Monday, April 08, 2013

A Full Family Weekend (in pictures!)

I know... I know...

It may SEEM as if I am skipping right over our trip to Redding - but I assure you that I am not! I am still playing with those photo's and will post them in a day or two! I had SO much fun with my camera there... but this weekend we gathered most of my side of the family and just hung out together... so fun! Of course I brought my camera with me for most of our outings!

Now - my own girlie is absent from all photo's because she worked ALL weekend long... and my other sissy was there - she's just sly like that!

Normally - we play at least ONE round of games... but with the littles - we just loved on them as much as possible! (We did manage a few rounds of Golf - the card game... but no other games this trip! Next time - for SURE!)







So - what do YOU do when family gathers?
I'd love to hear some of your traditions!

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