Thursday, March 18, 2010

Downtime = Digi time!

What a week I have had!? Not all bad, mind you - but so not all good?

I had a part of a filling come out and thus started my week of unplanned appt's and downtime! Not fun! I was on a liquid diet for a few days until I could get in to see a dentist. We do not have medical insurance of any kind - so I am sad to say we have not been to the dentist for way too long. It seems I spent a lot of time at the dentist as a kid - and then, well - having to go back yesterday stirred up nerves and anxiety that I didn't realize I had. Then, it turned out the tooth required more - shall we say - in depth work to fix and I came home last night extremely sore and exhausted. After days of not eating much, and then feeling pretty much like crap - I just went right to bed. Took a couple of Advil at some point, and went BACK to bed again! I think I finally got up around noon today! The soreness is quickly going away and yet I am still hesitant to eat much. The filling is in, but the dentist wants to do a Crown on top of it. He doesn't think the filling will stay long term without one - and I did NOT just go through all of that to have to do it again!? Yeesh?!

Anyway - two good things came from this week:
(1) I am down 5 pounds! Sure - I know it's because I am dehydrated and not eating - so it may not last... but it was nice to see a kinder gentler DIFFERENT number on the scale finally!

and (2) I found a bit of time to play around with some Digi LOs! I have decided to do an all Digi book for our Family Album this year, but I hadn't actually DONE any pages yet! So - with all the time not working out (due to no energy!) and not eating (LOL!) I managed to get several LOs done...

Here's what I have played with so far:

I am feeling a bit better... have hopes to eat real food soon... and trusting God will cover the cost of all this unexpected dental expenses!

Scrap Happy and Spark On!


Denice aka Dedelicious said...

You + downtime + digi = GREAT LO's

Praying for a quick recovery and funds to cover your costs! Papa provides all that we need!

Love ya!

Denice aka Dedelicious said...

You + blog = Update!!!!!

I updated mine and mentioned you...uh huh, I did!

Cherie said...

Terrific LO's Karrilee! I love them and wish I could figure out this digi scrapping. I first purchased Scrapbook Factory then Photo Elements and I STILL can't do a digi page. You make great LO's! :o)