Thursday, June 24, 2010

Summertime... and the Livin' is easy...

OK... it is FINALLY beginning to feel like Summertime around here!

I live in a desert... literally... and last night was the first night I was able to sleep with my window open and wake to that divine morning summer breeze! We have had RAIN and COLD for weeks on end? It's been crazy! I have been waiting and waiting for summer to arrive and I am Oh So Happy at her appearance! While Fall is my favorite, Summer is a close second!

I realize I have neglected my blog... trust me, ALL of them have suffered! Life is good - and busy, and sadly not really including a lot of Scrappy things as of late, thus remembering to Update here has slipped down towards the bottom of my To Do List!

Most of my faithful readers know that this year is a Test Year for me. I decided to NOT do ANY old school scrapbooking and would do our entire 2010 Family Album digitally. I have worked on a few pages here and there, but I haven't really done too many. I think the last pages I did were from April. Yes, it is true - I am behind. I know - Laugh, point, snicker in satisfication... I am now (insert gasp here) - one of you!? I am just kidding! Well, at least mostly just kidding!

My sister recently moved away, and we took some time to go visit them at their new place... that was a full fun weekend...
...Whidbey Island...

My other sister came HOME for her birthday and we had a great time celebrating with her...

Russillo's on Track 29 - YUM!

The Birthday Gang... an old church reunion of sorts!

Out at The Depot for Dinner with my Sissys!

One of our best friends' daughters graduated from High School AND from College...
Dave, The Graduate, & Me at her Graduation party

The Girls playing Ninja Assassin!

We took a long weekend out of town with a couple of couples who we vacation with regularly - it was much needed and Oh so relaxing...

and then, of course, I entered a whole new decade... it's true! I finally turned 40!
I had a GREAT day... I am not one of those people who get really upset about age or getting older... I am honestly in the best season of my life right now! I have never been happier, healthier, and more secure in who I am! I got to sleep in a bit and relax with my girlie! My Mom stopped by and hung out with me and spoiled me a bit... as it should be on my birthday, right? She and my Dad got me these GORGEOUS roses (plus some other stuff too!)

In the afternoon, my girlie and I soaked in some sun while sharing her iPod and just relaxing together. My Honey came home from work and SHOCKED me with giving me my gift... you have to know, he is The Absolute BEST Hubby in the world, except for this one tiny thing - he is not so great at gift giving! He tries, and I love him for that... his cards are always perfect - but the gift part - not so much! Lucky for him (and me), the gift thing is not as important to me as it is for others so it's not a big deal for us. So - all of that to say - he got me the Wii AND the Wii Fit Plus.

...Now - I have been hinting at and saving for (unsuccessfully) this for a LONG time... somehow, it seemed as though I was the only one in our family who really wanted it. So - he came through big time! A super sweet surprise! After that, we headed out to dinner. I suspected maybe a few others to surprise me there and I was right... it was not a huge gathering, which was perfect! Just a few couples that have been friends with us for years - a nice dinner at Santiago's - a local Mexican restaurant! Yum! It was great... we wrapped it up with an 'night cap' at Starbucks! Nice!

I also had a great Lunch out yesterday in celebration with some girlfriends (which coincidentally ended in coffee at North Town as well!) What a blessing to have such wonderful friends and family! Both of my birthday meals, I completely forgot about taking photo's!? I know, right?! Sad... this is a side effect I think of NOT scrapping all year? I just am not so much always thinking like a scrapbooker?! It seems, however, that I am turning into a tiny bit of a Foodie... THAT I will remember to take a photo of?! Here are some samples of my 'gourmet' lunches this week...

Chicken Artichoke Medi Salad!

BLTA on Dill Rye!

Spicy Black Bean Veggie Burger with Swiss, Peppers, and Avocado!

Salsa Turkey Burger, Roasted Asparagus, and Tossed Salad!

So - while I have missed some primo scrapbook photo op's, I am definitely living a bit more in the moment... drinking it all in!

I am sad to say that this very weekend is my Sisserhood of the Traveling Crops Retreat weekend in PA. Sadly - I am not among them! We decided to have it in the same location as last year, and I just couldn't talk the fam into another 'family vacation' to PA this summer? We didn't even really get to see much of PA - but still? We also knew that we wanted to head to the Beach this year, and to Boise to see friends, and we have to pay for Driving School for our dd this summer, not to mention a few other mini vacations to see family. All of those trips add up and we just couldn't swing airfare and hotel stays too! So - while my July is booked solid with super fun vacations that I am OH So excited for, this weekend I am a bit sad to know that the majority of the Sisserhood are gathered together in one place without me! Sure... I know my awesomeness will be missed, and it just won't be quite the same... but that doesn't really make me feel much better! I did, however, mix up a Bucket of Fun, and I plan on Skyping my way into the Retreat at some point just to be included! =o)

I did play with a few self portraits for June... after my lunch out with the girls in my new dress and jewelry... not that you can actually SEE how cute it is!? Oh well...

So - what all are you working on? I need to do a few more cards soon... and I will need to start doing a few more digi LOs to help me get caught up again! Maybe I will do that while I am Skyping the girls this weekend! What about you? What's on your agenda for the weekend?

Scrap Happy!

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