Thursday, January 20, 2011

Happy New Year (and all that Jazz!)

Happy New Year!

I know, I know - I am just a LITTLE late there... After reading my last post I have to tell you first off that I did, in fact, find my Christmas Spirit! I made my teenage daughter go Black Friday shopping with me on Thanksgiving at midnight... we had a blast, got a ton of shopping done in a
matter of hours - and that seemed to do the trick! In fact, I had so much - er - 'spirit' - that I just took down (most of) my Christmas decorations last week? (I am SO not joking!?)

That client I was getting ready to meet in my last post did in fact end up being a bigger job - almost an entire Album, actually! (That may have helped to put me in the Christmas spirit too!?) So - for my Christmas cards this year - I decided to design my own Digital Scrapbook Kit and use that to print out cards... not handmade hand made - but close enough, right?! I LOVED them!

Anyway - I also was able to finish up our Family Album for 2010 - so I will post those pages here - well - I was gonna but for some reason Blogger is not letting me do that now... I'll do it again maybe tomorrow or next week! I am so excited to order this book and have it in my hands!!!

I just got done making some Baby Shower Invitations for a friend... I actually am really not happy with them - but they are done and I hope the Mommy likes them!? Love the line Alphabet Soup - but it SO does NOT scream Baby Shower... I hadn't been to Craft Warehouse for a LONG long time and was sadly disappointed in their paper selection! I was on a time crunch and just grabbed things that would coordinate and hoped for the best?! (I know - it doesn't sound too inspired, now does it?)

On the fitness/weight loss note - I am still on a plateau - and I am more sick of writing about it than you are of reading about it - I ASSURE you! I hit the wall in April of 2009 and quit losing... I have tracked and worked my butt off (NOT literally unfortunately! LOL!) - and nothing?! So - two weeks ago - I jumped in despite my better judgment and I have started the P90X program! OH MY WORD?! It is kickin' my butt.... I am sore pretty much anywhere/everywhere on any given day... I am determined to stick it through and feel stronger already. I refuse to weigh in or measure obsessively - but I will stick with the DVDs and see what happens!

Tomorrow, after my workout - I will have the GREAT PLEASURE of having NO bossy list for the remainder of the day and plan on chatting online with the Sisserhood (and distracting them as they work!)

Scrap Happy and Spark On!

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Kay aka kdedid said...

I still like the invites you came up with and if the mommy isn't - just chalk it up to hormonal issues!