Friday, July 01, 2011

Summer in Full Swing...

Happy July! Can you even believe it? It's crazy how fast this summer is flying by!

I got a LOVELY new gift for my birthday in June but have yet to put it to a LOT of great use... my hubby took all my hints (and my dd simply coming right out and telling him what I wanted!) and he bought me a new camera! I loved my old one... it was just a simple digital camera... an Olympus that actually took AMAZING pictures. However, I think I got it maybe 7 years ago and
about a year after I got it, "someone" (above-mentioned dd I suspect) dropped it and broke the latch to the battery cover. So - ever since then - I have been all Ghetto like and duct taped it closed. It still worked great - but I was getting tired of it... PLUS I had the luxury of borrowing my brother in laws nice camera whenever I was asked to take portraits. Well - he moved away and I was left with no options. So - all of that to say I am now a proud owner of a really nice Nikon SLR that I am still learning how to use! I am REALLY hoping to get to learn and capture some great 4th of July shots... we shall see in a few days!

I took my dd out with her 2 bff's and we had a photo shoot... I took the fam' out to the Arboretum and we shot some Roses... I WANTED to take it out on a hike, but got talked into trail running and leaving it behind. Well - I should have insisted on walking and taking the camera because then I would have not slipped and fell, spraining my left (dominant) wrist... which has proved to pretty much immobilize me all week long!

I will update again soon but I wanted to let you all know about the July Build A Kit over at Stuff to Scrap!
It's super cute - a gardening/farming BAK - perfect for summer fun! Here are a couple of Layouts made from The Scrappy Kats offering to the BAK this month:

Check her out here: The Scrappy Kat - July BAK

And here are just a few of my fav shots from my new camera (to date!) :

Scrap Happy!


Michele said...

Super cute!! Love the pages, but the pics are fabulous!!! :-)

Denice said...

You always take such nice pixs...I love getting a small glimpse into the Aggett family!

Adorable LO' pretty, yet oh, so diff than M's! So much fun to see everyone's take with the same kit.