Thursday, March 08, 2012

One Little Word...

So our assignment for the "One Little Word" Project for February was to photograph your word - whether you took it literally or not... take 10 or more pictures that show your Word. Reminder - my word is "Releasing".

Hmmm... not an easy task! So - of course - I turn to Pinterest and to Google Images for help and inspiration! Once I got going I had a lot to choose from! However, none of the ones I loved were really making me think I could actually photograph it myself. I decided to not be obsessive - but to relax and think about it through out the month and see what would come to me!

Yeah - well - as my last post stated - February flew by and so my photo's were pretty much all taken the first weekend of March! Yet again... once I got started, it was hard to stop!

Here is what I came up with... (I will go Hybrid and turn these into old school layouts for my album - but this gives you an idea!

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