Tuesday, August 02, 2011

New Layouts... Summer already almost gone?

I can't even BELIEVE that it is August already!? It barely feels like Summer has started and now we are knee deep in Back to School ads and Class Schedules... ugh - it's just too soon!!?!

I have not been around much mostly because I have been pretty much One Handed all summer... I went out and FINALLY gave Trail Running a go! I was seriously LOVING it! A few friends from out of town were visiting and talked us into going with them... I was somewhat familiar with the hiking trail and as I said - I was loving the run... just going a nice easy pace -
when all of the sudden, I stepped on loose ground, my footing slipped, and I braced myself with my left hand - snapping my wrist. OUCH!? I am pretty tough - and just thought I was in shock a
bit - and kept walking down the trail. It was not swelling much - but it was starting to throb a bit - and I realized I could make it to the bottom - but coming back up would possibly prove to be a problem. So we managed to yell loud enough to get our big group to turn around before reaching the bottom of the trail. That was in June... we iced it and babied it and did all we knew to do... pretty sure it is just a serious sprain! I can move it all around and bend and grip - but I have no strength in it yet - and certain twists give me shoots of pain still! Of course - I am left handed... and you just never really think of how much you USE your hands until you actually CAN'T? Grocery shopping, cooking/chopping food, pouring, scrubbing, folding... yeah - too bad I haven't been able to ENJOY all this laziness?

Luckily for me - most of my digi scrapping is done RIGHT handed (with the mouse!)

Here are a few of my latest Digi LOs using kits by The Scrappy Kat over at Stufftoscrap.com.

These are using her Kit "Hello Spring":
...and these are using her kit "Birds & Blooms":

I actually have quite a few more photo's - but I have yet to scrap them...
Yes - you read that right... I, Karrilee, am not all caught up!?
Enjoy the moment... ya'll know it will not last!

On another note - head on over to STS and participate in the Featured Designer Challenge... each week, a different Designer will host a challenge! It's a fun way to get you back in the swing of things - you know I will be playing along to get all my photo's scrapped again! You can check it out HERE - and don't forget the HUGE Retirement Sale going on...

Scrap Happy!


Denice said...

Summer is NOT almost gone, we still have 3 weeks left...so let's make the most of it!!!!

YAY for healing wrists and yes, even trail running...it sounds like fun!

Your LO's are always amazing, and you used the kits perfectly! I can't wait to see what you come up with on a weekly basis!

Miss ya, love ya!

Michele said...

Love how your pages turned out! Hope your wrist keeps healing and you have no lasting effects!