Friday, January 18, 2013

Less Photo's + More Writing = Little time for Scrapbooking

So... true confessions here:  I have only held my camera in my hands for a few short moments since my class on Saturday! I kept it on Manual though... played with settings... took a few pictures of fresh snow falling out over a busy street scene.  Nothing truly inspired... just practice.  Which I know will take lots of not... instead of a moment here and a moment there! The #1 Tip given to new photographers is usually to take photographs!  This - I will purpose to remind myself in the coming week! Inside... outside... I WILL turn the camera on and compose some shots!

One of the main reasons however that I did not venture out to play with my new found knowledge of shutter speeds and aperture settings is that I have been busy writing.  One of my other passions and goals I am focusing on this year.  So - I have decided to 'put myself out there' a bit more and have been able to write Guest Posts for 4 different blogs so far this year. In addition to that, I am trying to write consistently on my own blog (that is not this one...) but I don't want to neglect my little space here either!  Ideally - this blog was created to show off my crafty side... my photography and scrapbook and card making... this week, I have made little time for any of that!

This afternoon I hope to at least draw a stick figure or two and play with some watercolors... just something to break up all this sitting in front of my monitor! I also have hopes in working on some more Digital Layouts this weekend!

What about you... what have YOU been working on lately?

Do any of you have any fun Valentiney projects in mind? I am needing some serious inspiration!


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