Friday, January 26, 2007

Update on the CATS!!!?

Hey Darc'... I was waiting for that Cats in the Cradle song! LOL!
I love that song! ...I knew you would come across it soon!

So - the Cat situation...
Well - they are STILL all here?!
I was GOING to take a picture of them,
but then you would see that they are in fact still cute,
& maybe get all sentimental on me!?
So - I thought better of the photo op outside?!
BUT... my Mom is not feeding them yet.
She went out to clean off her patio a bit
& really took a look at the damage that they were doing.
She realized then that it was out of hand
& she shouldn't have let it get so bad in the first place!
She cleaned as much as she could in the freezing cold
& threw away all the bedding and shelters.
The cats haven't had food (at least not 'cat food') since Sunday.
They are confused.
They know that something has changed,
but they don't get that they need to just
'move along now!'

We did manage to actually talk to a live person (finally!)
...after the run-around between the Humane Society & the City.
Our Landlords finally found someone who will come
& capture the cats & take them away!
What he will do with them, I do not know!?
He is supposed to be here today,
but I have yet to see him?
Thankfully, Dave did not need to dump anymore dishes?
So - as long as the guy is able to show up and catch the cats,
it seems as though maybe, just maybe,
the drama is coming to an end!
(Ah yes... the guy - is charging about $500!?)
But they'll be GONE!?!?!?
So, after I made all those cards for other people,
I decided I wanted to make at least a few for myself.
(Well - you know - to send myself anyway?!)
So - below are the 4 cards I made yesterday!
Sorry the pictures are a bit dark...
I finished them late & took the photo's
without any natural lighting!

So... when I make a card I usually make it with someone in mind. Then I like to pray & ask the Lord if there is something in particular He wants me to say to the person that the card is for...sometimes I feel He answers, & sometimes not. Last night, He answered for all 4 cards! I love when that happens! A Scripture, a word of encouragement, sometimes it makes sense to me, & sometimes it doesn't- but always, the receiver knows that it is from God! I love that!

Anyway, tonight my daughter has an overnight church deal... so I think we'll go see a movie!? Any suggestions?! Anything good out in the theaters that is worth seeing? We can't decide... I want to go see We Are Marshall - but he is not sold on that... He wants to go see Deja Vu but I am not sold on it. Pursuit of Happyness seems like it may be good, and I can't tell about Catch and Release... anyway - if you girls have seen anything lately, let me know! Of course, this is Friday - so I am sure you will probably all be scrapping together somewhere! Crank up the tunes, and someone steal a brad from Darcie for me! Wish I was there!



ScrapbooksbyKarrilee said...

Oh - Darcie... speaking of movies... I forgot to add this...

Thr3e is a Ted Dekker book... GREAT book... and it's now a movie!? Not sure if they adapted it well or not... (or if I would want to SEE it if they DID?! LOL!?) But - still... great book!?


darcie said...

Yipppeee, the cat's will soon be gone! Now, you know I love cat's, but wild ones are a whole other story, lol! They are mean & spread disease-yuck!

Love the cards once again. I haven't made cards in like a year or more I think-you can probably tell by the complete lack of cards I send out. :op

Movies...There was something I wanted to see, maybe it was the marshall movie, or catch & release, I can't remember & haven't see either. I'm a big help, I know.

We've been hearing about "thr3e" for a while here, our church was offering discount tickets, but I think we missed out on that. I have the book, but haven't read it yet, fearing that once again the movie will be way different from the book & then I'll be mad. So, I will have to wait to read till after I view, lol! He is so good I'm kinda afraid to actually see his words come to life on the screen-my imagination does enough damage on it's own! :op

Tonight is scrappin at Porks, she always stuffs us full of desserts-yummmmm! I hope your group picks up soon, I'm sure it being on a weeknight makes it harder for people, so hang in there, they will come eventually!

Corinna said...

LOL.... that is funny!

Your projects are cute :0)