins for breakfast... and, of course, the Wedding cake!? We also got to go to Sweet Tomatoes for the Rehearsal Dinner. OH MY!? I had never been to one and I fell in love! However, just because it is a Salad Buffet doesn't mean it is all healthy! I think I did pretty good though... in fact, the one dish that I fell IN LOVE with, I found the recipe for online and revamped it to be a bit more SparkFriendly... I made it last night and uh-oh if it isn't delish AND EASY!? Rats?! Here it is:

Summer Lemon Tossed Salad with Spiced Pecans
Oh yeah... YUM!!!

The Wedding itself was easily one of -if not THE- most beautiful wedding I have gone to! From the colors (purple - shocker!) to the venue (Lakeside Gardens, in Portland, OR) to the Bride and Groom, the music* and ceremony to the reception and toasts... perfect! Oh - the '*' by the music - yeah... the Bride's Father was not only walking her down the aisle - but also officiating the ceremony and he just thought - "Hey - why not sing too? ...and if I am gonna sing - why not sing "Butterfly Kisses" to my daughter on her wedding day while staring at her at the altar!" Sure... why not?! Wow... powerful! I mean - I used to cry to that song when it was on the radio back when MY daughter was only 3 or 4... Tara - the bride, was in tears before she ever made it to the end of the aisle and onto the arm of her Groom. Then, her Daddy started singing Butterfly Kisses to her. WE were all a mess - not a dry eye in the venue... he made it to the third verse (you know - the part where it says, "She'll change her name today. She'll make a promise and I'll give her away...") before his voice cracked and wavered a bit! The whole ceremony was great... enough laughter and jokes mixed in with Scripture, prayer, and sentiment! Here are a couple of shots from the day:

We came home via White Pass so we could stop and see the Tulip Fields - but somehow they were - um - missing? I'm not sure if we missed them all together or what - but at least the show garden was still in bloom and open...

So - we came home and I weighed in... after my dental issue (which I am still needing to get that crown on sometime soon!) I weighed in at 173... then went up to 175... then went to the wedding and came home and weighed in at 179... those dreaded numbers in the range of that plateau!? Ugh!? However, I weighed in yesterday and am back down to 175... so I am feeling back on track... ready to add back some cardio and track my foods and power my way through to get back to a losing streak!

My Tennis girl is still undefeated so far! She played a GREAT match yesterday - it was a rematch of sorts! Her first ever competitive game was played against this girl at the Tennis Club tourney... that match was a 3+ hour match... they were so evenly matched that they would play Ad in and Ad out back forth forever... and get to tie breakers at the end of each set! Kayelyn lost that one in the third... however, yesterday she won in two straight sets. There was a tie breaker at the end of hte first set - so it was not a blow out at all... but it was great to see her overcome! She has another match today against one of the major local rivals... and then an all day match on Saturday! I need to head out for a walk this morning - in the rain, apparently! Just hoping and praying that the rain passes so it won't interfere with the match this afternoon!

Once again - I am ready for change! Bring it on!!!

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Denice aka Dedelicious said...

The cards are great,
the salad looks delicous,
the ceremony sounds powerful,
the dress and shoes ROCK,
the bridge and groom are gorgeous,
the tulips are beautiful in bloom,
and your girlie is a force to be reckoned with!

Your are blessed indeed!